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The Dance Part 2

Once in their room, Candy couldn’t wait to undress him. She wore only her silky white nylon petticoats, layer upon layer, with all their sexy lace, over glossy stockings, knickers and suspenders, her silken sheer gloves and, over her breasts, the sheerest silky lacy camisole. She twirled on her stilettos and showed off all that nylon, froth and lace. He sat on the edge of the bed watching, breathing silently. Now she moved next to him, taking his swollen cock in one silky hand and, with the other, pulling a sheer layer of petticoat over it.

“How does that feel?” she quietly giggled.

” … very silky and cool and (whuhh! he breathed out) … very sexy.”

“What do you like most?” she asked.

“You … all dressed up for dancing,” he replied.

“And what in particular?” she teased.

“I love your legs and your stockings …. and all the lacy nylon you wear …”

“My petticoats …?” she asked innocently, “and do you like this …?” She sat astride him, and then sashayed from side to side, his cock experiencing the yards of heavenly silky nylon and pretty lace sliding across it. “My lacy camisole is teasing my breasts,” she said, taking his hand so that his fingers brushed over the lace and felt the very aroused nipple underneath. “Oh!” she breathed, “will you push your cock up under my petticoats and into the lacy leg of my French knickers and in to me …?”

He found his way and then managed to move his cock in and out of her wet, engorged cunt, in, out, in out – and she immediately came again, “Ho …! oh! … oh! aaaaagh! …” She  was kissing him, her tongue exploring every sensitive part of his mouth and, as he moved backwards, further onto the bed, she maintained her position on him.

“You love it when I fuck you in my petticoats and slips and lingerie, don’t you?” she smiled. He was close to losing control. “You love my silky sheer nylon and lace, all the pretty things I buy so that I can fuck you again and again.”

For a moment, he remembered the girl on the dance floor, the one who had shown her friend her white petticoat – layers of the silkiest shining chiffon with lace bands; over it, the pretty girl wore a petticoat of two layers of completely sheer baby blue shimmering nylon, dripping and frothing with lace. He remembered her saying that the blue sheer nylon and lace made her husband desperate for her. And his own lovely wife’s complete attention to his preference for her to wear sexy, lacy, silky, shiny nylon petticoats and lingerie made him feel so wonderful as her climax began again and his own massive orgasm began …

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