Cheaters Due

There are nine of us in this special wing of the Bethesda Naval Hospital. All of us were flown here from various parts of the country. We have three significant things in common:
1st we all committed adultery.
2nd we are all pregnant.
3rd . . . we are all men.
My name is Gary Charles, I’m thirty-six years old and I’m an hour from giving birth.
I bet there are a lot of women out there who would trade places with me. I can think of a couple good reasons. One is that this entire pregnancy is only twelve hours long. It’s been eleven hours so far. That has to beat nine months all to hell. Plus, I’m getting a cesarean section. Meaning I get drugs. I need drugs. Lots of drugs.
As I lay here strapped on this gurney looking up at the ceiling tiles and the fluorescent lights I try to imagine what it will feel like to get this thing out of me. It feel like I swallowed a bowling ball. A live bowling ball that won’t be still.
As I lay here I think of what brought me here, what brought all of us here. It was lust pure frenzied lust. We all succumbed to lust.
They just wheeled in another one. Now I know who all the men in the dark suits and ear pieces are, Secret Service agents. Our tenth pregnant patient is the President of the United States. Ha! So much for his ‘I never visit prostitutes’ assurance.
Well I can’t say I’m better than him and he is no different than me. Except that it looks like I was the first as I am the most pregnant man here. Looks like we were all about an hour apart.
If only you could have seen her then maybe you wouldn’t be so hard on us cheaters.
Imagine every beautiful woman you’ve ever seen all rolled into one. That’s who she was, the most amazing woman I ever saw.
I was in Atlanta at a Marriott’s, it was a pharmacy rep convention and I was sitting at the bar in the hotel staring at my rum and coke.
I smelled her first. I think of that and it make me laugh. It was a pleasant smell like coconut, strawberries and chocolate all together. I looked up at the mirror behind the bar and she was behind me smiling.
When she asked if the seat next to me was taken . . . What was I supposed to say? No. Go away. Leave me alone.
Oh. Now I wish I had. I really do. But I didn’t, I even offered to buy her a drink which she accepted.
I try and think of what was said for her to end up in my room. I only had two drinks so alcohol was no excuse but my memory is fuzzy up to the point where she was standing in the elevator fondling my cock through my pants and holding my hand against her crotch. We kissed and I wanted to crawl inside her.
I don’t even have to close my eyes to visualize her. I’m sure I’ll never forget her, such pure beauty.
She said her name was Paulina. I remember asking her where she was from because I couldn’t make out her unusual accent. She said she was from Dione. I asked where that was and all she said was that it was far, far away.
Now I know it’s one of Saturn’s moons. I should have paid more attention in science class. I understand it’s very cold there, that’s probably why she was so very hot. I can only imagine what you have to do up there to keep warm.
No one would suspect that she is an alien, she is so . . . perfect. So human looking. I had my face in her pussy and I sucked on her tits as far as I could tell from all appearances she is anatomically all there.
God know what happened when my cock was dancing inside her. She was so passionate and I had never had a woman who was hornier.
She had my cock so hard when we were in the elevator I thought it would break through my trousers.
She was wearing a one piece outfit and when we got to the room she stood in front of me and pulled down a zipper that started just below her chin and ran all the way to her crotch. She just stepped out of her outfit, she stood in the light her bronze skin was so soft and shiny I couldn’t resist touching her. My hands roamed everywhere I could reach. Her skin made my fingers tingle.
Paulina had luxurious curly blond hair that cascaded over her shoulders, it flowed around her perfect breasts with her perfect pink puffy nipples. I sucked on them one at a time as she laid spread eagle on the bed. Paulina wanted me to eat her pussy. She was a natural blond her heather like pubic hair brushed my chin as I played with her pussy with the whole of my mouth. She really enjoyed it and she turned over and asked me to lick her from behind.
Paulina smelled so sweet back there that I teased her anus with the tip of my tongue. I could tell by the way she wiggled her ass that she liked it so I licked her there some more. My tongue swirling and dipping until she had an orgasm.
She rolled onto her back and pulled my face to her pussy and I drove my tongue in as deep as it would penetrate. I took a moistened finger and I teased her anus and began plunging my finger in and out as she bucked her hips into my face.
She pulled me up and with a deft hand pulled my cock into her hot wet cunt. It felt so good so tight, wet and warm. I wanted to stay in her forever. I was holding her ass with both hands as I plunged in and out and wiggled back and forth and she rocked her hips in rhythm with me.
The heat and friction started bringing my cock to an explosive orgasm and when the dam finally burst she wrapped her legs around me so tightly I couldn’t breathe. The tiny lights in my brain sparkled and I remember the spasms in my balls and the swelling pain in my cock. The next thing I remembered I woke up in a hospital.
It’s no surprise that my wife left me. I don’t blame her. If it had just been the sex maybe she would have forgiven me. I’ll never know because the Paulina creature used her alien technology to suck away all of our accounts. Lucky for my wife, she had her own money but still.
If Paulina got my money then she got everyone’s including the Presidents. I wonder what the stock market is doing right now. She probably owns it.
My wife is probably packing right now as I lay here waiting for the next contraction to double me over. If she could film my face when those contractions hit me she would want the video to go viral so all my co-workers and the rest of the world could see how pathetic I look. Everybody has been watching me to see what they can expect. I wonder what they are thinking when they hear me scream.
The doctors have been all hush-hush. The place is swarming with them. There are also a lot of scientists asking all kinds of questions but giving us zero answers. The nurses have been a little gabbier. I overheard that the sonograms revealed we all are going to have girls and that the fetuses are already developed sexually.
I am trying not to imagine what is growing in me. I have this awful feeling that all I am here is a vessel. This child, this thing in me has none of my genes its all her. All alien.
Oh! Shit! Oh! Fuck me! That was a bad one. I tried to get the nurse to give me something for the pain but she told me to stop acting like a baby.
It’s getting crowded. We have a number of newcomers in uniform and they are armed to the teeth.
I’m not sure what’s going on. The guard who closed my curtain is not answering me.
I hear the President. He’s screaming at one of the soldiers. I can hear him. “I’m the Commander-in-Chief you fucking idiot and I demand my God damned phone. I need to Tweet this! Give it to me this fucking instant or you’re fired!”
It’s quiet. I don’t hear the President anymore.
Oh no! This is not good. There is nothing I can do I’m strapped to the gurney. I hear some begging in the next exam room.
I think someone has come to the conclusion that there is no room on earth for alien babies. BANG! BANG! BANG!
It looks like I’m not going to be a Mommy-daddy after all. I just heard the soldier jack a round into his pistol. Oh Shit! The curtain is opening . . .

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