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Sex With Cousin

Kori Jay has been visiting her cousins every summer for as long as she could remember. She and her cousin Steve were always inseparable, but ever since he went off to college last year, their relationship had kinda changed. Harry, Steve’s friend, and Kori Jay have known each other 5 years, and within those five years, Jay thinks Harry has changed, mostly for the better. He is 20, 5’8″, jet black hair, dark eyes, braces on his white teeth and has a somewhat muscular body. He has lived at Steve’s house for several months now because it is closer to work for him. Kori Jay thinks the world of Harry and thinks of him as a best friend. She may be 19, but she has never really checked out guys like most all girl her age. She used to think that she lacked that part of the brain, the sexual part. She has never really been a sexual person.
One day while Steve was at work, Kori Jay and Harry were playing board games with a few of their friends. They started playing Spin the Bottle, but with only five people playing all together, two girls and three guys, the game quickly ended. Not too long afterwards the friends left and Harry went to put the game away as Jay followed him and sat on the bed, chatting with him. “Lets plaaay….” Harry thought for a moment…”truth or dare!” His eyes lit up with the thought of it. Kori Jay smirked since Harry looked like a little boy with the happy look on his face as if he had just invented something. “Okee dokee, Jay…. Truth or dare?” The game started out innocently enough but after a few questions and answers, Harry asked “Truth or dare” and Jay answered “Mmmm… How about uh… Truth this time”
“Okay, how about tell me your deepest darkest secret.” Harry thought stroking his goatee.
“I don’t think so,” Jay said, rolling her eyes.
“Oh come on, please! You know pretty much everything about me Kori Jay! We’re practically relatives.” he laughed.
“That’s only cuz you talk too much”. Jay threw back. “Why do you want to know?”
“Well cuz I’ve known you for a little over five years and you never talk about boys or masturbating or anything! Everybody talks about that stuff, ya know, its like…its like” he tried thinking of the word, “its like second nature, you know” He looked at me. “Okay, I’ll go first…I’ve slept with two girls, one was taller than me, so that wasn’t any fun.” he laughed again. “Um…. Denise, you remember Denise, my last girlfriend? I didn’t sleep with her but she cheated on me with Steve! Don’t you remember that when we stopped talking for several weeks? Come on Jay, you like kissing people and flashing your bra, that much I know about you cuz its all in fun to you. There has to be something that nobody knows.”
Kori Jay still hesitated, but finally came out with it. “Well…” she started as she looked towards the ceiling and tilting her head not knowing how to say it. With a sigh she said, “I have never had sex even though I have had plenty of opportunities. Never had an orgasm either, I rarely play with myself. I’m clueless.” With that she stood up and started cleaning up the room as Harry’s jaw dropped in astonishment, speechless. After a few seconds to get himself together Harry spoke, “are you serious?!?! I mean… Are you scared?” Jay looked at him and his face told her that he was genuinely interested. Jay shrugged her shoulders. “I see all these girls younger than me and they have children, started having sex when they were 14 and some have STDs. I don’t know, I guess I….Actually, I don’t have an answer for that. But I don’t masturbate cuz with that I am actually clueless.” Harry thought for a moment, touching his bottom lip, the way he always does when he’s thinking. As Jay turned away from him to walk away, he grabbed her waist and lightly pushed her on the bed. “what the heck, Har!” Kori Jay said irritated. “Go with the flow…Trust me Jay.” Harry said, still contemplating. He pulled her arms above her head, pulled her shirt off and started kissing her softly. Kori Jay didn’t know what to do, but thought he would be leading somewhere so she just laid there, letting him do what he wanted. Kori wanted to feel his skin against hers so she unbuttoned his black silk shirt and tossed it on the floor. Harry stopped kissing her, looked around the room and saw a clothespin, got up off of her, got the clothespins then slowly slid himself back onto Jay’s soft body. Jay let out a moan.
after slowly removing Jay’s bra, Harry said “this may hurt, but it will hopefully help pleasure you..” with saying that he snapped the clothespin on one of her nipples, making her squirm in pain. He started flicking at it, making it bite down harder. Harry resumed kissing Jay as he undid her pants and slid them off of her. Another thought popped into his head so he got up, left the room for about 10 seconds then came back and positioned himself beside Kori Jay. Looking almost confused, he told Jay to remove her panties. She became very confused, but did as he said. Looking at her fresh virgin pussy he took out the small vibrator, looked up at her and asked “may I?” Jay just nodded her head a little. With that Harry turned the little 5″ vibrator on and put it to her pussy lips. he let her get used to the feeling, then slowly entered her. It was quite tight, but he was hoping it wouldn’t be too big, he didn’t want Jays first experience to be too bad. Letting out a moan in surprise, Jay didn’t know what to do, she tried to squirm away from this odd feeling, but wherever she went, the vibrator followed. “wait…” asked Harry. Jay tried to stop squirming but the feeling became very intense. Harry let go of the vibrator and let it work its magic on its own, he decided to slide himself back onto her body, slightly caressing her, kissing her. “oh my god!!!” cried Jay, breathlessly in pleasure. She tried grabbing for something, but nothing was there, within a few minutes she climaxed and had her first orgasm. Not long after her orgasm, Harry stopped kissing her and slid off of her to work the vibrator out of her tight pussy. There was some blood, but not enough for Jay to notice. She sighed with great pleasure, rubbed Harry’s chest and kissed him passionately. After 20 minutes of that they got dressed and as soon as they did they heard the garage door open and knew that Steve was home from work. They walked towards the kitchen to open the door for him and before the door opened Harry stole a kiss from Jay, which made her laugh out loud. The door opened and Steve wanted to know why Jay was laughing…..” Inside joke, forget it.” she smiled as she looked at Harry who had made himself comfortable at the table.

~Part two is to come soon~

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