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The Neighbor Part Two

My dick got even harder as I walked toward her, staring at her huge melons being held snug by her functional white bra and looking at the fat rolls overtaking all around the top of her jeans. When I got close she sat down on her bed, her fat only pushing out more as she now had a full flat tire hanging over her jeans while her boobs rested right on top of it.

“Let’s get that cock out so it can breathe,” she said as she reached forward and unzipped my pants.

As my pants fell to the ground Laura grabbed my boxers and lifted them up, over and down, exposing my rock-hard dick. She proceeded to grab it with her right hand and place her mouth right onto it, giving it a big slurp before leaning back and pushing forward her chest. She smacked my dick against her cleavage.

“You like my big tits?” Laura asked with a seductive look. “Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll let you get lost in them.”

I didn’t even know what she meant by that but I was excited. I knelt¬†down and reached out, grabbing her fat belly so I got a great grip on the roll and I tugged and jiggled it.

“Only if I can get lost in here too,” I said.

I don’t think she knew what I meant either but she said, “Sure thing, as long as you get that tongue lost a bit lower,” she responded as she reached up under her fat belly roll and popped open her jeans.

The rest of her belly flopped out as it was finally able to breathe and I immediately grabbed the flabby stomach that Laura had spent the last few months creating. The saggy, stretch-marked belly was absolutely mesmerizing as I dug my face into it and shook my head repeatedly.

“Wow, you really got a thing for bellies, huh?” Laura asked as I removed my face from her glorious gut.

“I sure do,” I excitedly responded as she pulled down her pants while I moved back and pulled my boxers back up and got ready to plunge deep in between her legs.

As she got her pants off she laid back and I leaned foward and spread her legs open. I rubbed up and down them before reaching in with my right hand and pulling her green panties to the side exposing her moist vagina lips. I moved in with my tongue stuck out and started as far down as I could and gave a big lick up from her pussy hole, spreading her lips open with my tongue as I swooped past her clit. I then pulled her panties off and pressed my whole face against her and let my tongue go back down toward the bottom as she arched back, allowing me to go further down. Before I even got my tongue back up she popped back and started to move.

“Would you mind going at this another way?” Laura asked as she turned over and got on her knees, pushing her ass up and toward my face.

I looked at her flat, flabby ass staring at me and thought to myself why the hell not. As I bent down to get a good angle I caught a glimpse of her fat belly hanging, all the bumps and rolls flowing freely in the air and I reached underneath and gave it a quick grab and shook it.

“Haha,” I heard her say. “See this works out well for you too,” she laughed.

“It sure does,” I responded with before spreading her ass cheeks open and pushing my face back in and down, pushing my tongue down as far as possible to lick her clit then sliding it up past her pussy hole, stopping briefly to shove my tongue in and then coming back out and sliding it up to lick her ass hole. She let out a moan as I completed the journey and so I again made my way back down the way I came, this time again stopping to thrust my tongue deep inside her vagina.

On my second trip up when I made it to her ass hole I licked up and down a few times, first quick up and downs and then I gradually covered more ground with each one. She let out another satisified moan. I kept licking her ass, periodically letting my tongue drift down past her pussy and as close to her clit as I could get while my face pressed firmly against her ass.

I licked my tongue all the way up from underneath her ass, past her ass hole and up in between her cheeks to the bottom of her back. She arched up and then let her body fall, her belly plopping against the bed. She then turned over and looked at me with a huge smile on her face.

“Well that was certainly enjoyable,” she proclaimed.

I sat back, happy that I was able to satisfy her and especially happy that she enjoyed what I had done thus far. She reached her hands back and unhooked her bra and as she pulled the cups up so her boobs could fall out I finally saw her enormous nipples with huge dark areolas. She stood up and I reached out and grabbed them, one with each hand, cupping them one the outsides and underneath, and pulled them together as I put my mouth on her left nipple, at least as much of it as I could, and suctioned as much of the nipple as possible, pulling back while flicking my tongue on it. I heard her let out another moan as my eyes were closed, face deep in her boobs.

At this point I was still wearing my shirt and boxers and Laura clearly took issue with this as she stepped back and lifted my shirt up. I helped her get it over my head and off. My dick was practically poking out of the hole in my boxers so she pulled it out, bent down a little bit and pushed her tits together around it. I guess that’s what she meant by getting lost in them as she shook them while they were squeezed against my dick. As she kept pressing her tits together she gave me an almost sinister look and then backed up and sat back down on the bed, removing her boobs from around my cock.

“Looks like you’re ready to go,” she smiled as she once again turned over and shoved her ass up in the air.

I looked down at my throbbing cock and happily took a couple steps forward, bent down slightly and got my dick up underneath and inside of her now very wet pussy. She lunged forward a bit as I began to push my dick as deep inside her as I could, using her fat love handles as leverage while thrusting, occasionally reaching underneath and grabbing her flabby hanging belly and squeezing it. Her flat ass provided a bit of padding as I kept smacking into it but after a few solid thrusts I was beginning to feel the firmness of bone and so I pulled out and turned her over.

Laura laid back and stretched her legs wide open. Her beautiful lips were soaked, her belly almost flat as she lay on her back and her tits were flopped out to either side. I moved in and got my dick right up inside of her. As her body bent to take my dick her belly roll started to come back and as I thrusted my body I reached down and grabbed her fat belly, shaking it as I kept pushing. Her boobs shook up and down as I continued to penetrate, the mounds of flesh swirling around. I grabbed her left boob and bent down to suck on the dark brown nipple, pulling her areola up before letting it flop back down and jiggle.

After a few minutes of missionary work she told me she wanted to ride me because that’s what always worked for her to get off. I got up from off her and before I could even move to sit on the bed she was up and pushed me down on my back. I looked up at her fat body and perhaps involuntarily just grabbed at my dick and started jerking it as I looked at her sagging belly, fat thighs and legs and her round boobs. She practically jumped to get on top of me and I could feel my dick slide inside of her.

As she started to ride me I grabbed her hips and squeezed then shook them. Her belly jiggled as she bounced up and down, her tits smacking around uncontrollably. I don’t know if she was feeling good or was self conscious of her fat but she closed her eyes and tilted her head back, grinding faster and harder against my dick. I reached out and grabbed her fat belly with both hands, squeezing and shaking it. Then I leaned forward and stuck my face into it. Her flesh was so soft against me it felt amazing as she continued to ride.

She kept moving back and forth as well as rotating her hips in as much of a circular motion as she could. I grabbed the sides of her boobs and slapped them together then pulled the left one in to my face and sucked on it, her belly expanded out to the sides as it was pressed against mine. Then she grabbed my head and kissed me with a wide open mouth, her tongue thrust deep inside and we made out with extreme passion while she practically bounced up and down. I was scared she was going to fly off my dick but then at once I felt her legs lock and tremble. Then her whole midsection started to shake and she let out a shriek. She was clearly cumming and so with the comfort of knowing that she was enjoying a wild orgasm I let my focus go back to her fat flabby belly and round saggy tits flopping all around and I felt my dick throb as I let a stream of cum shoot up inside her.

As she finished cumming she let herself fall down onto me, her boobs squishing my face as she relaxed. After a couple seconds she got up off of me and sat down on the bed next to me.

“Yeah, you definitely have great timing,” she said with a smile.

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