The Clinic

It was that time of year again. Time for the dreaded physical exam. 18 year old Misty sighed, thinking about it. But this year was going to be different. They had built a new Regional medical center. Crystal, Misty’s sister, had her physical a few months back and it was fine.

“Dr Jefferies was Hot!” She told Misty. All her friends at school said the same thing. He was a young hunk. Misty even masturbated, looking at his picture in the paper.

So that morning, Misty got up early. In the shower she shaved her legs and pussy. She stood in front of the mirror styling her long blonde hair, packing on the makeup. She stole a little black dress from her Mom’s closet, along with a pair of strappy stilettos. Looking at herself in the mirror, she thought she looked great.

“No man can resist me wearing this,” she thought. She covers herself with a black trench coat. Walking toward the door, she collects her books, purse and keys.

“Hey, come here!” Her Mom yells. Misty stops, waiting for her Mom.

“Open that coat.” Her Mom looks her over.

“Where in the hell do you think you’re going dressed like that?”

“Well…Ugh, like school, you know. And I got that doctor’s appointment this afternoon.”

“You look like a whore!”

“I’m just dressing like you.” Her Mom slaps her.

“Go change. Wash that makeup off, and put on a bra and some socks.” Misty stomps off. She returns changed into a tee shirt and jeans. Her Mom looked her over again. Focusing on the red pair of pumps and her nylons.

“You know you’re going to have to take those pantyhose off.”

“There not pantyhose, you said to put some socks on.” She reaches for her keys.

“I’m taking you to school today.”

“And why is that?”

“Because my appointment is right before yours. Now get on outside so you can catch the bus.” Misty kind of grumbled and bitched as she walked out the door. I caught up with her and her girlfriends at lunch. Her doctors appointment was the main topic. My dick got hard listening to the girls, discussing there gyno and breast exams. She reaches under the table, squeezing my cock.

“Oh my, we’re making you so hard. Take him out so Donna can see.” Donna was this big busty black girl in Misty’s clique. I unfastened my pants, getting my cock out. I glanced under the table as Donna wrapped her dark skinned hand around my pale white dick. She started to stroke it.

“Misty, he’s got a big one for a white boy.”

“Let me feel.” Staci extended her foot over to my lap feeling it.

“No let me,” Shirley said, crawling under the table to suck my dick.

The old lunch room lady was looking on, noticing Shirley on her knees, along with Staci’s flip flops kicked out into the aisle. She starts to walk over to investigate when the bell rings. Shirley lets my dick go. I finish jacking it off, catching the cum in my hand. I wipe it on top of the table. We all quickly leave laughing.

I walk Misty to the front of the school, where her Mom is waiting. My dick got hard again checking out her Mom. She was in a leather coat, white blouse, leather skirt. And her high heeled boots. Misty walks to the car. Her Mom also gets in.

“Really Mother. And you say I dress like a whore.”

“I’m not dressed like a whore. I’m a professional business woman.” Misty laughs. Her Mom drives out of the parking lot. She then crosses the tracks into the old part of down town.

“Mother this is not the way to Dr. Jefferies office.” Mom ignores her. She pulls into the parking lot of the county health department.

“This is not Dr. Jefferies office.”

“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this. After Crystal had her exam, I got a bill for $800.00. They said he would not take our insurance. So we have to come here.”

“Insurance? Momma this is where you go when you don’t have insurance. You’re the best Real Estate agent in the state; you can afford better than this.”

“Come on. We don’t want to be late.” Misty follows her inside the door. An alarm goes off.

“Wait a minute ladies. I have to check your purses,” An older gray haired security guard says. Deb set her purse on to the counter. The old man goes through it, pulling out the fully loaded 9mm. hand gun.

“Lady, did you not see that sign on the front door?” Deb turns around noticing the sign that said ‘No Fire arms’.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Why are you carrying a gun?”

“I have my 2nd. Amendment right to carry a gun.”

“Lady, don’t give me that crap! Why do you have this weapon?”

“It’s for my personal protection. I’m a Real Estate agent.” She takes out her pistol permit, and an assortment of business cards.

“Who are you here to see?”

“Dr. Travis.” He picks up the phone to confirm her appointment. A line of people started staring and complaining. He hangs up the phone and steps behind her.

“Put your hands on your head and spread your legs.” Facing the crowd, embarrassed and humiliated, Deb submits to his search. Over her shoulders. Down her back.

“Let’s take your coat off.” He helps her out of her leather coat. Down her front. He firmly fondles her breasts. Down her body. He kneels unzipping and pulling off her sexy high heeled boots. Running his hands up her hosed legs. He smiles for the first time when he reaches her stocking tops. He feels over her panty covered pussy. He stands back up.

“Lady, you’re lucky I’m at the end of my shift. Or I would have you in the office. Stripping you down. Your story checks out. You can pick up your gun and boots on your way out.”

“Why are you keeping my boots?”

“Because I want to watch your sexy legs as you walk away.”

“I don’t think so.” She takes her boots, putting them back on.

“As soon as you get called back, the nurse is going to make you take them off.”

“That will be fine.” He takes Misty’s purse. Her face turns red as he removes her pink vibrator and a purple butt plug.

“How long have you been sexually active?”

“Since I was 13.” Deb gives her an angry look. The old man pulls out a pack of cigarettes.

“How long you been smoking?”

“Since I was 8.” Her Mom punches her in the arm.

“Don’t be telling that!”

“Just follow the hallway to the end and turn right.” Misty and her Mom waited in line to sign in behind the receptionist’s desk. Looking down the hall they saw a room with no door on it. A nude man was marched out into the hall where the scale was located.  His half erect cock was hanging. Misty watched in shock as the man was led away. Staring at his hairy balls from behind.

“Momma, I’m not taking my clothes off here!”

“Yes, you will.” The receptionist said with attitude. All the men in the room were checking them out. After all, they were the best looking women that were there. With a clipboard in hand, Deb and Misty find a place to sit down. Deb starts to fill out all the forms.

“I hope nobody we know sees us here.” And then Gary, a young punk from school, notices Misty. Misty sees him walking toward her. She picks up a Time magazine that’s been sitting there since the beginning of time and pretends to be reading it.

“Hey Misty.”  Misty ignores him. He then walks away.

“That was not very nice.” Her Mom scolds her.

“Momma, that boy is a retard. And did you see the size of those zits on his face? He is so disgusting.” They watch him walk straight to a barrel of free condoms. He stuffs several of them into his pockets.

“He must have a girlfriend.” Deb said observing.

“No girl in her right mind would let that thing touch her. He must be doing his sister or something.”

“Deb Jones.” A nurse yelled out. 5 or 6 other names were called out. All stood at the door, facing the nurse. Jesse was the lucky young man that stood behind her, checking out her tight leather skirt. The nurse left them standing there while everyone stared at them. As soon as Deb left her seat, an older black man sat next to Misty.

“You sure are a sexy thing.” He said smiling, as he placed his hand on her thigh.

“You know when we get called back, we are all going to have to undress. Maybe me and you can slip away, and you can give me a little.”  His hand slowly slid up her thigh, getting closer to her crotch.

“Not interested!” She said, lifting his hand and placing it back in to his lap. She then crosses her legs.

“You see that handsome young stud standing behind your Mom?”

“Yeah, so what?”

“I hope I’m the one that’s behind you.” The nurse returns, opening the door.

“Single file. Stop at the red line.” The door slams and locks. The chubby brunette nurse looks them all over.

“Mrs. Jones, step into my office.”  It was a small brightly lit room with one chair. The nurse hands her a name tag and marker.

“Print your name on the tag please.”  As Deb writes her name, the nurse reaches for a large clear plastic bag that zips up.

“Now I’m going to need you to undress. Take everything off.”  She takes her purse from her shoulder. She starts to set it next to the chair.

“I’ll take that.” The nurse takes it from her. Her waist length leather coat follows. The nurse stares at her, arms crossed across her chest, smacking on a piece of bubble gum. As Deb unbuttons her blouse, she hears the bubble pop. Before she pulls the blouse from her skirt, she looks up at the nurse.

“Must you stare at me like that?”

“I’m just doing my job.” Deb quickly buttons her blouse back.

“Give me back my things! I’ll go somewhere else.”

“Oh no, you won’t! You signed the consent form. You’re another one that didn’t read the fine print.”

“What fine print?” The obnoxious nurse showed her the fine print, that only a lawyer can understand.

“It’s the new health care law, the one our fine president signed, a year or so back. And theres 3,500 more pages of fine print that goes with it.” She smiles with an evil grin.

“Mrs. Jones,  you’re not going any where until you have your physical exam. So just calm down, have a seat and take those sexy boots off.” She sits and unzips and takes the boots off. The nurse takes them from her.

“Blouse next.”

She turns away from the nurse, noticing the young man staring at her from the doorway. Deb faces the other wall, away from the nurse, but the young man can still see her from the side. The blouse is slowly unbuttoned. Deb pulls it from her skirt. As it comes off her shoulders, it is snatched from her. Deb looks to her left, noticing Jesse checking her out. She takes a deep breath, pulling her bra straps down, freeing up her perfect 38 c breasts. As she turns the bra around to unhook it, she feels the nurse take hold of the snap and zipper of her skirt. She pulls away from her.

” I can undress myself!”

“Well, hurry up! I have other patients, you know!”

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