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Girlfriend Has A Crush On Your Big Brother Part II: Rock Star Brother Takes Your Girlfriend Home To Rock Her World

We went to bed later that night. We hadn’t actually slept together before. You see, I was the first “nice safe guy” Katrina had ever dated. We had been together for 5 months but before that she had only dated 2 guys. One was the captain of the football team at her High School at Northridge High. The other guy was a junior division state championship mixed martial arts fighter. Since I was such a nice guy, we both decided to take things slow. We slept in the same bed but never actually got physically erotic with each other. She preferred this more than I did. I actually really wanted to touch her.

She had a mind-blowingly sexy body: Big Bouncy Boobs…

….muscular bubble butt, long strong legs, and a tone smooth abdomen.

She always wore a bra around the house, along with a shining black silk robe. I rarely only ever got small peaks at her large brassiered white breasts. I still couldn’t really sleep that night with everything she said in defense of my brother that night.

We got up the next day. We had brunch at a breakfast diner, she was distracted talking to “a friend of hers from high school” the whole time laughing and then looking up at me with disappointment and indignation.

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I paid for the meal, we left and she went to work for about 6 hours. The whole time she was at work I stressed and agonized over what could go wrong tonight and how my brother could do what he always does whenever I have a hot girlfriend. She came home around 5:00 pm. As soon as she walked in the door I tried to smother her with unwanted and desperate affection which she resisted. I was clingy the whole time until one moment when she, with a deceptive look in her eyes, asked if her purse was on the kitchen counter. I went to go look for it, but when I walked back to the living room she was gone. When I walked back to the back bathroom, the door was locked and she said she had to get ready for the concert.

“Go without me! I’ll meet you there, one of my girlfriend’s from High School who goes to all of the Steel to The Max concerts is picking me up in 45 minutes!”

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This was bad but I couldn’t lose hope or give up my efforts to safeguard her faithfulness to me. I arrived nervous and shaken by the powerful vibrations of the amps. I saw all of the other hot sexy, gorgeous and beautiful women amongst the crowd. 

I thought to myself: Shit…My brother and his band really do get all the hot girls! Women love their music and their shows….

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My brother spotted me from across the room. Immediately paralyzing me in his penetrating and psychologically dominant gaze. He walked up to me towering over me with his ripped arms and legs.

With a taunting voice I knew very well being his younger brother, he said,

“So my bassist Reggie told me you’ve got a pretty hot girlfriend, lil’ cock..How do I know about this?…Reggie’s girlfriend is the friend from High School that is taking your girlfriend to the concert.” He said smiling an evil grimace

I began to sweat, my scared cock and balls began to get a little bit smaller from the intimidation my brother was putting on me.

“Hold on, I gotta help these guys with the equipment” JT said looking over his shoulder and then turned around quickly to flick my balls saying “Good for you to show you’re lil cock here tonight!” Bending down to my crouched over body, he whispered,

“Big bro’s gonna steal your girl tonight!” and messed up my hair

Katrina showed up to the concert looking as sexy as ever. She loved Steel To The Max but she also loved Def Leppard songs so she did her hair up like how hot girls did back in the late 70’s – early 80’s.

HOLY FUCK!!!! I thought. She was showing so much cleavage and I loved it.

When Katrina saw me and how lowly of a man I looked, she gave me a look of complete failure. 

This is the guy you were telling me about!? Really!? This!?” I heard her friend say as she moved out from behind Katrina to face me and look me up and down with ridicule and judgement.

This is the guy you were telling me about!? Really!? This!?” I heard her friend say as she moved out from behind Katrina to face me and look me up and down with ridicule and judgement.

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Oh No…..Oh No!….” I thought. Her friend from Northridge was the girl my brother fucked at a party in his own graduating class after high school.

They Know Each Other!!!???

She went to another school but everyone in neighboring high schools, even kids two years younger than her like me, knew who she was.

She had a very famous Instagram account with thousands of followers which was bigger than anyone we knew in the district.

Everyone we knew, including my brother and I, went to private schools and lived in well-off families so there were so many hot, hot young women in the area.

Everyone we knew, including my brother and I, went to private schools and lived in well-off families so there were so many hot, hot young women in the area.

Her name was Taylor Matthis. She didn’t have the body of Katrina but she came close and was gorgeous. Looked very similar to Katherine Webb – the tan skin and especially her hair in the first image above.

I remember attending that party as a new upperclassman – just becoming a junior that next fall but was still graduating as a underclassman. This meant I still got hazed at the party by older kids with the help of my brother. It was his idea. It was cool at first, I do remember being short of breathe and very nervous seeing girls like Taylor walk around in bikinis.

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I really only got in because my brother brought me but didn’t tell me that the graduates weren’t expecting me – I would be the only kid there who was my age.

The memory basically goes like this: When we got to the door, and this pisses me off so bad thinking about it right now, the upperclassman who answered it were hostile and confused about my presence with my older brother who they liked. My brother told them that I was hiding in the cargo space behind the second row of seats in his SUV. I was like: WHAT!!??, in my mind thinking he was such a liar and a backstabber like always. He then told the older guys that he would speak to me outside and let me know what would happen if I dare fuck this up for them. “Let me speak to him outside, man. Go back inside and see where Taylor is at for me.” They turned around and went inside while, the door closed on the front porch, my brother told me he was planning on getting me laid tonight.

All of a sudden the teenage adrenaline at the thought of actually getting some action charged my whole body. He said it was a gift to commemorate me becoming an upperclassman. I was actually surprised and thought he’d be nice for once. It was crazy inside, the house was huge, music was loud and the kids were scary. I saw Katrina and other girls like her, older girls with grown women’s bodies although she was an absolute show-stopper and like four out of the 40 girls there came close.

At one point in the party, for whatever reason, my brother and his friend Trevon decided to hold a bench press contest for the two of them. I don’t know who in their right minds would stop what they’re doing at a party to watch those lift heavy weights aside from the fact that they were super popular.

I felt queasy watching him get the girl I wanted – Tyler Mathis – but also kind of turned on at the same time. She was really turned on by him besting his old teammate at bench press, lifting the most, causing Tyler to bite her lip and continually run her fingers through her luscious hair.

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I hated that my brother was getting the attention but keeping it in the back of my mind that he’d make sure I get laid tonight.

You see, not many of these kids liked me here, and they had met me before in previous school years as JT’s nerdy little brother who was now basically a young adult.

At one point I accidently bumped into Michael Haluamoa, a large intimidating Samoan kid from the football team who graduated a year before my brother. He turns around after I spilt my water on him, and was about to deck me when my brother interceded. At first he acted like he was going to defend me after he told Michael not to hit me.

Then my big brother JT grabbed me by the back of my pants and shirt and set me down in front of Tyler Mathis in the center of the living room where they were gathered to watch them lift weights.

People started cheering for him to do what he used to do at Friday night parties after football games where he’d steal my girlfriends who were either a grade above or below me and smack paddle my balls.

Instead, after he had intimidated me into obeying him, I hunched over on my knees and palms while he took off his belt in a way that Tyler thought was really sexy.

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He then whooped my ballsack further into humiliation and emasculated me until Ty, feeling hot and super aroused, asked him if my brother, herself, and I could go up to the master bedroom upstairs. As we walked up the stairs to where I would be cuckolded by my brother and an unachievable ultra sex goddess woman, he informed me that he and his buddies planned this. They had wild sex to commemorate his graduation and end of his High School Football career.

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Part III To Be Continued…

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