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Official Interview

Sharon was a bold, intelligent, witty individual, she strived hard all the way through school and college, and she wanted nothing more than a nice peaceful job where she could put her degree in communications to good use. After completeing the required four years of schooling, she applied for a job at a reputable law firm in LA. Before i tell you about the interview, perhaps i should explain in a little more detail what Sharon is like. She is a 22 year old, brunette, with brown eyes, a perfect size 6 for everyone to envy and the most petite 5 feet, 7 inches everyman could wish for. The day of the interview, Sharon showed up to the office in her usual cute attire. Her short skirt was about mid length between her thigh and her knee, with a small slit up the side. Her blouse was a simple button up affair with the top two buttons left open to hint at the wonderfully round tits below. She was a slight rebel in that she refused to wear any underwear and preferred people to notice when she was aroused. When she entered the office, the president, Mr. Aaron Bankfield greeted her normally but couldn’t help noticing her sensational curvy figure. She sat down, crossed her legs, and began the interview. “Could you in brief please describe your past work expierences?” as she answered the question, Mr. Bankfield couldn’t help but notice that the way she was sitting and the slit in her skirt showed more than a modest amount of her beautiful leg. She caught him staring and became increadibly uncomfortable. He noticed this discomfort and decided to act upon it. “I wonder, miss, if you are wearing any underwear underneath that fabulous skirt of yours?” “no sir….” she replied.. “well in that case, Sharon, i need for you to know that this kind of behavior is completely unacceptable and i’m afraid that i will have to punish you for your exhibitionism.” “excuse me sir?” “come over her and sit on the edge of my desk if you would please…..NOW” Sharon stood up and realized that she could not stop now, she had also begun to notice that Mr. Bankfield was not a bad looking man, he was probably about 30 with nice pecs and a good set of abs. At this point, Mr. Bankfield got up from his chair, and made the way to his office door which he promtly shut and locked. “now, slip off your skirt and open your legs as far as you can go…” Sharon had no choice but to obey. He went from the door, to a wardrobe in the office and pulled out a number of ties. He tied both of her legs to the desk so that she was left, open to the world. “now, i want you to finger your pussy so i can see what you are like.” She started to move down on herself and began rubbing her hairless mound..he reached up and undid the buttons on her shirt and pulled, it off… “Ah, i see we don’t like any kind of underwear” he grabbed at her tits and began to massage them, she started to moan loudly as she worked her button and hole. “Stop!” i don’t want you to cum yet, i don’t think you have been punished enough…I wonder if you’ve ever had anal sex…” He walked back over to the wardrobe and pulled out a small butt plug covered in tiny points that Sharon knew would drive her crazy. She had never had anal sex and was increasingly worried that it would hurt her too much to bear. “now, lean back so i can tie your wrists to the other end of my desk” She was now completely spread-eagled on the desktop and he began to rub her pussy and massage her virginal ass hole. he poured some lubricant onto his palm and began to work it into the surface. He stuck one finger in and Sharon thought she would die, it hurt SO bad…the roughness of his naile made her cry out in pain. “if you don’t stop that screaming, i’m going to have to get the gag for you.” He continued working his finger in and out of her hole, after a few minutes the pain dulled away and she actually began to feel a type of pleasure coming from this new type of penetration. Seeing that she was beginning to enjoy this, he decided it was time for the but plug. He put it at her opening and jammed it all the way in with one shove causing her to scream again… “I told you not to do that…i’m going to have to gag you now.” He walked back to the wardrobe and pulled out a hard gag to shove in her mouth. “Now, there’s something about this plug that i didn’t mention to you before, let’s see how you respond to it…” He turned a knob at the base of the plug and it began to vibrate in her ass hole, sending shivers through her body and making her moan through the gag. Mr. Bankfield went back to working on her breasts and was enjoying her sounds of pleasure soo much that he bagan to suck on them. He took one nipple between his libs and sucked on it as hard as he could while pinching the other. he then began kissing his way down from her tits to her soft mound that was being pummelled by the butt plug. “You really do have a beautiful pussy, my dear” he started to kiss her clit and suck on it. He rolled his tounge around the flesh and manipulated it to his touch. He brought his hand to her mound and started to finger her love hole. He put one finger in and pulled it out, in and out, in and out, he could feel the vibrations of the butt plug through the thin skin inside of her. He started going faster and faster, and then put two fingers inside, she started bucking her hips and soon she was in a total state of ecstasy. After she had calmed down a bit, Mr. Bankfield removed the plug and went back to fingering her hole. He put two fingers in and moved them in circles careful to pay extra attention to her G Spot and then he inserted a third finger, he looked at her face and could tell she was begging for more. “You want me to fist you my little slut, don’t you?!” she noddded her head quickly and he replied “okay, you asked for it, you’re gonna get it, my little slut” He put his fourth finger in and then the tip of his thumb…he tried to expand her pussy to fit him, but she was so tight that it was almost impossible…he pushed and pushed harder until FINALLY he popped in, his entire hand was deep inside this beautiful woman. Sharon couldn’t believe it, this was the most erotic feeling she had ever had while having sex. he could feel an orgasm building inside of her and began to pump his arm rapidy. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” she came at last moaning through the gag so loud he thought he would cum just listening to her. After she came two more times, he pulled out and said, “now i’m gonna fuck you live you’ve never been fucked” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his stiff rod that must have been 9 inches long and 2 inches thick, he shoved it in her and started to rock back and forth. She began wildly bucking her hips again and he moved faster and faster to the rythm of the motion. He could almost hear her screaming “GOD YES FUCK ME” through the gag the continued until he was totally spent, after shooting his load deep inside of her, she fell ontop of her until their breathing became regular again. He picked up a towel and began to wipe Sharon’s legs and pussy off. She got dressed again and as she walked out the door turned and said “so, did i get the job?” “OH yeah baby, you got the job, but if I were you, I would expect a lot of dick-tation to be involved.”

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