Learning Who I Am Part Three

The weekend was over and I was glad I had met a new friend, Robyn was a sex machine. She and I talked regularly that entire next week. She was wanting more than a friends with benefits though, I could tell by the way she talked, but I was happy with how things were. I honestly was looking for a bit more of out of the box type of stuff, not a relationship. I wanted to do some more exploring. I wasn’t sure if she had opened that door for me or not, but my mind wandered all the time thinking of other things I would like to try now.

During the next week, late at night I began going to the local adult bookstore in Rialto, CA. I was far enough away from the Base that I was hoping not to run into anyone I knew or who would recognize me. I started buying amateur VHS tapes of people in threesomes, foursomes and gangbangs. My interests were flourishing now. I couldn’t get enough of those tapes, they gave me almost a high watching all those naked bodies together. On one of my nightly visits that week I ran across a Swingers Connection ad newspaper that was published weekly. That seemed to change everything. I ran an ad, I was looking for a female, in search of an open minded woman. I stated I was open minded to just about anything, I was interested in threesomes, oral and greek. I posted my number and waited for the ad to post. I called it in on Tuesday and was hoping it would be in by Friday. Meanwhile Robyn and I were still hooking up. We were going to continue to hook up friday nights until Saturday mornings.

When Friday arrived, I was hoping my ad would be posted and I really wasn’t sure how long it would take or if I would get any calls, so I decided I was going to let Robyn know I was interested in a threesome; I wanted another guy there feeding her a cock while I watched. I was becoming a voyeur now too. I didn’t know how receptive she was going to be, but I didn’t have nothing to lose. I was off of work, then headed to her place. I wasn’t going to get stupid drunk this time, or at least I hoped not.

I arrived at her place and knocked on the door. Robyn answered smiling from ear to ear. I made my way in seeing another girl sitting on the couch.

“This is Kelly, my best friend,” she explained.

Hello’s were exchanged as we all sat and chatted a bit. Robyn had nothing but good to say about me to Kelly. Kelly was just looking at me smiling and checking me out the entire time. I wasn’t sure what she knew or didn’t know. Robyn wasn’t being shy as she was telling her about how we spent the entire last weekend together either. I know I was blushing some until I about passed out when Kelly said, “I guess you know why we nick named her Bobbin Robyn!”

Red as a beet I’m sure, I just answered, “Yep, I do now.”

So we all began drinking. I was getting more relaxed and checking out Kelly some; she was about 5’5″ 200lbs, thick like I was beginning to like them now. Now an hour or more into being there, I made my way to the bathroom to relive myself only to return and find the girls giggling in the bedroom, I couldn’t hear anything but the laughter. I made my way back to my spot on the couch and sat waiting for their return. In minutes they both came out and Robyn looked at me and in that sultry sweet voice began to talk to me.

“I was given a dare by Kelly, so here it goes.”

Looking puzzled I’m sure, I watched Robyn move the coffee table away from the couch and then kneel between my legs. She reached out and began undoing my pants. I was a bit shy still and told her,”You don’t have to do it with her here, we can wait until later.”

“Nope, I have to do my dare,” and she began pulling down my pants and briefs.

Now exposed with a raging hard on, Robyn began to pleasure my cock as Kelly sat down on the coffee table right next to her watching both her and I. Kelly looked to be enjoying herself.

“I have seen her perform before, she likes an audience,” Kelly said.

I smiled back at Kelly wondering if she was going to join, but she didn’t, she watched Robyn take care of me for 15 minutes or more until I couldn’t hold back. I didn’t even give her a warning, I just exploded into her mouth. I pumped a week’s worth of cum down her throat. Robyn continued to suck and stroke until I was semi hard, but the longer she did I was starting to get hard again.

Robyn turned and looked at Kelly, “I told you, he is good for another one and maybe another later, too.”

I guess she told her everything. Robyn got up and helped me off the couch and led me to the bedroom where she stripped her clothes off and laid down on the bed. I took the hint and mounted her. I slid right into that soaked loose pussy as Kelly watched from the side of the bed.

I looked at Kelly, “Wanna join?” Her reply was no, she was a watcher.

I fucked Robyn for 30 plus minutes watching her large breasts bounce up and down, as well as her large hips and belly jiggle about. Finally I was ready to cum; I let her know and she asked me to pull out and shoot all over her pussy. I did as requested. I shot a load onto her bald mound. When I was done she reached down, grabbed my cum and smeared it with her fingers trying to get it up. She then held her hand out towards Kelly. Kelly leaned over and licked her fingers and then returned them to her own mouth to clean them up. I was stunned at what had just happened.

Kelly must have seen my surprised look, “I taught her everything she knows, I always like to taste the treat.”

I was turned on and wondering what the rest of the weekend held now. Kelly then told Robyn, “I need to get going.” She turned and walked out.

Robyn giggled and told me they sometimes share, but only sometimes. “I’m not ready to share yet.”

Now was the time to ask her what I wanted, “I want to see you with another guy at the same time I am doing you.”

She asked if I was Bi and I told her I wasn’t. With a smile she said, “Then maybe at another time then.” I had even considered trying to be bi curious. “Oh, and so you know, Kelly likes the black men, so she likely won’t be joining us either.”

Robyn and I just laid in bed talking until she fell asleep. I laid there thinking I liked the idea of a black man banging some white chick. My cock agreed as it seemed to stimulate some life back into it. That was my thought as I drifted off to sleep.

Part 4 is next. Until next time, I would love to hear comments or complaints. Thanks.

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