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Incredible First Time

I’ve known Matt for almost 2 and 1/2 years. We met online. Matt is 21 years old and lives in Lousiana. In my opinion, he is very hott. He’s about 6’2″ and built. He has short brown hair, and these sexy green eyes that just make me melt. I on the other hand, am Jess, and I live in Pennsylvania. I am only 16. I am about 5’8″, thin, with tan skin. I have light brown/honey eyes, and long brown hair with blone highlights. Though Matt is somewhat older then me with a wife and a daughter, he would do anything to be with me, and I have to say the same for him. The relationship that we have is so incredible. He always knows what to say to turn me on. There were so many nights that I went to bed feeling so horny that I had to relieve the sexual pressure that he put on me. I knew that I wanted him to be my first, and him knowing that I was a virgin, and wanted him to be my first, made him want me even more.
I finally decided that this summer would be it. I was going to go down to Lousiana to fuck this guy who I fantacised about for 21/2 long years. When I arrived at the airport, I spotted Matt right away. He was looking so hot. When I saw him I shook as a sensation ran through my body because that I knew within an hour or so, I’d be having the time of my life screwing Matt. I made sure that I wore something to make him notice me right away and turn him on for later. I wore a low cut tight white shirt that was very revealing of my 34c breasts, and a very low cut pair of flare blue jeans.
When I finally got to where Matt was standing in the airport waiting for me, we hugged and passionately kissed for a minute or so. We grabbed my luggage and walked to his car. We got in his brand new black mustang convertable, and started to head back to his house. We were stuck in traffic for awhile. Matt started to tell me about things he wanted to do to me when we got home. I felt myself getting so wet, I wanted him right then and there. Matt could tell how excited I was getting, so he put his hang on my inner thigh. He worked his way up to my pussy and massaged it for a few minutes. He then unbottoned my pants, and slid 2 fingers inside of me. I was now so hot and was breathing so heavy and moaning. I looked over at Matt and saw him getting so hard just by seeing how much he was pleasuring me. He continued to finger me in and out until I orgasmed. Before I knew it, we were home.
Matt and I almost didn’t make it to the bedroom, because we were all over eachother. When we finally reached the bedroom, Matt threw me on to his big bed, and continued to forcefully undress me. The look in his eyes was just so incredibly sexy, I wanted him inside me so bad. He kissed my neck and slowly licked down to my pussy. He took me in his mouth and licked ever so greatly. He had his tounge pierced to add to the great feeling. Just as I was ready to climaz, he stopped, knowing it would tease me. He then slowly and carefully stuck his 8″ shlong inside of me. It hurt a little at first, but every minute after that felt so good. I had been waiting for this forever. He made sure it didn’t hurt, and it sure as hell didn’t. It was the best satisfying feeling that I’d ever had in my life. He started to thrust, going harder and harder by pulling my hips in closer to him. We were both moaning and breating so loud. It felt so good to feel him so deep inside me. I felt him start to throb, and I knew he was ready to come. To return the favor, I rolled over on top of Matt and slowly rode him, teasing his dick for another 5 minutes until I felt him come. He came so hard, and so did I. It felt so good to feel his hot jiz sqirting inside of me. He thanked me for the ride, and again went down on me, slowly licking out his hot juice along with mine as I came for the third time.
Needless to say, my stay at his house was for 7 days, and we must have had sex about 20 times…if not more…

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