Older Couple on a Road Trip

Older Couple on a Road Trip


This is a true story of some erotic fun my wife and I had on a road trip to Savanna Georgia. We have been married for many years and are in our fifties. Our sex life had gotten pretty routine. It’s not that I wasn’t attracted to my wife, Margaret, but it was always the same when we had sex. That is until we took a trip to the city (see our earlier post – Older Couple has Sexy Fun in the City).  Since then we have been a lot more interested in our sex life and I am looking for new ways to keep the fun going.

We decided to take a trip from our home in southern Maine to Georgia hoping to find some warm weather. We were tired of the long Maine winter and we booked time off work to get away. Since we were going to take a couple of days to drive I immediately started to think of ways to liven up the trip and naturally I thought of how we could incorporate sex into our travels. Since our trip to the city when Margaret was fondled to orgasm on a bar stool and again in the ladies restroom, something which was crazier than anything we had ever done before, I have encouraged her to masturbate more so she gets to know her body better and so I can help her have better orgasms. And she has. In the months since our trip to the city she usually gives herself an orgasm at least three or four times a week and more when I help her. She sometimes masturbates while I am getting ready for work which drives me crazy because all I want to do is give her a good fucking and she always turns me down and sends me off to work with aching nuts.   On one of those days recently she called me at work. She was in the bathroom at her office and was rubbing her clit while she talked to me on the phone. Her panties were around her knees and she was stroking her pussy while she told me how horny she was and what she wanted me to do to her later. She came while she was on the phone, muffling her orgasm as much as she could so no one would hear her. She met me at the door that night in a see through robe which I promptly ripped open, pushed her against the closed front door and fucked her as hard as I could. Her sexy antics in the city had really opened some new feelings for us.

With this in mind, I decided I would give Margaret the job of navigating our trip and each time we crossed a state line she would have to masturbate to orgasm.  We would be taking Interstate 95 all the way from Maine to Georgia and through some very busy cities and ten states and I hoped there would be lots of opportunities for passing truckers to watch her getting off, but I wasn’t really sure how she would like my idea because even though she had a strangers fingers in her pussy when we were on our erotic weekend  in the city she had never done anything like this before. I stopped to pick up some things for her on my way home the night before we were to leave and it was later that night when we were in bed and I was slowly caressing her naked body when I explained what I wanted to do to keep the drive from being boring.

“No way.”

“Why not.”

“I am not going to get naked in public, I’ll end up in jail.”

“You don’t have to get naked you just have to masturbate.”

By now I had moved my hand to stroke her pussy and her hips had started to move.

“I don’t know about this.”

“Well, you like to cum, I like it when you cum, so why not.”

I moved between her legs and started to lick her pussy and suck on her clit which was growing bigger and harder quickly.

“Oh yea, that’s good,” she moaned as her hips pushed up to meet my mouth and she started rubbing her tits and pulling her nipples. Something she loves to do. Her breath  started to quicken. She was thinking about what I was suggesting and it was making her reach her orgasm quicker than usual.  Just as she was reaching her peak I stopped licking and pulled my head away from her steaming snatch.

“So are we doing this or not?”

“Damnit, keep licking, I’m ready to cum.”

“Not until I get an answer,” I told as I slowly started to lick her again.

“Alright I’ll do it.”

“Do what?” I said as I flicked her bean with my tongue.

“Masturbate.” She gasped as she said it, her chest heaving.

I stopped and looked at her as she pushed her crotch towards my mouth. She was in serious heat thinking about our next adventure.

“How,” I said. “Tell me.” I went back to sucking on her clit.

“Ahhhh, I am going to rub my clit and I am going to finger my pussy and squeeze my tits, oh fuck yeah that feels good”. Her back arched as she was close to coming.

“That sounds kind of boring,” I said as I pulled away from her and moved off the bed.

“Where are you goin….damn you!” She started to rub her throbbing clit to finish what I had started.

I reached under the bed for the gift I had picked up earlier and gave it to her. I had picked up a new vibrator with a twirling end on it. It was advertised as being “whisper quiet for discreet satisfaction”. I am not sure why I thought this was important but that is the one I picked. It was not very big or thick but it sure was powerful. This was not our first sex toy but I thought the occasion deserved something new. Margaret reached to grab the new toy as she rubbed her thighs together trying to get off that way since her hands were busy.

“Is it charged?” Margaret asked as she reached for the vibrator.

“Yes it is,” I said as I spread her legs and moved back to licking her pussy.

Margaret and turned the vibrator on and was checking out the various speeds as she squeezed my head between her legs. “Let me try this.”

“No, it is for the trip and you will have to wait,” I ordered.

She gave me a mock glare and said if that was the case I should hurry up and get her off. Which I did. She came hard with her fingers squeezing her extended nipples. When she had calmed down a little I crawled up her body and aimed my throbbing cock at her slippery cunt.

“Oh no you don’t.” She said. “If I have to wait till tomorrow to use my new toy then you can wait too.” She pushed me off to the side and squeezed her legs together and rolled over to go to sleep.

This was a problem because my cock was real hard. I snuggled in behind her and pushed my rod against her firm ass hoping to change her mind.

“Forget about it. If your going to put me off you have to wait too.” Then added “If you need it that bad you can jerk off but I am going to sleep.”


I decided against jerking off, although I really wanted to but I figured tomorrow would be all the more fun.

We planned to leave  midmorning on our trip. As I loaded  our SUV I kept a banter going with Margaret about how many orgasms she was going to have with her new toy, how sexy she was going to look with her hard nipples and her flaming hot pussy bare and for me to look at.

“You just keep your eyes on the road.”

“I’ll bet there will be some truckers who get an eyeful.”

“I am not going to be getting naked for any truckers so you can just forget that.”

“We’ll see I guess, it’s a long drive.”

I put her toy in the consol so it would be easy to get at when the time came and as a reminder to her of how she was going to love the orgasms it would give her.

As I was packing the last items into the car Margaret came out of the house and my jaw dropped. She was wearing a wrap around skirt which allowed her beautiful legs to come into view when she walked and a plunging top which showed off her large tits She must have been looking forward to our little adventure because she was dressed for easy access to her erogenous zones.

We headed out and were soon on I95 heading south. We live close to the New Hampshire State line so I reminded her that she would be having an orgasm in less than an hour.

“It’s a little early for that isn’t it?”

“It’s never too early for sex.”

We kept up the sexy talk all the way to the state line and when I saw the sign welcoming us to New Hampshire I turned to Margaret who was quiet  and looking straight ahead. I continued driving for a couple of miles to see what she would do.

“Well?” I asked.

“Well what?”

“New state, time for an orgasm.”

She rolled her eyes at me in mock disgust but her hand slipped down over her breasts and into the split in her skirt as she slowly ran her fingers over her thong as we breezed along the highway.

I didn’t rush her, even though I wanted to, but I just enjoyed the view as I glanced over to see her finally slip her hand under her panties and over her bare mound. She caught her breath a little as her fingers hit her clit and her hand continued down and I could see it curl around as she slid her fingers into her wet pussy. We were approaching a line of big rigs as we drove and as I moved alongside the trucks she removed her hand from her panties but did not close her skirt. I don’t know if the trucker saw her legs bare to her crotch, but I hoped so. After we passed the trucks Margaret slipped her hand back into her panties, a little quicker this time and immediately started working her clit. Her breath quickened and her hand moved faster as she rubbed. She was enjoying herself.

As we approached another group of trucks Margaret closed her eyes and turned her head towards me and her hand sped up even more, her hips started to move. Just as we were passing the first truck she came. Her hips did a quick thrust into the air and her hand froze in her panties as she gave little gasp and sigh and relaxed back into the seat.

Margaret opened her eyes and smiled. “How was it?” I asked.

“Good, did you enjoy it?”

Continued in Part Two

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