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Sex in the Park

One really hot summer’s evening, about 11 pm, I decided to go for a walk in a park which is quite near to my house. I was feeling a bit randy as one does on a hot evening.

So I set off to walk to the park and soon arrived there. It was quite dark and not even the moon was shining. I walked well into the park away from the main path on to a big grassy area.

Then near to a hedge out of sight of the park entrance I decided to take off all my clothes. I’d only got on a shirt and shorts on anyway.

I bundled them up and put them out of sight at the bottom of the hedge. Then I continued to walk further into the park. I got quite a kick out of the fact that I was now really naked and had no clothes to put on even if someone did come into sight!

Then I came to a park bench and before I had time to retreat I realised that there was a guy on his own sitting there.

Now I thought what should I do? Be a coward and turn back or treat my nakedness as something very natural on a hot evening.

I took a risk and went passed him quite close and sat down at the far end of the bench – COMPLETELY NUDE. I couldn’t really believe that I was doing this!

At first he didn’t make any comment and all I said was “Hi – warm evening isn’t it?” He then turned to me and said, “You haven’t got any clothes on?” I said (as though it was the most natural thing in the world!) “No, it’s such a warm night I thought I’d like to experience the feeling of being completely free and enjoy the abandonment of being without any.” “The only trouble is,” I went on, “it has made me feel horny, wearing nothing.” He agreed, and said nothing more.

Then I said that I felt like playing with my dick and did he mind if I did it just sitting there on the bench next to him.

Believe it or not, he said, “No, go ahead.” Then he said something that I hadn’t expected that he rather felt like doing it also.

He unzipped his trousers and let them drop to his ankles and instantly I could see that he had quite a big dick, which was already quite hard. So there we were both of us playing with our cocks on the park bench!

Fortunately no one else was around, so we felt completely at ease. We then decided to walk into a small wood nearby. The other guy then took all his clothes off too.

He told me that he’d never masturbated in front of another man before, or had even let another man touch his cock. He’d also never touched another man’s dick before and would I mind if he touched mine !! Would I?! There was no hesitation there at all!!

Anyway we got down to playing with each other’s cocks and balls and asses. He was in his early twenties and had a really big penis. Eventually he came and shot all his spunk all over my chest and I then shot loads of cum on to him.

It was a fantastic evening, especially as he was new to doing it with anyone before. Its quite exciting having sex with someone who is a virgin.

Unfortunately I’ve never seen him since. I certainly would love to get to know him better and to play around with his tackle some more.

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