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Three times a lady

I was walking along the river bank on a hot summers evening. It is was sweltering hot, since I was alone, I decided to take of my shirt and bra and let the light wind blow across my skin. I found a tree to lay under and enjoy the setting sun, the night air had begun to cool and the effects on my nipples were astonishing. They were standing erect and aching to be touched.

I began to rub them and knead my breasts. Enjoying the solitude and opportunity to get in touch with myself. I closed my eyes and ran one hand down my stomach, to the top of my jeans. With one hand working my nipples, I undid the buttons and slid my hand down inside. My pussy was wet and hot, I began to rub slowly, enjoying the feel of my hand, I slipped my finger in between the lips and rubbed before sliding two fingers inside me.

Totally wrapped up in my own world of self pleasure, I did not see nor did I hear this man approach. Before I knew it I had a hot mouth covering my breast and sucking on my nipples, nibbling and tugging….oh god it felt so good, I did not care who he was, I continued to rub my hot cunt, and then reached for his hard cock…it was huge…hard, and throbbing, I took him into my mouth and I licked and sucked like a hungry animal…he was enjoying it with moans and exclamations…he moved down and began to use his tongue on me, he worked it like a pro…I suddenly felt another set of hands that went to work on my breasts, then lips began sucking…I knew it was not him, I opened my eyes to see a beautiful set of tits staring me in the face…

I took one in my mouth and I alternated between sucking her and sucking him…I rubbed his hard cock between her breasts as I licked the head of it and then nibbled her nipples…He moved up to fuck my mouth and she moved down and went to work on my clit…her tongue sliding into between the lips, twirling the clit and then shoving in and out of my wet hole…I felt her slide a finger into my ass hole…oh god it felt so good!

He then moved around and slid his hard cock into me, slowly while she licked my clit…it was wonderful…he would slide out and rub his cock up and down smearing my juices all over my ass…she feverishly licked and sucked my clit, when I felt him slide into my ass…I opened my cheeks and took him all the way in…she continued to work my clit and massage my breasts…they were wonderful at what they were doing and I was going crazy…He grabbed my ass and slammed hard into me and let out a moan….she slid her pussy over my face and I went to licking and sucking until I felt her hot juices run all over my face…I came with an explosion that I had never felt before…and collapsed into a wonderful sleep…when I awoke, they were gone, but they left a number…so I may just have to call them again.

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