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The Pick Up

at about 12:30 pm Friday morning I was sleeping soundly. I know you probably think im some lazy fool who doesn’t have a job right. wrong! the truth is im still in high school but I recently transferred to a home school program and because I had all this extra time on my hands I have been sleeping in late and staying up till 3 am doing school work, I work better at night. anyway I was awaken by my ringing cell phone. ” Hello?” hey Danny its Otto what are you doing at three? “im probably gona sit on my ass and watch TV why you writin a book?” no I was just hopeing you would come pick me up from school so I wouldn’t have to take the bus. “awright meet me out front at three”

technically I wasn’t supposed to drive friends around since I just got my license by technically I mean according to California state law. but the chances of me getting pulled over were pretty slim so at three I jumped into my truck and headed to go pick up Otto. I arrived right on time and to no surprise Otto wasn’t there. “Dip shit” I mumbled to myself. I pulled up to the curb and parked while waiting for my dumb ass friend to show up. I had a pretty low opinion of school so I was a bit upset at having to sit out front of one and listen to all those screaming high school kids. after about four minutes of the screaming I decided to turn my stereo up so that the noise would be dulled by the thrash metal sounds of my personal favorite band metallica. instinctively I started scopeing out the chicks. nothing really caught my attention. to say the least I was more than disappointed with the selection. suddenly I was startled by by a loud hey. I turned the volume down and directed my attention towards the stunningly beautiful young blond that was leaning into the passenger window of my truck. it kinda surprised me that a woman of such caliber would approach me. I wasn’t really your average guy. I had a sort of redneck appearance about me. brown hair to my shoulders that was almost always covered by my raiders cap 5 day old stubble on my face and almost always looking pissed. “hey yourself” sorry to bug you she replied I was just wondering witch cd this was, I love metallica. we ended up having quite a long conversation about the band and the concerts we have attended. although I was interested in the conversation I couldn’t help noticing just how hot this chick was. she was about 5,7 long blonde hair the firmest ass I had ever seen and her tits were to say the least perfect. they weren’t to big but they were far from to small and perfectly round. I had noticed that her nipples were standing at full attention. I could only hope it was because of me. I asked her if she was waiting on a ride. she said that she was but that it didn’t look like it was going to show up. “what a coincidence im here to pick someone up and I don’t think he’s gona show up either”. “would you like a ride home?” “sure that would be great” she didn’t live very far away only three or four miles.

as we pulled into her driveway I asked her if there was anybody home, and to my delight there wasn’t and wouldn’t be until Monday. I staled for a few seconds trying to think of how I was going to get her to let me come in for a while. luckily I didn’t have to think to long before she asked me if I wanted to come in for a drink. “sounds good” I said. as she got out I couldn’t help but notice the damp spot on my passenger seat. I ran my hand across it and brought it to my nose. no doubt about it this bitch was honey as hell. She unlocked the door and led me through the house into the kitchen. “so your home all alone for the weekend hu?” ” ive been home all alone for most of my life” she said. “what dose than mean?” “nothing my parents are always busy with themselves and can never seem to find time for me” she quickly changed the subject. ” so what’s it gona be ? Soda, iced tea, a beer?” ” im not that big of a drinker” I said “if you’ve got a coke that would be fine” as she handed me the coke I noticed that she was very nervous. She was looking me in the eye but as soon as I did the same she looked away. It was very hard for her to look me in the eye, and she seamed to be stumbling over her words quite a bit. ” is there something wrong?” I asked . She paused for a moment, still unable to look at me. ” ive just never done this before” “never done what?” I asked. Before I could finish my sentence she grabbed me and kissed me, very passionately. She broke the kiss and stood back. This time she looked me in the eye. “taken home a strange guy to fuck” she said. I was shocked. I thought it was gona be a lot harder than this, I didn’t even know her name. She definitely didn’t seam nervous any more, her speech quickened and her emotions became more erratic. “so whata ya say? You gona fuck me or just stand there” she opened her mouth to speak again but it was filled with my tongue. I slowly griped her ass cheeks and lifted her onto the counter top without breaking the kiss. I kissed her slowly down her neck. This really turned her on. As I came to the neck of her t shirt I lifted it off of her and threw it on to the counter. I quickly unhooked her sheer bra causing her gorgeous breasts to tumble out. Her nipples strained forward begging me to suck them. She pushed there chest forward knowing what was coming next. I took one nipple into my mouth sucking it while I rolled the other one with my thumb and index finger. I flicked the other with my tong and switched my mouth to the other one. They quickly became rock hard. Her breathing became much deeper as she closed her eyes and let out a long sigh. Sheslid her hand under her panties and began to rub her clit. She brought her fingers to my lips and I sucked her sweet juices off her fingers. I couldn’t stand it, I wanted more. I pulled her skirt off and pushed her back onto the counter. I took the waistband of her soaking wet panties into my hands and pulled them off of her. She threw her legs over my shoulders and I buried my face in her crotch. I inhaled deeply taking in the sweet aroma of her most private area. My tong quickly found her hole and I pushed it inside lapping up as much of her honey as possible. I then sucked her clit into my mouth. I could hear her breath in deeply and release a quick moan. I flicked her clit with my tong and inserted a finger into her sopping wet pussy and began slowly fucking her with it. Her breathing was slow and steady and she released a sexy moan with every outgoing breath. Hearing her pleasure made me quicken my pace. Her breathing became much faster and harder. Balancing herself with one hand she squeezed her breasts with the other. Her moans became faster and louder. I removed my fingers and fiercely lapped at her pussy while rubbing her pulsing clit with my hand. She quickly relapsed three short moans then gasped for berth as she started to cum. Her pussy pulsed in my mouth as it oozed warm wet cum allover my chin and down my thought. She grabbed my head and brought my lips to hers. She inserted her tong into my mouth searching it for any trace of her juices she rubbed her clit. Satisfied she broke the kiss giving me the sexiest look id ever seen. She pulled my shirt off and dropped it to the floor as I fumbled with my belt. she wrapped her arms around my neck and continued to kiss me as I released my rock hard cock from my jeans. It sprang out throbbing with anticipation and oozing precum. I stepped out of my shoes and pants and rubbed my rod. Leaving her hands on my shoulders she Once again broke the kiss looking down at my swollen tool then looked back at me and smiled.

I placed the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy feeling the warm goo surround the head. I looked into eyes as I slowly pushed my rod deep into her. The further in it went the wider her eyes got and the bigger her smile grew. My balls came to rest at her ass cheeks . I paused for a moment feeling how good her tight little wet pussy felt wrapped around my cock. Then with one last look into her beautiful eyes I slowly began thrusting in and out of her. She licked her lips and kissed me again. I quickened my pace with every thrust into her hot hole. She started to breath faster and had to break the kiss to let out a scream of pleasure. She began squeezing my shoulders as hard as she could. “OOHHHHH fuck me faster she screamed”. not one to disappoint I did just that. I banged in and out of her faster and harder causing her to scream so loud I thought the whole block would hear her. I knew she was close to Cumming so I fucked her tight hole as fast as I could. My balls were slapping against her ass cheeks and mixed with the sound of her wet hole squishing and slurping my cock. I felt her pussy clench down around my rod and then drench it with warm girl cum as is repeatedly clenched me. I continued thrusting through her orgasm prolonging it. She began rocking back and forth fucking me back and matching my pace. Just as soon as her orgasm subsided I rubbed her clit harshly and played with her nipples with my other hand causing her to cum again this time much more fiercely. The sound of her sweet moaning was all I could take I locked her in a kiss as I filled her with my sticky hot cum. I pulled my cock out of her now sloppy hole and continued kissing her until I could hardly breath. We both panted heavily. When we caught our breaths she stuck out her hand and said ” by the way my names Kim” I laughed and shook her hand. “im Danny, nice to meet you”. “nice to meet you to Danny” she returned.

After a shower and a quick blow job Kim handed me a piece of paper with her number written on it.” why don’t you call me tomorrow and we can make some plans for the weekend” she said. ” ill do that” I gave her a kiss and headed out the door to my truck. As soon as I got in my cell phone rang. “hello” “hey Danny its Otto I been trying you call you for an hour”. ” oh have you” I said “yeah sorry I wasn’t there I forgot you were coming and took the bus after all”. ” hey don’t worry about it man its cool” “what are you so happy about I thought you’d be mad” “lets just say im gona have a great weekend”.

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