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Grim Chapter 1

Call me Grim. I am a sex offender. I raped my neighbor’s daughter but it wasn’t my fault. I’m a 48 years old white guy, 6’7, weight 285; I have red hair and brown eyes. My wife had died 6 years ago so I have been lonely.

Gina is my daughter’s friend. She was smoking hot. She was 22 hot chocolate body, dark skin with huge double D tits and a big ass. She wasn’t fat at all looked to only weight 140lbs. She was house-sitting for her parents.

Her parents were my next door neighbor. Only a fence divided my yard from their. She had been tempting me since she had gotten back from school. She would be walking around her pool with nothing on but a tiny 2-piece bikini. Another day she walked around completely naked showing all her sexy asset. I had always wanted to be with a black woman that chocolate body made my dick hard. I endured her torture for over a week.

I finally went over, she was wearing another bikini. I had just gone over to talk and ask her about her parents.

“Hi Mr. Grim,” she hugged me, “ I’m so glad you came over I was going to come check on you soon, Anne asked me to keep an eye on you,” I felt her hard nipple rub against me.

“Thanks Gina, when are you parents coming back?” I asked her.

“They will be back a week from now”

“Dang I was hoping to see them I needed to borrow some tools from your old man,”

“I’m sure daddy won’t mind you and him are like brothers.”

“ That’s nice but I’ll wait for Mike to come back.”

“Well are you sure, “I told her yes,” Would you like to stay for dinner?’’ I told her I’d pass but my dick was so hard , “ Please stay, Anne is going to be so angry if I don’t give her dad a home cook meal so you stay right here, anyway dinner is almost ready,” she ran up stair and came back down in a t-shirt and yoga pants.

I was watching the game. She came in setting up a little TV dinner table. I could see gravity helping her breast strain against her shirt. Right then and there all I could imagine was suckling those hard nipples. She sat up her own right beside me. She bought in two plates filled with fried pork-chops, corn, corn bread and fried green tomatoes. After that I went home with full belly a boner that could cut diamond. I jack-off three times before I was finally satisfied.

The next day she walked around and hoped in the pool completely naked again. I watched her from my bedroom window jacking-off, watching that sexy body tread through water, seeing those big breast dip water.

Three days later Gina comes over wearing a tight skirt that came to her knees with a low cut blouse. It was late around 8. She bought over a hot dinner for the both of us and suggested we watched a movie. She made another delicious mean. She cooked fried chicken, rice and buttered rolls with a slice of caramel cake.

She didn’t eat much but she ended up going to sleep. I was still awake. A mental photo of her flashed through my head. I lifted her and took her to my guess room which was only a few feet away. I carried her to the bed.

That’s when the idea hit me. I went upstairs I got two pair o f my daughter’s panties hose. I got a ruphy from my son’s room. I crushed the pill into a cup of juice and got her to sit up and drink it. She drank it with no problem.

I stripped her naked. Then I tied her hands above her head. I waited thirty minutes. I had taken my Viagra pill. The first thing I did was kiss those beautiful tits. She had had huge black areola. I suckled the right nipple first while pinching and pull the other. It got so hard in my mouth. I did the same to the other. Motor boating those big black tittles was awesome. I couldn’t wait to fuck that pussy and ass.
I moved down to her pussy. It was completely bald with the exception of a little landing strip. Her pussy was fat with a fat clit. I went back to sucking on her tits. She moaned. I paused to make sure she was unconscious. She more than likely thought it was just a dream. I began biting her nipples and she moaned more.

I was a breast man. Nothing excited me more than a big pair of tits. I enjoyed everything about them. Nothing could look better than a pair of huge tits.

I slid down and began sucking her clit. Her clit was a chocolate brown color that was about the size of a nickel. I looked at her tight dark pink hole.

I began to suck on her clit tasting her wetness hit my tongue. She was becoming aroused. Now I was wishing she was awake, I could imagine her screaming and yelling right now. I kissed my way back up her body.
I was back to those huge tits suckling them like my life depended on it. I eased my hard-condom-covered- cock into her tight wet warm pussy. She felt so good. So tight she was almost hurting my dick. I kept pumping into her slowly. She was so tight I knew I was about to cum. I felt her muscles clench around me.
Since I knew she was out I untied her arms and flipped her on her stomach. I put her on her knees so that her ass was in the air. I put the pillow under her stomach to keep her held up. I smacked her ass and saw it jiggle.
This time I wasn’t going slow I was going to fuck the hell out of her now. I spread her legs and shoved my dick into her pussy I held her hip to keep her from sliding. I could hear my thighs slapping the back of hers I was fucking her so hard. She was very wet her muscles. I cummed again.

That night I must have fucked her over five time. That Viagra was worth every penny I paid. I put her back on her clothes and put her back on the couch. I went to my room and went to sleep.
I heard knocking on my door. It was Gina she was telling me she was headed home. I walked her to the door. She was so fucking sexy and know I was the reason she was wet from her own cum made me feel great. I watched her walk across the yard too her house. My dick was hard so I went back to my room to jack off.

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