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A Pastor's Worst Nigtmare

It was on May 16th 2001. Sean and I had been dating on and off for a year. We decided to meet up at church with his friend Johan. Sean and I had talked about sex, and at the age of 15 he was ready to loose his virginity. Having lost mine, I was more than willing to take Sean’s. We had gone to Texaco before church started and were sitting at the tables there. Sean and I started running our hands over each other and I knew that he had become aroused. He and Johan ran into the Texaco and came out with colorful flavored condoms.

Sean and I knew what we were getting into. We started walking around looking for a place to have sex. Johan suggested that we just go behind some bushes by church and do it there. And since there seemed to be nowhere else, that’s exactly what we did. When we went behind the bushes, Johan took off riding on a bike and singing, “Love is in the Air” at the top of his lungs.

Sean and I slid down behind the bushes and began kissing passionately. He began massaging the outside of my pants as I slid my hand down his pants and began rubbing his hard cock. He then told me that he wanted to fuck me, so I took off my pants while he put on a condom. I ran my tongue across the base of his dick and it was obvious that he was being pleasured. He sat up against a wall, which was behind the bushes where we were fucking. I spread my legs over him and pushed his dick up inside of my wet pussy. He grabbed tight onto my ass and gave me a little joy ride.

Before he came, some people walked right by our bushes so we suddenly got very quiet. The thought of people seeing us aroused us even more. Sean began to suck on my tits and we began our joy ride again. Suddenly Johan screamed out and said, “Hey you get away from there!” He was being our look out. Apparently there was a man looking at Sean and I from a balcony above us, and Johan was telling him to stop.

That didn’t bother us though because we were in the heat of the moment. I began nibbling on Sean ear and I knew he was about to cum. Then he shot his load and we sat there, holding each other and kissing passionately. After he left, Johan and I went on to church, feeling a little dirty – it was good to be cleansed. He did such a good job his first time so it made me look forward to the many times to come.

But I’ll save that for later…

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