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Relieving Jen

I was helping our 5year old daughter with her breakfast while eavesdropping on my partner’s phone conversation. My partner, Gail and I have been together for 8 years and sex was still very good between us. She and I work and actively socialise. We have 3 children and all should be great.

The doorbell rings and it’s the baby sitter who helps out with the 3year old and the 18month son. She rushes in and takes over sorting the children so that Gail and I can get off to work. Jen is in her mid 20s doing online degree at the open university. She is lovely with the children taking them to pre-school and keeping them out of trouble. She is medium in height, weight and looks. 

On this particular morning, Gail and I had been late getting up as she fancied a fuck and we lost some time as it turned into a full lovemaking. I was still feeling the effects of our passion when I actually notice Jen properly this morning and thought if she had a fuck this morning too before coming to work. This made me feel naughty.

Gail reminded me she was at a working dinner and I should relieve Jen this evening. The thought of relieving Jen made me look in her direction and I thought of course that would be fun.

I returned home earlier, brought some paperwork back to finish off. Jen was busy getting the children to wash and watch tv before bed. She bent over to pick up the toys on the floor and her top showed she had a half-cup bra and when she came close to my feet still picking up alphabet blocks. I casually allowed my hands to cup her breast and when she looked at me and then my hand. I asked her if she would like to be relieved. 

She looked at me and then placing her hands on my legs she let her hand slide to the bulge in my pants. She felt my cock was hard and she smiled and said I should hold the thought while she gets the children in bed. She rushed the tired children into bed and I said I will be up to read to them shortly.

Jen returned, took off her top and asked if it could be a quick fuck, when I asked her why quick she said her pussy like it quick. I pulled on her nipples and gently sucked on them. Jen had unbuttoned my pants front, pulled down both pants and shorts and grabbed my cock. I said hold on a bit, but she was sitting now on my lap. She spat on her hands and rubbed my cock before sliding it into her cunt opening and just like that my cock was swallowed up inside her. 

Jen pushed me down on my back and she grinded her pussy hard on my cock before placing one hand behind my head so that her nipple can continue to be sucked. The fucking continued when we swapped places and she was on the floor while I banged her hard. Her cum was constant, making the wet noise of entering her and pulling out. I did not want to cum inside her so she agreed to swallow the cum.

I felt she was satisfied and she asked why I hard made the move. I told her that the idea of fucking her came when my wife had asked me to relieve her. She laughed as she tries to put back on her bra which I told her was unnecessary at this time of the day. She placed it in her bag and she looked at my cock which had recovered and was getting hard again. 

She asked if I wanted to fuck her again so soon and I looked at my cock and said its got a mind of its own. I took her into my home office and she sat on my desk with her legs wide apart. I cupped her tits in my hand and played with her nipples before burying my lips on them and that made her lift my cock into the entrance of her well fucked cunt and she allowed it to enter unguided. This time we were slower and talked while sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

After a while we changed position and she laid on the desk facedown and l placed one of her legs on the desk. In this position my thrust in and out of her was easier and I used one hand to hold her leg over the table and the other hand played with her nipple. When she was groaning that she was going to burst, I kept going faster and could feel my cum rising and then she begged me to cum inside her, but instead I came over her ass and used the cum as lub to finger her butthole. When the cum was finished and I had squeezed my cock and no more cum, I returned the limp cock into her wide-open cunt to re-awake for a last fuck which although she said she had enough. I chose to continue to fuck her and after she had another good cum. I helped her to get dressed and called her a cab for her short journey home.

I washed and cleaned up and all the children were fast asleep and I kissed and straightened them and waited for Gail to return. Gail rolled in drunk after and we agreed to talk in the morning. 

Gail apologised for returning home late and asked if I wanted to fuck her anyway, but I declined. She mumbled about someone feeling her tits at the party but no one fucked her. Which is probably as close as she would confess to being fucked.

Jen was unhappy that I did not trust her enough to cum inside her and so she was reluctant to make it a regular thing. We fucked a few times away from the home but prefers to limit it so there is no complications with her work.

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