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A Fantisies Walk in the Past

It was one day in February and I had just met this girl. She was 5’2′, a bit short but what lacked in size she made up in other categories. She had green eyes, brown hair, and the most beautiful face you’ve ever seen. We had first gone to lunch at a local restaurant, which we talked about each other. She was 20 and into Marine Biology. As suspected I had no idea what she was explaining to me, but it was the way she said it that kept my attention. After using all the obvious information to stay in the conversation we left there at 9:00 at night to have a walk in a Civil War Park. The night air was cool and refreshing, and we were deep in the forestry. After making the comment that it was beautiful out, we looked into each others eyes. Slowly we begun to kiss and it started. I started running my fingers down her tight back and making my way down to her nice ass. I laid her down on the grass and started kissing and licking her neck as she breathed harder. After rubbing her body and tits, she slid her hands down my ass and made her way to my belt. She unzipped my pants and placed her mouth next to my ear. “Fuck me”, she began saying to me. I took her pants off and mine. We then had all our clothes off and I spreaded her nice legs. She laid back and I began to shove my warm, wet tongue in and out of her nice, tight pussy. she started moaning with pleasure and jerking my head all around. she threw me down on my back and using her tongue, started at my chest and licked all the way down to my dick. She started at the top and licked around and then used her whole mouth . We had gotten to where we couldn’t take the foreplay anymore. She raised up and sat her nice, tight twat on my dick. She moaned and then started hopping up and down. she took hold of my shoulders and violently started to fuck me hard. She kept saying “Fuck me harder”, so I took hold of her and slammed her on the ground and started to ram her warm,wet pussy. With my hands on her shoulders I used all I had to pound and slam my long, hard dick into her pussy. She moaned and screamed but I just fucked her even harder. I told her to get on all fours and she did. Now I took her shoulders and shoved my dick in her pussy. I could feel her stomach tighten and loosen as I gave all I could to fuck her loose. I was getting close to cumming so I started fucking her as hard and as fast as I could get it in. She was crying and yelled in pain, “Yes, cum, cum all in me”. After she said it I let it go and shot all in her. We got dressed and then left. She moved and I never saw her again, but I’ll always remember that Fantasies Walk.

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