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It's a small world after all

I’ve always been the “good” girl of the family…. that is until I bought a computer.

I walk with my neighbor as a form of exercise, turning 40, I thought it was time to try and help my slowed metabolism. There is a new development going up across the street so that is where we chose to walk. Only a few houses were there even fewer people had moved in. I have a schedule, like most people; Get the kids off to school and the hubby off to work. Then the day is mine. I generally start my day with a cup of joe, a few cigarettes and some chat. But, one day as I was in a chat room, this one person caught my eye. His screen name was pastrytaster, amusing I thought to myself, so I started chatting with him. A little innocent chat, making a new friend, all harmless. After all his profile stated he lived in Alabama, so I was safe. Right? (Right)

Sue (who is my neighbor) and I always go walking everyday. Sue is a tall woman with legs up to her neck, with auburn hair that is shoulder length, and piercing green eyes. I found myself growing attracted to her. I have always thought myself to be bi-curious, but have never had the “opportunity” to take it to that level.

Well let me get with the story. After my morning chat with my new friend, Sue and I go walking. That particular day there was a man moving into one of the homes. Sue and I commented oh his home and wondered if he had a family. After a week of walking, we came to the conclusion that he is a bachelor. We always refer to him as our mystery man. We have never actually seen him outside of his house. He was always at home during the day, so we assumed he worked the night shift.

I continued to chat with Sam (my new friend) he was becoming an addiction to me, I found myself needing him, wanting him. We engaged in “good” chat. You know the kind, the kind that you and your best friend talk about. That’s what Sam was becoming to me, my best friend. I was thinking to myself, how can you have such an attraction to a person you have never seen? I guess I was falling for his words and thoughts.

Sue and I continued our daily ritual. Our mystery man was always at home and from the road you could see his door was open, but he was never visible.

I remember the first day I got to see Sam. It was a stormy day. I logged on the computer as I always do and there he was, his name highlighted, with the words “take a peek”. I was excited to see that he had purchased a web cam. I wanted to see the man that I had confessed my desires. My heart was racing, my hands trembling, I clicked on the link. Then all of a sudden, popped up the image of the man that I had been chatting with for months. He was everything I had imagined. Dark hair, a beard and incredibly handsome. Quickly I sent a message to him, “at last we meet”, virtually, was his reply. I, in return, turned my cam on. It was awesome; we had cyber sex for the first time. I was sitting nekkid in front a cam, making love to this man. I cum like I have never cum before. I could only imagine the ecstasy that would be if we ever actually went nipple to nipple.

A couple of days passed and I had not chatted with Sam. Confusion puddled my mind. Did I do the wrong thing? Does he no longer want to chat with me? I was devastated…I missed him terribly.

Early one morning I went walking by myself, Sue was vacationing at the beach. As I walked down the street, I could see that the mystery man’s truck was in the drive. As I got closer, I saw someone sitting on porch. Intrigued, I walked closest to the side his home was on. As I followed the street, trying not to look obvious, I looked to see if I could get a better look at the mystery man.

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