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A Night To Remember (Part 2)

Margaret lay stunned and in shock. She had been beaten, raped repeatedly, cut, and used as a human urinal…all for the queer pleasure of 4 total strangers. She couldn’t understand what she had done to deserve this kind of treatment.
She had been regagged and now lay spreadeagled on the ground…her arms and legs being staked out and her body vulnerable to the whims of her kidnappers. She hurt all over; inside and out. Welts covered almost every inch of her body from the switches that had been applied to her earlier in the evening. Her mouth and throat burned from the urine she had been forced to swallow and her stomach ached from all the men sitting on her. She was very afraid of getting sick with the gag in her mouth and dared not make a sound… they enjoyed hitting her too much.
Crunching leaves announced the approach of one of her rapists…she turned her head slightly and saw the short man…the one who frightened her the most coming towards her. Laughter could be heard behind him and she knew that the next phase of the evening was about to begin…she shuddered with new fear.
Stopping next to her head, DD bent down and looked her in the eyes. He could see the terror reflected there and he smiled. Inhaling deeply, he chuckled evilly as he slowly caressed her tear-stained cheek. He could still smell her wetness, the special scent that a freshly fucked woman has and it made him hot and horny…ready to do more than just fuck a hot cunt…he wanted to hear her scream in pain…he really liked to hear them when they felt pain…
Slowly he reached behind his back and pulled out the long knife he had tucked into his waistband. She was carved up nicely with the words ” I am a slut ” cut into her belly…but he wanted to add more than just a few words…he wanted to cut her up into ribbons. He wanted to watch her face and see her panic as he cut off parts…but no…he wanted her first.
Dropping the knife to the ground, DD opened his pants and stepped into the v of her parted legs. Kneeling on the ground, he bent to his task and was soon grinding hips against her pelvis as his hard cock pumped into her wet cunt. He watched her eyes and smiled at her. With one hand, he reached out and grabbed a large breast and began to twist and pull, making her grunt with pain and penetration. He knew she was scared and he laughed loudly, then he grunted as he approached his climax…calling to the others to come join the fun once more.
The others were soon dropping their pants and once more, Margaret felt cock entering her mouth,and cunt, and then she was untied and turned over, raised onto her knees and ridden like a horse as cocks shoved in all holes at once while the fourth simply beat off waiting his turn.
Over and over Margaret was ridden and filled and again she sucked cock and swallowed spunk until she thought she was going to pass out, and then she felt a sharp pain…unlike anything she had felt up to now. Her head was grabbed and held, a cock in front of her lips…waiting…but it wasn’t a cock she felt…
Snake was shoving, pushing his hand into her cunt…three fingers, four fingers; stretching her wide. Now his whole hand was shoving into her and she could feel the skin stretching and pulling, pain ripped through her and ran up her spine and into her pounding brain…POP…his whole fist was now inside, up to his wrist; no, more. He was fisting her furiously and his arm was almost in up to his elbow!! Inhaling deeply, Margaret was about to scream when a hard blow rocked her head sideways. Whitey grinned wickedly at her and backhanded her again.
“I done tol’ you bitch…you get what we gives ya and you like it!! Now ol’ Snakes done gone and shoved his arm up your cunt and you like it don’t ya, bitch? Answer me!!!” Smack…
Nodding groggily, Margaret felt the tears fall once more as Snake rammed his arm in and out, making her cunt suck on him like a huge cock. DD and BJ were stroking their huge cocks with lust glinting in their eyes as they watched their friend going at her, his arm buried up to his elbow with each shove.
Snake was panting and his cock was jumping in his left hand as he pumped and shoved at the same time…with a final shove, he emptied his cock all over her ass and then he pulled his arm out.
“Next…” he said and stood up. DD was the next to touch her, and as Whitey watched, DD began to stroke her ass; gently at first and then with more pressure; kneading her buttocks like bread-dough before he to moved to her dripping cunt. DD wasted no time on preliminaries. He began with three fingers and then four, then all five and soon his whole hand was inside the hot box. Soon his arm disappeared into the bitches hot cunt and he began to ram in and out of her. Past the elbow, DD could feel the cervix and shoved past. Margaret screamed in spite of herself and was rewarded with four sharp blows to the head and a switch across her back. Cringing with fear and pain, Margaret endured DD’s attack, feeling almost split in two from the force of him inside her.
She could see through her tears the men before her as they continued to masturbate, waiting their turns…would this nightmare ever end?
A loud grunt and soon she felt the hot, sticky fluid as DD came all over her ass. As he pulled his fist from within her stretched box, she heard him laugh and make a smacking sound of satisfaction. She was so humiliated that she didn’t know whether to cry or scream or just drop dead…she wanted to do all three, but knew that she would not. Only cry…and try not to scream.
BJ was next and she felt him shove his arm into her. She was wet…but she didn’t know if it was blood or just cum that made the entries easier each time. She prayed it was the latter…
BJ was quick and it didn’t take long for him to climax as the others had done…now it was Whiteys’ turn. Glancing up she saw him watching her and knew that he had something really evil in mind for her…
Moving behind the bitch, Whitey stood and looked around before walking a short distance away. He stooped and picked something up from the ground and walked back to the group surrounding the whore on the ground. Holding up what he had picked up he approached the woman from behind and got into position between her legs. Slowly, he rubbed her ass, getting some of the heavy accumulation of cum from off her backside and applying it to what he held.
Snickering and chortles passed around the group as the others watched their friend…anticipation of the womans’ pain making their eyes gleam in the dim light from the fire.
Slowly, Whitey laid the end of the thick branch he held against the wet cunt, rubbing it into the dripping, gaping hole before him. She flinched, but didn’t move away…expecting to feel his fingers. Snake was at her head, his cock exposed and ready, his hands holding her head still in expectancy…waiting to shove his cock into her mouth when Whitey gave him the signal…
With no more preliminaries…Whitey began to insert the head of the large branch into Margarets’ wet cunt. He got the tip inside of her and stopped, watching her. Nothing…so he shoved…hard. The branch disappeared inside and Margaret opened her mouth to scream…only she got a large cock instead. Whitey rammed the branch in and out fast and hard…Margaret was rocked forward and backward with each thrust…Snake held her head steady as he shoved his cock in and out of her mouth…deep into her throat. DD and BJ began to beat off and then they decided to join the fun.
Grabbing a switch each, with one hand they applied strokes to her bare back, pumping cock with the other.
Whitey was sweating from the amount of exertion he was applying to fucking this bitch…the branch was thick and hard…resembling a baseball bat in shape and thickness. She was stretched wide and he could see the redness from all the fucking she had endured so far…he laughed as he began to stroke off and fuck her at the same time.
After several moments…Margaret felt her body begin to shudder and shake…climax was near…then she felt Snake shove deep and knew he was cumming too…and then she felt the hot, wet explosions of DD and BJ as they came all over her red and bleeding back and then…Whitey groaned and shot his heavy load all over her already sticky ass. Leaving her on her knees, the branch still shoved deep inside her, the men dropped to the ground and began to laugh uproariously.
They all had gotten off many times and now they had really fucked her good…with a damn tree branch! Man, this was great!!!
Snake told the guys to relax…watch the whore while he fetched em some beers…he wanted to see her fuck the tree in the ass next time…
Whitey merely smiled. He had another idea in mind that he hadn’t even told the boys about yet…

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