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My name is john,now i am 43 yrs old,married to a very sexy woman,i have one son and one daughter ,my story started when i was 17 yrs old,i was living with my parents,two sisters and one brother.we were a happy family,mom and dad were open mind persons,mom and dad love sex,they taught us sex so early.

Dad had sex with all the family members,his favorite was my two sisters,he used to lick their assholes in front of us,mom used to take my cock and my brother cock and suck them together.

I live with my brother in one room,we sleep in a large bed,my brother was two years younger than me,he has well shaped round ass,no hair on his thighs or chest,he likes to suck my cock and i like to kiss and lick his asshole before i shove my huge cock in it.

The two sisters share the same room,they prefer to sleep naked,normally they do not lock their door,after mid night i used to go to their room and sleep between them,they allow me to sleep only if i accept that one sit on my cock and the other one on my chest so that i fuck one and eat pussy of the other one.

In the third room,mom and dad sleep,we can hear mom moaning and screaming every night,some times my brothers joins them in bed,mom on her belly,my brother on top of her inserting his cock in her asshole and dad on top of my brother fucking his asshole

Mom was working in a company as secretary,when she goes to work she prefers to wear short dresses to show her milky thighs,i heard her saying to dad”my boss likes my short dresses,he always talk about my thighs and breasts,he asked me to have dinner with him at his house,he wanted you to come also,what should i say to him?”dad said”i do not mind to join you”

Dad asked me and my sister to go with them.four of us were in the car ready to go,dad wanted to set in the back seat with my sister,i sat in the front seat,mom was driving,mom told us that it will take two hours to reach the place,i looked in the mirror i saw sis sucking dad cock,so i pulled out my cock to let mom gives me blowjob.

When we arrived,a beautiful girl opened the door to let us in,she took us to a large room,the boss and his wife were waiting for us,he shock hands with dad and kissed mom,his wife kissed my dad and mom,they kissed me and my sis,we sat on the sofa.

Mom was wearing very short dress,so was my sis,both left the dresses half buttoned,the wife was wearing a long dress open from both sides,the man started the chatting talking about mom and her job,he talked about her dresses,his wife said that she likes the long dresses but she does not  mind wearing short dresses,she added that she prefers to walk naked in the house,she looked at my sis saying”you look like your mom,you have sexy body like her”

Sis smiled and thanked the woman for her complement,the wife said”it is too hot,since i feel that we became close friends i like to take off my dress,hope you do not mind”she took off her dress,she was not wearing any under wears,she sat totally naked,dad looked at mom and sis to undress like the wife.

Three of them were naked,the man was shocked when he saw mom and sis naked ,i saw him pulling his cock asking his wife to suck it,mom looked at my dad asking permission to join the wife in sucking,after few minutes of sucking the man left the room,he came back bringing with him the girl who opened the door for us,she was naked,he asked her to suck dad cock and my cock at the same time,sis joined her in sucking.

I looked towards mom,i saw her on her four,her boss was behind her shoving his cock inside her asshole,his wife was under mom eating her pussy,i was on top of my sis pushing my cock into her hussy,dad was fucking the girl in her asshole as usual.

We switched positions,the man wanted to fuck sis while i fuck his wife,mom and the girl were licking each other while dad was fucking the girl in her asshole,we continued our orgy for almost an hour,then we took shower and went to the dinning room to have dinner.

The man said”who can suck three cocks together?who likes to be fucked by three men together”the wife said”i like to try”mom said”me too”dad,the man and my self stood up holding our cocks,the wife started to kiss them then put them in her mouth,it was not easy but she was able to handle it.

It was mom turn to have a fuck by three cocks,she sat in dad lap,her boss was behind her,i was in front of her,we started to move our bodies together,mom was screaming  asking for stronger pushing ,she was so happy to have three cocks in her asshole,her pussy and her mouth.

Sis and the other two were eating each other,the smell of our cum was filling the room,i unloaded my cum in mom mouth,dad cum was filling mom pussy and the boss cum was over her back and butt.

The boss asked us to stay and sleep with them,my mom told him that she cannot stay,so we left the house after having great time with them

My parents wanted me to get married,so i was engaged to a very beautiful girl,she was 21 yrs old,i moved to a new house not far from parents house to start a new life with my wife,from our first night,i noticed that my wife was expert in cock sucking,she was virgin,and when i asked her if she likes anal sex she told me that her asshole is not virgin as her pussy.

I asked her to tell me more about this,she said’it started with my dad who introduce me to anal sex and cock sucking,he used to fuck me and mom together in the asshole every other night,me and mom were sucking his huge cock”

She asked me if i had sex with my family members,i told her about all my sex relations with all my family members,she smiled saying”it seems that we both have the same experience with our families,i am sure that you will like my mom and sis”i replied”i will be happy to have fun with your family,you also can have fun with my family,they will like it”

We went to visit my wife family,i felt as if i knew them before,her parents and her sister were so simple,they treated me as a family member,the first visit was formal,but the second was different in many things,her mom was wearing a short dress,her sis was wearing  short jeans,the father was in his boxer.

After having few drinks,my wife asked her sis to dance,the young girl started to dance in a very sexy way,she took off her shirt,she was not wearing any bra,her breasts were jumping with each move,then she pulled down her jeans and panties,she was dancing totally naked,my wife went to set beside her dad,she pulled out his cock and started to suck,her mom came to face me removing all her clothes,she wanted me to eat her pussy.

We were all naked,my wife and her sis sucking their dad while the mom was sucking my cock and i was fingering her asshole,she looked at me saying”you like anal sex,i love it”in few seconds she was on her four asking me to insert my cock deep in her asshole.

My wife and her sis were on their  bellies,their dad was moving his cock from one asshole to another,i unloaded my cum in the nice hole,the mother cleaned my cock with her lips,our fun continued for hours,i enjoyed each minute with my wife family.

The same we had with my family when we visited them,dad and my brother fucked my wife so deep in the ass,mom has her share as well as my two sis,my wife liked my dad cock,she told me that enjoyed the feeling of his big cock in her two holes

One evening i invited my family and my wife family to have dinner with us,after having dinner we started a big families orgy sex female and four men fucking the whole night.

After two years of marriage we had a twin girls,i told my wife that we should raise them in the same way as we were raised,she agreed,when they reached 17 yrs old i was the first one enjoying their virgin assholes,now they know more about sex,i did not want them to lose their virginity but they insisted that i should be the first one who enjoys their pussies,so i did

We live together as avery happy family.


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