Older Couple Has Sexy Fun In The City Part Two

This is a continuation of our sexy weekend adventure. You should really read part one first to get the whole story.


“He would have had a hard time making you cum with that thong in the way,” I said with a smile as I leaned back and reached for my drink.

“Bastard,” Margaret said as she looked at me. “I was almost there. Do that again and I’ll finish it myself.”

My cock got even harder at that point, as I imagined my gorgeous wife fingering herself under the tablecloth in a restaurant.

The waiter arrived just then with our food and I turned toward the table. Our sexy fun was over for now.

We thanked the waiter for the food as he set it down and we ordered another drink. My wife had finished her wine rather quickly and I still had some of mine left because I had been busy with other things.

As we started eating, I noticed that my wife’s chest had a crimson color to it. A definite sign of arousal and she was not particularly interested in her food.

“Having trouble keeping your mind off your two friends?”

“Well, it was kind of exciting. Gary was rubbing my leg just like you were there. He just didn’t get that close to my pussy though.” She looked at me. “And that still doesn’t bother you?”

“I already told you, I was probably more excited that he was.”

“Well, it seems weird that you like it.”

“Not really, we’ve been together for a long time; we aren’t planning on splitting up are we?”

“No, of course not,” Margaret replied.

“Well, then it’s just the two of use having some laughs, sharing some fun times together. What’s the harm in that?”

“It has been fun, hasn’t it?”

“Not as much fun as it’s going to be,” I said.

We continued to talk about how we felt about her being fondled by a strange man as we finished our food. The waiter was making his way across the floor with our drinks. As he set them down he asked us if we wanted dessert. We both declined although I certainly had plans for some very hot and sweet dessert. As he left the table I turned back to my wife and moved my hand back to her still hot, bare thigh.

“Now, where were we?”

“Not this again,” Margaret said, but she  was spreading her legs open as she said it. “You better not leave me hanging again,” she warned.

I moved my hand up her thigh as I had done before. I could feel the heat from her pussy and as I touched her thong I gave her a look of disappointment and said, “I guess I will have to find a way around this.”

My wife suddenly leaned forward and slowly reached down to stop my hand. I looked at her and she nodded toward the waiter who was slowly making his way back to our table. “What does he want this time?” My wife said impatiently.

She suddenly moved around the booth to get up and said, “You can deal with him; I need to go to the restroom.”

The waiter stopped at the table then and inquired if our drinks were ok. He glanced as my wife left the table and seemed to appreciate what he saw. As he turned back to me he realized I had watched him checking out my wife and he just seemed to smile with his eyes as if he was saying “Oh well, you caught me.” I told him we were just going to finish our drinks and that was all so he dropped the check on the table and I gave him my credit card so he could wrap up the transaction and leave us alone for a while.  He was just finishing when my wife returned and he checked her out again as she was sitting down.

“Thanks and enjoy your night,” He said with the slightest of smiles.

Although I did not tell Margaret, I am guessing he had figured out  what we were up to. No doubt we were not the first couple to get frisky in his restaurant.

“Is he going to leave us alone for a while now?” Margaret asked.

“I think so, the check is paid and I told him we don’t want anymore drinks.”

“Good, you can hang onto this then,” Margaret said.

She moved her hand under the table and handed me something soft and damp. I looked down and saw her thong balled up in her hand,  took it from her and put it in my pocket. I wanted to smell it in the worst way but thought this was not the place.

“No more complaints about things in your way, ok.”

My cock went from rock hard to bursting, instantly. I turned toward my wife again and put my hand back on her thigh. She had already moved her dress hem up so her thigh was bare and she spread her legs again, wider this time.

“No complaints from me,” I said as I moved my hand higher, barely touching her skin. As I got closer to her pussy her thighs were wet and the heat coming from her flaming cunt was noticeable. I moved my hand close to her wet pussy and then away again, teasing her. Each time I got close to her pussy her legs would involuntarily move a little farther apart.

“Touch me, dammit!”

“In a hurry, are you?” I asked. Margaret had leaned back against the wall of the booth again and had her eyes closed as I continued to tease her.

“I need to cum really bad.”

“Is this what Gary was doing to you?”

“Yes, but he never touched me there either.”

I moved my fingers to her pussy and found her clit just as she said that. I slowly circled around her clit with my finger as I talked to her.

“But you wanted him to, didn’t you?”

Margaret’s breath was coming in short silent gasps now.

“Fuck yes, I wish he had made me cum right on that stool.”

“Right on the stool?”

I pulled my hand away again like I was shocked. Margaret’s eyes shot open and she gave my a pleading look.

“Damn you,” she said quietly so no one would overhear us. “I told you if you did that again I would finish myself.”

Margaret slid her hand under the table and into her lap. I was shocked to see her fingering her clit right at the table. This was definitely not the way she would normally act, but boy was I enjoying it.

“Do you think that young couple over there knows that the beautiful, sophisticated lady sitting at this table is fingering her pussy in the middle of this restaurant?” I asked. “Or that group of businessmen over their, I guarantee they would love to have you spread eagle on their table, rubbing your wet cunt for them while they pulled their cocks out and jerked off for you.”

“Oh Jesus, yes!” Margaret mouthed silently.

Her free hand reached over to grab my hand and squeezed it hard as her hips began to rock back and forth just a little.

“I would cum all over them,” she moaned.

“Oh oh,” I said “waiter’s coming again.”

“For fuck’s sake!” Margaret said and released her grip on my hand and moved her elbow to the top of the table so she could lean slightly forward and put her chin in her hand and smile sweetly at the waiter as he stopped to check on us. Her other hand was still in her lap moving slowly and steadily now.

“Everything good here?” he asked.

Still smiling my wife looked at him and said, “I’m just going to finish up and then we’re leaving. Thank your for a wonderful meal.”

“Well, enjoy your evening,” he said again as he turned to leave. I’m sure he did not know what was going on under the table but he was certainly interested in my wife.

“Would you like me to finish that for you?” I asked.

“You had your chance, you can just sit there and watch, and get ready for when we get back to the hotel. And you better not plan on playing any teasing games there!” she warned as her fingers picked up speed.

She reached out and picked up her drink and as nonchalantly as possible sipped her drink as she frigged herself under the table. Her hand gripped the glass and her knuckles whitened as she squeezed hard to keep focused on what she was doing to her wet pussy.  Her eyes were open but they were glassed over and her mouth dropped open as her hand worked hard in her lap.

“You better take a sip of that drink unless you want people to know what you are doing,” I said.

My voice jerked her back to reality and apparently broke her concentration.

“If you would just be quiet, I could finish and we could get out of here!” She said.

Margaret took a sip of her drink and looked around. No one seemed to be particularly interested in what she was doing, although I sure as hell was. My cock was leaking pre cum and I was sure I would have a wet spot on my pants from watching this very sexy show going on right in front of me. Margaret’s hips were moving again as she continued to hold her drink and watch the other patrons of the restaurant to see if anyone was watching her. Everyone was involved in their own conversations and seemed oblivious to Margaret’s erotic show.

Everyone except the waiter that is. He was removing dishes from tables and generally cleaning up but was having trouble as he was constantly looking over at Margaret and watching her as she neared orgasm.

“Oh yeah, yeah that’s it, I’m there. Shit yeah shit shit ahhhhhhh,” Margaret moaned silently as her orgasm hit.

She held rigid for a moment and then slowly relaxed into the back of the booth.

“God, that was good.”

“No kidding. I almost came just watching you,” I told her.

Margaret took a deep breath and let it out slowly then looked around the restaurant and drained the rest of her drink.

“I think you better get me out of here before I get arrested, or before I am ready for round two.”

We gathered our things and headed out of the restaurant. It’s a good thing Margaret’s dress was a dark color because I am sure there must have been a huge wet spot on it.

As we neared the door the waiter emerged from out of nowhere and asked if we “had fun tonight?” He smiled knowingly as he held the door for us.

Without batting an eye Margaret said, ” We sure did. And I plan to come again.”

We left the waiter with his mouth hanging open as we stepped out into the street.

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