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A night with the man of my dreams

I had won tickets & backstage pass the Eminem concert off the radio. They were the bests seats in the house, front row, center. The concert was awesome, and after I went backstage, and was looking around for Em but didn’t find him, but I met some awesome rappers and some of them even flirted with me a little bit. But I didn’t want them, so I was wandering around and walked into a room. And I saw some fruits on a table, and I was hungry so I went and got some strawberries. And when I turned around to leave there he was, standing there staring at me wondering what I was doing there. “What the hell are you doing here?” and I just stuttered, trying to say that I didn’t know this was his dressing room. But he got it, and asked me to sit down on the couch while he went to get dressed. He came back, looking me up and down, I looked down at my skirt and realized that it was a little too far up. So I pulled it down, and just when he was about to sit next to me and start talking, Dr. Dre came in and said that he had to go down to the studio to take care of some things. And he looked back at me and said “you wanna hook up later?” and of course I said yes! He gave me the hotel and room number he was staying in and told me to come over at 8:00. I went back home and changed. I got into my sexiest outfit I could put together, my silver thong, with my shortest black skirt I got, and a cute neck tie shirt with no bra. I got over to his hotel and I knocked on his door and when he answered oh my god I thought I was going to faint, he was so hot. He looked me up and down and gave me this look like I want to fuck you right here and now. I went in and he had this desert all ready for me, it was so romantic, and we had just met!
We sat down next to each other and he brought a piece of the desert to me and fed me. Then he began to feed me another one but instead he kissed me, I was so surprised. Then I took the chance to feed him a piece so I started to but instead I gave him the kiss but gave him some tongue. He began to lay me down and get on top of me, kissing me more passionately. He untied my shirt and pulled it over my head, and began to kiss down my neck while massaging my breasts. He started sucking and massaging my nipple, he started to slide my skirt down while I was getting his pants off. He put his hand under my thong and began rubbing my clit. And he took my thongs off, and slid down kissing as he went, and then began to eat me out. He stuck his tongue as far as he could get it, while rubbing my clit, he felt so good. I began to moan, and arched my back. I moaned louder, and I felt my orgasm coming, and I yelled, “I’m going to cum!” he didn’t say anything, all he did was suck up all my juices. And he kissed me and I could taste my juices still on his tongue, and I took his dick out of his boxers I could feel he was so big, I felt it up and I let go it had to have been a 9 and told him that I wanted him. So he slowly stuck his dick in me, oh it felt so good to finally get him inside me. He started off slow and began to get harder, and faster and faster. I wrapped my legs around his waist to get more of him into me, I could feel my second orgasm coming. I cummed so hard I almost peed, not far after me, I felt all his juices flow inside me. And he laid down on top of me, breathing hard. We fell asleep for at least an hour. Then we woke up, got dressed and I started to go home and he asked for my number so that when he was in town he could come visit me. But those stories are for another time.

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