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Enchanted Panties

It was almost the end of the day and Kate couldn`t wait to go home. All day it seemed she had been eyeing that clock on the other side of her uncle`s antique shop tapping her fingers on the side of the cash register. 5:00pm it said seemingly teasing her as the last 30 minutes of her work shift slowed to a crawl. It paid for school so she couldn`t complain too much. After all it was only for the summer.

No one was in the store, so Kate decided to walk around check some things out. After all it had been about a year since she had been there and her uncle was letting her close so he was already home. She looked around and a black Gothic antique mirror caught her eye. It was a full length mirror and had all kinds of snakes carved into all sides. Seeing that she`s a goth she took a liking to it and started checking herself out in it.

Her silky black hair was about shoulder length when she wore it out but she typically kept it up in pig tails. She wore a white button down shirt with a black skirt that came just below her ass. Her black and white stockings came up to meet her skirt and she wore black stilettos with 3 inch heels. She kept the top two buttons of her shirt undone to reveal her c cup cleavage and the shape of her tight ass could also be seen as she bent over. She stood about 5 foot 4 inches and was almost everyone`s dream girl in college. She prided herself in that and loved teasing the guys, though she never really dated.

Kate`s uncle walked in the store with a box full of items.

“Kate, button up your shirt! I won`t let you continue working here if you`re going to dress like a fucking whore!”

Kate rolled her eyes as she reluctantly buttoned her shirt. “Sorry Uncle John.”

“I thought I was closing tonight?” Kate said as she looked through the box.

“Well, I had one of my friends drop this stuff at the house so I decided to bring it in and go through it. You don`t have to stay though, as soon as your shifts up you can leave.”

While going through the box she came across a black hardback book about the size of an encyclopedia. Curiously, she started reading through it quickly realized that it looked like a book of spells. John saw her reading the book and said, “You can have that if you want it. It`s worth nothing to me. I don`t know why people think that I need all their junk.”

With that, Kate slipped the book in her handbag and went to clock out. “You`re welcome”, John said with a sneer. “Thanks”, Kate said walking out the door.

Kate`s apartment was a few blocks down the road so she started walking that way while reading the book. She was not a witch, but there was something about the idea of witchcraft that had always appealed to her. She didn`t believe this particular spell book was real though; it had no special design or cover, it was just a blank hardback book. It also seemed to be written in modern day English. At any rate she figured it would be a fun read anyway. She skimmed through the index to find something interesting and something caught her eye, Object Enchantment and Animation. She turns to it and it read:

Object Enchantment and Animation Beware, object enchantment can be very dangerous and should only be attempted by an experienced witch. (DO NOT attempt to enchant an object that had been bloodstained as certain conditions during the spell may affect the object`s behavior and the object could become obsessed with bloodshed) If the spell need be reversed please refer to page 375…

Kate started laughing to herself thinking about the ridiculousness of some of the possible ‘killer’ objects. “I can hear the newscast now”, Kate thought, “Local man seemingly choked to death by his own sex doll”.

Kate read on:

Touch the object you want to enchant with your index finger and chant following phrase:

Enchant this thing that I do bless and make its task the very best, so will it be.

“This is too simple”, Kate thought. “I know this is made up now”.

When Kate got home she stripped off all her clothes but her underwear and started toward her bed. She was so tired from work she figured a short nap would do her good before grabbing some dinner. She stepped into her bed and fell asleep as soon as she laid down.

About two hours later Kate woke up and noticed that she slightly soiled her panties.

“I must have had a wet dream,” Kate giggled to herself as she slowly sat up in bed. Come to think of it, she was feeling slightly horny; it had been a while since she had been with a man after all.

She stepped out of bed and accidentally kicked her purse, knocking the spell book out onto the floor.

“Why the hell not?” Kate said to herself. “No one`s here, it`s not like I`m going to make a fool out of myself if it doesn`t work.”

She picked up the book and turned to the page for object enchantment.

Then Kate thought to herself, “In the slight chance that this does work, how do I know this enchanted object will be friendly?”

Then she remembered that the book said that certain conditions present during the enchantment may affect the behavior. Being that Kate was kind of horny, she thought about the panties she was wearing, that she had just soiled with her cunt juices and said to herself, “How dangerous can a pair of panties be?”

Kate giggled to herself as she slid off her black, silk panties. Holding them up in the air, she chanted:

“Enchant this thing that I do bless and make its task the very best, so will it be.”

She dropped the pair of panties and nothing seemed to happen.

“Well, I shouldn`t have expected any different I guess”, Kate said feeling stupid. She knelt down to pick them up off of the floor and they slid slightly from her hand.

“Did that really just happen?”, Kate thought to herself as she knelt down again and quickly grabbed them off the floor. Then almost as soon as she grabbed them, it was like an unknown forced snatched them from her hands.

Kate gasped and backed up while watching her panties fill themselves out in midair. It was strange, she could actually see the shape of a camel toe and ass in her panties. She slowly approached them and put her hand inside them, and sure enough, nothing was there.

“Incredible”, Kate said. The panties floated down to the bottom of her feet and flattened themselves out again. “What the–”

Kate was cut short as the panties wiggled themselves under her feet, tickling them in the process.

“Hey!”, Kate pronounced as she fell onto the bed kicking and giggling. The panties forced themselves up Kate`s legs until she was fully wearing them. “And just what do you plan to do now, you mischievous little things?” Kate giggled. Then it felt as if two hands were suddenly working her ass cheeks. “Whoa!”, Kate proclaimed. She felt the silk material force itself between her nether lips and start rubbing against her clit.

“Oh, god…” She moaned as the silky material worked her clit. Kate reached back to unclasp her black bra, and they would not budge. Then she felt the cups of the bra start to contract and work her breasts. “Oh, fuck–you too? But how?

A pair of black leather gloves climbed out of her chest of drawers and filled themselves out.

“Oh, come on! I only meant to bring the panties to life, not my entire room.” Kate said as the gloves picked up the spell book and pointed toward some fine print at the bottom of the page:

Object enchanted may be able to enchant other objects to help fulfill its task.

“Fuck–you`re joking, right?”, Kate uttered.

The bra started kneading her breasts harder and faster while the material of her panties seemingly molded itself to the outer lips of her pussy. Her panties started effectively massaging her labia and working her clit, nearly sending her over the edge.

“Holy shit, I`m gonna cum!” Kate exclaimed as she arched her back, bucking violently against the air. Kate screamed as her orgasm hit hard, soaking her panties as she came. She was exhausted, but her enchanted lingerie didn`t relent; they continued to work both her breasts and her over-sensitive pussy harder.

“NO, STOP IT!” Kate shouted to no effect. She began to panic and tried to reach toward the spell book to find the reverse spell, but the gloves took the book and threw it out the window. “YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!” Kate screamed.

A sock floated off the floor and forced itself into her mouth, muffling her screams. Then her eyes widened when her nightstand drawer opened itself and her bullet floated out. She tried to bat the bullet away but it dodged her hands and floated down toward her swollen cunt. The panties slightly adjusted allowing an opening for the bullet as it darted deep inside her pussy.

The bullet switched itself on and vigorously vibrated and spiraled against her g-spot. Kate violently bucked and kicked while her panties and bullet double-teamed her already sensitive pussy. Another orgasm came over Kate as she started flopping around on the floor like a fish.

After the second orgasm had passed, Kate tried desperately to pull her panties off when the gloves made beckoning motions toward the closet. To Kate`s horror, a pair of blue jeans walked themselves out, and a muffled scream sounded behind the sock. The pants fell down toward her feet. Kate tried to squirm away, but it was no use. She kicked at the pants, but they forced themselves up her legs and forced them still.

Kate made a desperate move to yank her bra off when the leather gloves grabbed her hands and forced them behind her. A black sweater floated out of the closet and positioned itself behind her. The gloves forced her hands toward the sleeves of the sweater while the sweater forced itself onto Kate. The sweater buttoned itself up and tightly hugged her body, starting to help her bra knead her breasts. It was like to sets of hands fondling her at the same time.

For hours, Kate was violently raped by her own clothing. She lost count on how many orgasms she`d had. She began to pass out, out of utter dehydration when the fridge door opened in the kitchen. Her bedroom door then swung open on its own to reveal a floating bottle of water. The sock fell out of Kate`s mouth and before she could utter a word, the bottle forced itself enter her mouth, choking her with water.

My name is Alexis and I'm a novice erotica writer. My writing is typically that of a fantasy theme where magic or something supernatural is involved. Fairies, inanimate objects, magic spells, etc, are my typical themes. I tend to have a little bit of a bondage fetish so they may reflect in my writing a little <3

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