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My First Contact

I grew up as a country boy on a farm where I was somewhat isolated from girls and never knew or understood sex except that it felt good to touch myself. My parents just assumed I knew about these things and I did not admit that I did not know. I knew about animals but never associated them to humans. My knowledge of the female body was limited to what I could see in a Sears and Roebuck Catalog. I spend hours looking at pictures of women in their bras and a panties imagining what was underneath. I used to rub myself in the outhouse until I reached released and felt better. But then I felt guilty thinking that it has to be wrong to enjoy yourself.

I was not until neighbors moved in about a mile and one half from my house that I had any female contact. There was a set of twins, Marylyn and Carolyn that liked to hang around our house I thought to be closer to my older sister. It was not until a few weeks later that I found out that they wanted to know me better. We were together discovering sex and what it was all about.

It started innocently by playing hide and seek. Carolyn used to hide with me and as we hid sometimes for 15 or twenty minutes. We started exploding each others body. The first exploitation came from Carolyn with her reaching down my pants and touching my dick while I was rubbing her crotch through her jeans. Shortly after she touched me I grew hard and was restricted in my jeans. So I unzipped and took my dick out and she held it and never said anything or did anything further. But it felt really good to have her hold me. I would have been embarrassed to cum while she was playing with me so I did not. Later when we hid she would just unzip my pants and take my dick out for me.

These sessions went on until she got away by herself and we went up in the hayloft in the barn. We ended up stripped and naked touching each others body and learning some basic things that made each other feel good. We probably spent an hour that day in the hay with neither one of us knowing what we were supposed to do. I never knew what sex was meant to be so we continued to feel each other up and pretend that we were adults.

Later Carolyn bragged to her twin sister and that caused her to go to her mother who promptly came storming over to meet with my mother. Then all hell broke loose. I was embarrassed and humiliated and could not look either my or her mother in the eye. We were forbidden to be alone from that point on. This may have set me back a few years if the next step hadn’t happened.

Then something unexpected happened; the girl that I thought was the evil twin Marylyn sent me a note saying that she wanted to experience the entire thing Carolyn did and wanted to meet me in the barn when we could both get away. She said she had more knowledge than her sister and wanted to experiment with me. Marylyn after learning about me and Carolyn had gotten her hands on some books and learned about what to do between boys and girls.

Well I was going to make that happen so I hung around their house and waited until her mother went to town and as luck had it took Carolyn with her. I then went to the door and Marylyn answered and gave me a big kiss. She wanted to go to her mother’s bedroom but I was too scared so we went out back to their shed and we talked. She took out my dick and started putting it into her mouth. I felt really good and I asked her if that is how it works and she said no this is just the fun part she watched her mother and dad do it a few times.

She was wearing a skirt and blouse, next she dropped my jeans and took off her panties and told me that I was supposed to put my dick in her hole. I thought she meant her ass but she said no her pussy. I did not even know what a pussy was but I acted like I did. Before I had a chance to actually try and put it in her we heard a car and she pulled on her panties and left me in the shed running to the house. Her mom saw her running and asked why she was running, what was wrong.

Little did I know her mom was walking to the shed while I was putting my pants back on. The door opened and I had my jeans half up and I did not have any underwear on. My dick was still hard and her mom said stop now. So I turned loose of my jeans and they fell to my ankles. As embarrassed as I was my hard on stayed in fact seemed to grow as her mother continued to look at it.
We stood there for what seemed like an hour and finally her mom said she was leaving and would be in the kitchen when I could get myself under control and put my pants back on. She said if I came to talk to her she would not contact my mom, I stayed in the shed for a long time and then headed for their house.

The girl’s mom was probably 35 and
attractive with big breast and a beautiful face with dimples. When I arrived at the door I knocked and the mom opened it and invited me in. I looked around for the girls and her mom said not to worry they were not here, her sister had picked them up because she needed some time with me to find out what was going on.

She asked if I had had intercourse with either of the girls and I said I don’t think so. After making many excuses and making a fool of myself their mom said you really don’t know how sex works do you. I admitted that I did not and was just curious as I could be to discover what it was all about. She said she would share the information about sex with me if I agreed to leave the girls alone from now on.

Really what choice did I have so I agreed? She proceeded to explain sexual intercourse in the most graphic way. She talked about women’s breast and their genitalia and boys penises. I found my self getting a hard on in my jeans that was not missed by their mom. She said you like to talk about this don’t you. I said I guess so and she said to take it out of my pants. I unzipped and took my dick out and she said she did not see anything that I should be ashamed of in fact I was larger than the girls dad. She informed me that this was no longer a penis but now was a full fledged cock.

She then moved over by me and took me into her hands and started jacking me slowly. I was a little scared and insecure and she realized it and said maybe this will help and she opened her blouse and undid her bra unleashing the most beautiful tits ever swaying under her blouse as she continued to massage my dick.

She asked if I ever came while playing with myself and I did not want to admit it. So I said sometimes I can pee while it is hard. She laughed and asked me if I ever saw a naked woman and I said no never. Next thing I know she is telling me to strip naked and stand there, I did. She then removed her blouse and took off her skirt and panties. She had the hairiest pussy ever. Heavy pubic hair ran from her navel down to her legs and I kept getting harder. She commented that I was growing more than I was before.
She moved closer to me and asked me if I wanted to touch her and I reached out a cupped both her massive breast in my hands and was short of breath. She said not to just touch her breast but reach between her legs and touch her there. I was shaking as I reached between her legs and touched her opening. She was wet and slimy as I now know she was turned on with what was going on between us. She told me to put my fingers inside her and I did and she shut her eyes. I started with one finger – – two fingers- – and finally got three fingers in her wet pussy when she started panting and yelled out harder, harder, more, more and then let out an Ahhhhhh. She opened her eyes and said no one absolutely no one must ever know of this. Or she would tell my mom that I had disobeyed her and was with her girls again. And if I agreed to our secret I could come over again to see her when she was alone.

I happily agreed while I had learned more in that time than I ever hoped to know. Not only that but I had the promise to be able to come back and learn more maybe even to fuck her. But apparently we were not finished yet, she told me to lay down on her bed and she took my hard dick into her mouth and sucked me off and that was the most wonderful feeling I ever had. She did not let me come in her mouth but I came all over her and her bed. She said that was my reward for keeping our secret.

It was about a month later when I heard the girls was going home to visit their sick grandmother with the dad but their mom was staying home to feed the stock and keep the farm going. So I got my courage up and told my mom that I was going to work on the neighbor’s farm.

I walked the mile and a half to their house and helped feed the cattle and sheep when she invited me in for a meal. Nothing was said about sex so I assumed that she was just teasing me and what I had got was all I was going to get. I was about 4 in the afternoon and she asked how long I could stay and I said that I generally work until about 10:00PM in the summer but I had to be home my 11:00. It was common in the German homes to have wine with their meals and after dinner she poured me a glass of wine and said to help myself to more if I ran out before she came back. She said perfect and turned on the TV for me and went into her bedroom. I did not know what to think so I just watched TV and enjoyed the glass of wine she had given me. She did not come right back and I helped myself to another glass of wine.

She came back in wearing a towel and nothing else. She said she had taken a bath and now felt like she was a fit girl after the farm work. She said there was still some water in the tub and wanted me to bath as well. So I went into her bedroom and stripped off my clothes and got in her bathtub. A few minutes later she appeared and started washing my back and hair. Her towel fell down and she said no matter I had seen it all before anyway and it was hot outside. I got an immediate hard on and tried to hide it in the tub to no avail. She just laughed and said to save it and she would show me how to really use it.
I finished bathing and stood up to dry off when she picked up her towel and began to dry me. When she got to my dick she just commented on it getting bigger every time she saw it. After I dried I went for my cloths and they were gone. She said she laundered them and they were drying on the line outside.

She said it was hot and we did not need clothes. She them led me to the bed and pulled down the covers and told me I should lie down. I did as she instructed and she lay down beside me. She placed her hand on my hard cock and told me I could touch her any place I wanted to. I went to her marvelous breast and started feeling her up. She closed her eyes and said I should lick them which I happily did. I for some reason I started sucking on them and she appeared to enjoy this and moaned yes – yes – yes.
She then bent over me with her luscious breast rubbing against my stomach and started sucking my cock. I did not know how long I could last so I pulled her off me and rolled her over and lay on top of her. I expected at this point put my cock in her but instead she pushed my head down to her hairy pussy and she said to lick her there. I parted the heavy hair and found the jewel I was looking for. As I kept licking and sucking it became wetter and was growing more open than before. She reached down and parted her pussy lips and showed me her clit which I thought was quite large by this time and told me to lick and suck on that, which I did and she again started moaning and pulled my face into her pussy and came all over me.

She then after a few minutes of rest pulled me up and said I could fuck her. I said I have never done this before and I don’t know how. She reached between us and grabbed my cock and positioned it in front of her pussy and it was sucked in with no effort. She said I could not come in her pussy that I had to pull out when I was going to come.

I thought the blow job was the best ever but this was heaven my cock liked this and so did I. She was soaking wet and slimy and the feeling on me was unbelievable. I just a few short strokes I was ready to come and she locked her legs around me so I could not remove myself so I came a boatload into her pussy. She continued to hold me into her while she panted and told me to lie still that she was very sensitive down there..

I said I was sorry but I could not control when I came and she said I would get better. I asked her what would happen since I spewed into her and she said nothing as she was ready to start her period. I did not know what that meant but it made her and me feel better.

She said to rest and we would do it again when I was ready. It took only a few minutes before I was hard again and she said I was a stud and climbed on top of me putting my cock into her hairy pussy. God it was great I sucked on her luscious tits and felt her wonderful body and I lasted for 15 or 20 minutes before I came again and she must have had 3 or more sessions where she came and was out of breath.

The smell and feel of sex was heavy in the air. That was the first smell of sex for me and I felt that I had committed a sin in both now what I know was adultery and had sex outside of marriage.

We met often and as frequently as we could and sometimes took too many risks but it was all worth it.

But that did not deter me in any way; I got together with her whenever I could until they moved away. I was told in a note from the mother that the twins somehow found out about our sessions and their dad had decided to move rather than deal admit it happened.

I never had sex with anyone after that until I got married and that was nothing like the sex I had with the twins mother.

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