Older Couple On A Road Trip – Day One Part Two

“You know I did,” as I turned my eyes back to the road and started to calculate how far it was to the next state line.

Margaret stretched and reclined her seat a little and closed her eyes. She relaxed and gave out a big sigh.  I looked at the road ahead and picked up speed. The sooner we hit Massachusetts the better.

It was only a half hour to Massachussetts and I wasn’t long before I told Margaret to get ready because the state line was just ahead. She rolled her eyes at me again but immediately put her hand in her crotch and started rubbing her clit. It didn’t take long and she was breathing deeply and moving her hips with her rubbing fingers. There wasn’t too much traffic on the road so Margaret pushed her loose top and bra aside and started rubbing her nipples. The were rock hard and very sensitive . As we got closer I started a countdown. Just  eight miles to orgasm, just six miles to orgasm. Margaret was rolling her eyes at me, but laughing just the same. She started rubbing faster and moaning as we rolled down the road and with four miles left to go I didn’t think she would be able to hold off  and I said, “No way. Not until you cross the state line, You know the rules.

“You and your stupid rules,” she said as she pulled her hand away, smiling. She was having as much fun as I was.

We finally reached the state line and Margaret had her hand between her legs as soon as we saw the sign welcoming us. She slid her fingers into her pussy and started an in and out motion. Building up speed quickly. There were no cars around right at this moment and I let her know that. She stopped rubbing and quickly slid her thong down and off and tossed it into the back seat. She put her fingers back inside her pussy and started thrusting again, her hips moving against her fingers. She brought her free hand up and slid it into her top, her nipples were hard and she began pulling on them as she attacked her pussy. Her body went rigid and her head went back as she came loudly and then let out a long satisfied moan as her peak subsided. Her hands fell to the side and she slumped in her seat as she covered herself back up.

“That was a great cum. Why don’t you keep going?” I could watch her do that all day.

“No. One is enough, you will have to wait for the next state.”

Disappointed I stepped on the gas and headed for Connecticut. We had an hour  and a half to the state line and decided we would have lunch when we  arrived. Lunch and a good cum I hoped.

I let Margaret rest for a while as I drove, we were taking the bypass around Boston but the traffic had picked up as it was nearing lunch. About a half an hour from our next orgasm location Margaret asked where I had put the vibrator. I opened the consol and she pulled it out and turned it on.

“I think I will use this next.”

She turned it on and slipped it inside her top and slowly moved the vibrating tip over her nipples. She has very sensitive nipples and she was moaning almost immediately. Soon she moved the vibrator down to her hairless pussy and slowly slid it up and down over her clit. She had the vibration turned down to low and was enjoying a slow buildup as we neared Connecticut. The traffic had picked up and as we passed cars and trucks in the slow lane, Margaret seemed oblivious to the fact that she had her top pushed back so you could see a very large amount of cleavage and her skirt was spread wide to give her room to run her new toy over her mound.

But the drivers in the trucks were noticing. One trucker we passed tooted his horn and must have called ahead on his radio because the trucker ahead of him already had his window open and was hanging out as we pulled alongside of him. Margaret was really getting into this orgasm now and I slowed a little to allow the trucker to get a good look. I told Margaret we were still ten miles from the state line so she opened her eyes and looked right up at the grinning trucker looking down at her. She jumped with surprise and pulled the vibrator from her snatch as the trucker hit his horn four or five times.

Margaret gave me a startled look and I picked up speed.

“I didn’t know anyone was watching me.”

“He wasn’t the only one, you had a couple other admirers. They really enjoyed the show you were putting on.”

“I am going to be more careful then, I don’t need to put on a show for other people.”

“It’s up to you, but you made some lonely truckers very happy for a few minutes. I bet they are talking about you on the CB’s right now. Probably jerking off at the same time.”

“I doubt that,” she said but her faced flushed at the thought and she her hand moved back down to her lap. “How far is it to the next state anyway?”

Just as she said that the sign for Connecticut appeared ahead.

“About bloody time,” she said as she turned the vibrator back on, full this time, and put it on her clit.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh,” she moaned.

Margaret kept her top closed and her skirt pulled tighter over her legs as she worked the vibrator over her pussy but it wasn’t long before she started to move her hips and her legs involuntarily moved open to allow her access to her slippery cunt. She was sliding the vibrator over her clit and then suddenly slid the full length up her pussy in one thrust and almost immediately went rigid and thrust her hips into the air and held them there. A classic orgasm pose for her.

“Fuuuuccccccckkkkkkk!” She screamed as she started to orgasm.

She suddenly opened her eyes and looked towards the other lane of traffic but I had made sure we were not beside anyone this time. I wanted to make sure she could enjoy herself without being too self conscious.

When she realized she had her hips pushed up into the air she dropped back down into the seat, pulled her legs up to  her chest and turned towards me. She was still thrusting her hips back and forth as she tried to get as much out of her orgasm as she could. It seemed like minutes before the thrusting stopped and she opened her eyes and started to relax.

“Fuck that was good, how did you know to buy this one?”

“Just a lucky guess. It seems to be working.”

“Does it ever!”

We drove for another twenty minutes or so as Margaret relaxed and then pulled into a small diner for a late lunch.

Margaret grabbed a jacket to put over her light top and headed inside. I watched as the material of  her skirt flowed over her shapely thong free ass. It reminded me of when she handed me  her thong as she headed back to sit with Gary in the bar during our last erotic adventure. My cock was hard again. I was going to need some relief.

As Margaret moved into a booth that the young male waiter had shown us to, her skirt split open displaying her legs almost to her bare cunt. She nonchalantly pulled her skirt back together but not before the young man got an eyeful. She thanked him and picked up her menu as if nothing had happened.

“You enjoyed that didn’t you?”


I just smiled and rolled my eyes at her. The waiter was back quickly and asked if we wanted drinks and within seconds he seemed like he was back again taking our food order.

“That young man sure seems interested in giving us the best service. I wonder why that is?”

Margaret just smiled again and shifted a little so her cleavage was as prominent as possible as the young man was returning to our table to check on us. Again.

“Everything ok here?” He asked while looking directly at Margaret’s tits.

We nodded that yes it was and he slowly moved away. I just laughed and shook my head. Our little travel game was heating up just the way I had hoped.

Soon enough our food arrived and after repeated interruptions from the young waiter we finished our lunch, paid our check, with a nice tip for the service, and headed back to the car.

Back on the road I brought the conversation back to our little game and asked Margaret how she wanted to get off the next time. She reclined the seat  and nodded off for half an hour or so. When she woke up she looked around stretched, her breasts bursting out of her top.  Margaret watched as the scenery breezed past and commented on the buildings and other things she saw but before long she started to get uneasy. She reached across and ran her hand across my crotch and grabbed my hard cock.

“Wow, how long has this thing been like that.”

“Since we left this morning.”

“So how far is it to the New York state line?”

“Still a little under an hour.”

“Hmmmmm.” She moved her hand inside her loose top and fondled her nipples and massaged her breast as the traffic, which had picked up significantly as the afternoon wore on, breezed by us.

“So these rules of yours, how about we change them a little?”

“You can’t wait can you?”

Margaret nodded as she continued to rub her nipple under her top.

“Okay. You can play with yourself as much as you want but you can’t have an orgasm until we get to the New York state line. That’s going to be about an hour of building up to a giant orgasm. Is that a deal?”

“Deal.” She said as one hand slipped back to her lap with her legs bare to the gorgeous v of her crotch. She slipped one finger in to gently rub her clit while she continued to work  on her hard nipples. Margaret moved her head back onto the head rest and continued to slowly caress her erogenous zones. I could hear her moan a little as she became aroused and then she would stop rubbing for a while as she calmed down only to start again a few minutes later.

“Remember, no cumming until we reach New York.”

Continued in Part Three

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