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My Secret Gay Dreams

Hi there, I am 39 and married, but have a gay fantasy that I need to get off my chest. For obvious reasons it’s not something I can tell my wife or friends, yet it excites me so much.

I hope this can be a place where I can express these desires and where you are all understanding. Perhaps I can get some constructive feedback and hopefully find some men who feel the same for long term correspondence.

I hope no one finds it offensive, but please understand this is my most intimate secret.

Over the past few years I have had a recurring dream and it’s one of those dreams that when I awake I ache physically, emotionally and mentally. I find myself wishing I could slip back into that dream world where forbidden, illicit sexual awakenings await me and I feel palpably crestfallen when I accept that it was all just a dream, a dream which might or might not visit me again.

In my dream I am alone sleeping in my house and I awake hearing some movement downstairs. I put on my robe and go downstairs.

As I go into my living room the door swings shut behind me and there is a strange man standing silently there. My heart flips.

He is wearing nothing but a pair of shiny leather riding boots and a masquerade mask with a belt around his lithe bare waist (slung arrogantly low under his belly button) from which hangs a riding crop.

He is slim, pale skinned and emo-looking, but is oozing sexual power.

He has a mole on his left inner thigh and his penis is uncut and swollen. It captivates my attention and I feel as if my breath has been stolen. The glistening pink tip of his swaying penis points right at me and bounces as he moves.

He closes the space between us quickly and silently like a phantom.

I find myself looking into his eyes as he stares out from behind his mask, I feel his breath on my lips as he grabs the sash around my waist and throws it to the ground before pulling my robe open revealing my vulnerable body to the cool air.

I try in vain to cover my nudity with my hands but he slaps them away as if they were flies and suddenly I feel his hands all over me. Slithering on my sensitive body, silky sensations envelope me as his arms encompass me, pulling my nude pulsating body to his.

His bare legs surround me as his arms hold me and his hands slither across my back and cup my quivering ass.

His penis slides next to mine.

Succulent throbbing warmth making my stomach damp and crushing my penis as he rocks his body making me ache and whimper.

He puts his finger on my lips and tells me he has been watching me for months and waiting for this moment.

I realise I’m more erect for him than I have ever been for anyone else. My penis is so hard it hurts but my pain is causing waves of sexual desire to explode inside me.

He is burning a hole in the centre of my consciousness and I begin to shake uncontrollably as his pale alabaster nude body slides against my helplessly wriggling body.

Suddenly I cry out, “Please stop.”

He says, “Why should I stop?”

I whisper in a shaky voice, “Because you have made your point and I don’t think I can take much more.”

He asks, “What is the point I am making, Luke?”

I whisper, head down, my lips brushing his bare shoulder as I say, “You are teaching me who I am by breaking me. You are breaking me.”

He takes my hand and guides it to his manhood and says, “Being broken by me is your destiny, Luke.”

I caress his dangling, sensually engorged erection as we kiss and I find myself whispering in a last gasp futile attempt to resist him.


I fall to my knees and cling to his bare thigh like a damsel in distress and kiss the mole on his inner thigh as my erect penis touches his riding boot; then I kiss his pouting pink foreskin as his pee hole glistens on my lips and I say, “I give, I give, I give,” as my body shivers and he stands in a victory pose, hands on hips a booted foot on my crotch and his manhood resting directly on the top of my head so my nose touches his balls.

He groans in pleasure, proud and arrogant; enjoying his complete sexual supremacy.

From that moment on I am his and I need him. I know he will always be around somewhere ready to turn me upside-down.

Then I usually awake fully erect, sometimes wet and sticky but always wishing it was true.

I hope someone understands my fantasy, no one is offended and I can hopefully find some men to correspond with.

Thank you


I'm a 39 year old married man who has secret gay desires and needs to share my thoughts and feelings with understanding men

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