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Next Door Trouble?

It was during the summer when I was fourteen when these events took place. It was the normal weekday for me. My dad and my sister went to work early in the morning, sometime around seven or eight. Since my sister works for my dad they always drive together. My mom, being the fat, lazy bitch that she is wouldn’t go to work until around ten. Of course she’ll be up at around 7:30 to eight just to watch “her TV”.
After she leaves I usually get up and out of bed. I always sit in my room for about five minutes or so to let my morning “stiffy” to go down. Anyway. My mom normally stays at work until about 12:30 when she comes home and we have lunch. During that two-hour span of time I get on the Internet and look at voyeur porn, read erotic stories, or look at other various things.
After my mom leaves and I eat lunch I get back on the Internet and jack off again. The system rarely varied over the summer. Jack off on the weekdays and hang out with my friends on the weekends. It was fine by me until this one day.
Even for the summer it was unusually hot that day. I had just found some of my dad’s porno magazines and decided to masturbate to them instead of to the Internet. Big mistake. I had the music playing fairly loud in my room, Nirvana I think it was. I had found a particularly good picture I liked. It had an amateur woman (the magazine was for amateur submitted pictures), around 37 or so. I always like them older than me. She was a fine women with good-sized hangers, a nice fuckable ass, and a pussy that could choke start a leaf blower! And the clincher of it for me was her large bush. That’s one of my biggest turn-ons, large barely shaven bushes. I love them!
I was busy jacking off when a circuit broke. I got up and turned off my fan in my room, went to switch the breaker back on, and turned up the air conditioning so it wouldn’t break again. I went back into my room and began to please my member again. As it turned out the room got to become very steamy because of the turned down air conditioning and all of my stuff in there. I normally keep my shorts and boxers on when I masturbate just incase someone in my family comes home early so I can pull up my pants quickly to hide what I was doing. Since it was hot I decided to take off my pants and boxers. I do have to admit it feels better sitting bare-ass on a floor with your penis exposed just for you.
If it wasn’t for my music playing I would have heard my next door neighbor come in. Apparently I had left the back door ajar. My neighbor is about 55 with 36 C breasts, a nice firm ass considering her age, and a nice rounded face equipped with light brown hair, graying slightly in the back. Her name is Edna. She came in, passing the kitchen and by my room. Hearing the music playing in my room she opened the door only to find my but naked with a hard on and my hand wrapped around it.
“Wha-what are you doing in here!” I yelled trying to cover myself up.
“Well my air conditioner went out and I was wondering if your dad was here to help me fix it.”
“Well he’s not! Could you get out please?” I said as I placed the porno magazine over my member trying to save me some decency. Edna nodded and turned away, not before glancing one last time at the tenting magazine with a almost naked woman on the front. Before she shut the door she poked her head back in.
“You know you don’t have to be ashamed of this. I’ve seen a boy masturbating before. I caught all three of my sons doing it. And you sure don’t have as big of a penis as they did,” she said matter-of-factly.
“W-well I’m kind of a late bloomer…” I stammered indignantly.
“How big is it? 3 maybe 4 inches?”
“It’s 4½!” I said defiantly.
“Wow a hole 4 and a half inches. I always did like a small penis. And since you seem to be having a hard time with that could I help you?” All I could do was blink. Was I imagining this? She wanted to help me jack-off? I couldn’t believe it. “Here trust me I’ve had a lot of experience with this.”
She then bent down and moved away the magazine and grabbed my still hard member.
“Oooh, firm aren’t you?” She cooed as she started gently stroking my small but firm penis. I just sat there on the floor as she crouched in front of me, playing with my cock. Her touch was gentle and soothing it wasn’t long until I felt the tinges of an orgasm growing inside me. With in another minute I exploded, my cum spraying onto my stomach, legs, and all over her hand.
“It’s nice to know that your balls are working well compared to your small size.” I laid back against the floor savoring the pleasures that I had just experienced. Edna then left the room only to return with a towel. “I’m not in the mood for cum drinking right now. See me later on in the week why don’t you?”…..TO BE CONTINUED………

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