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Her Stud

Becca is one of the fortunate few. She is sexy beautiful…highly intelligent and wealthy. Women want to be her…and men want her. She owns a stable of thoroughbred Arabians. And is a well known and respected breeder.
I heard the rumors but didn’t believe them…

Becca was 19 when she met Logan…he was 29. They say it was love at first sight. He pursued her with a passion…and when he finally bedded her…sparks flew…wild…raw…untamed. It was no secret that they enjoyed each other…and were uninhibited. Lots of folks saw and heard them.

When Becca was 30 Logan was thrown from a horse. His neck broke and he died instantly. She was devastated and withdrew from the world for a time.

When she came back she had many men. They all lusted after her. And once they had her…other women just didn’t measure up.

But for Becca…none of them came close to pleasing her. They didn’t have that wild untamed sexuality that she craved. It was becoming a problem…one that she didn’t have the patience to deal with.

She threw herself into her business. She became detached from her feelings…her desires. It was as if she was on automatic pilot.

One spring Becca was set to ride fence. She made all the necessary preparations…
then headed out. She rode on Rascal…her Arabian stud. She took along Jake and Hobo a pair of Queensland Healers. The first few days kept her busy. As she reached the halfway point she had very little work to do. She decided to cool off in the creek. Rascal was grazing nearby. The boys were off chasing whatever was foolish enough to show itself.

Becca removed all her clothes and stepped into the cold water. There was a rock lined pool deep enough for her to lay back in. With her eyes closed she listened to all the sounds around her. She heard neighing in the distance. She heard Rascal drinking from the creek…

As she rose up out of the water she glanced at her horse. He was a very short distance from her. She heard a familiar sound…he had a full erection and it was slapping up against his belly. He must of caught scent from the horses down in the lower pasture. She had seen and manipulated countless erections…that was her job. But today as she looked at her stud…she felt her nipples growing hard. She felt the heat begin to rise between her thighs.
“What the hell?” she said out loud. She looked away trying to shake such thoughts from her mind.
Rascal was now standing next to her. He tried to nip at her sides. He lowered his head and sniffed at her mound. His hot breath sent shock waves through her body. He shot out his tongue and lapped at her wetness. She instinctively widen her legs. His nose pressed on her clit and his long tongue worked its way inside her. She cried out…she could easily cum. But she pushed away from him. What was she thinking? Part of her felt ashamed…disgusted. How could she think such thoughts? How could she be so aroused by her horse? But at the same time she felt the raw wild desire that she craved…awaken inside her.

She threw a blanket over a stump. Rascal was right there next to her. He was in a agitated state. Becca stroked his massive member. Fully erect he sports a tad over 2 feet long. He is as big around as a moon pie.

She was dripping wet…Rascal was nipping at her…if she wasn’t careful he might try to mount her. She laid stomach first on the stump and pushed her ass up…the stud caught the scent of her sex. She reached back and pulled his shaft to her wet tunnel. The head was so huge. She twisted and turned and forced the head inside her. She gasped as the sensitive skin stretched to almost breaking. She was on fire and her lust drove her. She pushed back little by little. And it was as if the stud knew to take his time with her.

Becca was completely filled with this massive cock…she was consumed by such wanton desire that she began to thrust faster and faster…Rascal ignited in a frenzy. She thrust back at him. She was so completely filled by him that every nerve ending inside her was being stimulated all at once. She screamed out in pleasure…growled and snorted like the wild thing that she was. As she felt the first hot blasts of cum go off inside her…she let out sounds that can only be described as primal. Rascal shot so much spunk into her that it gushed out and ran down the stump and pooled on the ground. She lost track of how many orgasms she had. But…she was completely consumed by them.
As Rascal pulled out of her she took a long deep breath. She rose to her feet and made her way back to the creek to clean up. She was satisfied. She felt alive. For the first time…in a long time…she felt alive. But she was also troubled. She had fucked her stud!

As she approached the last leg of her chores she was trying very hard not to think about the fire burning through her veins. With every rise and fall of her horses flanks she became more and more aroused. There was no denying the fact she had not been sexually satisfied since Logans death…until this encounter with Rascal. She’s well aware of the implications
should she be found out.

It was then and there that she decided…she would do what she wanted…needed…craved. It didn’t matter if anyone understood. It didnt matter what anyone thought. All that mattered was she felt alive…vital…

She stuck her fingers into her wetness…then held them up near Rascal. When he caught the scent he whinnied and scraped at the dirt with his hoofs. As he walked toward her he was already well out of his sheath. She took hold of his shaft and began stroking. She suddenly put her lips to the head but could barely fit it in her mouth. She looked around for something to lay on…but there was nothing. Then she thought about the leather straps she was carrying.

She was laying beneath him…suspended. He had softened while she attached the straps. She stroked him with both hands…her grip tight…fast. She guided him into her. She was burning with a desire so intense that she would surely lose her mind if she did not satisfy it. As the massive head slipped in she gasped…then she thrust herself forward…hard. She screamed as the sudden pain induced pleasure radiated throughout her body. She rocked on the cock inside her…Rascal began fucking her fast and hard. The first jet of cum penetrated her cervix. The heat from it caused an intense orgasm. Then he thrust his cock into her cervix and she thought she had never been fucked so completely in her life she rode her sexual high even as the last bit of come shot out and the mighty rod retreated from inside her.

Becca rode up on her ranch and it seemed like everyone stopped and stared at her. There was a glow about her… and a sensuousness that can not be put into words.

She never took another man as a lover. She had no need to. When asked if she was lonely she would always smile and wink and say…
“Nah…my studs keep me

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