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I went to a Dance at a Ski Resort, because my Parents forced me to go, so I decided I’d get fucked for my 1St. Time! I wore a short skirt & thong undies! When we got to the Dance, I looked around & saw a Guy with tight White Pants on & a Nice size bulge! So I Flirted with him! I don’t have big tits, but my legs are long and skinny! Before long he asked me to dance! I made sure I rubbed up again his Crotch & it started to Throb! He asked me to his room, I got on my Knees & unbuttoned His pants to find a Cock, alot longer then I was Exspecting! I went to give him a blow Job & he ran it down my throat! He filled my Stomach with what must have been 1 Quart of HOT Cum!
We ended up getting married & we moved to California where he was living!
Accouple years later we came back to take a Vacation & we planned on going to the Beach, we went to Atlantic City but the Beach was bad, so people told us to go to Wildwood, so we did!
While walking up the Beach we saw where they had an ethnic dance like the 1 we mreet at, so we went! He was a Doctor, so I call him doc! I start5ed noticing that he was going to the Bar alot & Ended up drinking beer! doc only drank Scotch on the Rocks! Then I started noticing that everytime Doc went to the Bar,he’s be talking with this Black haired guy! Then everytime Doc had to Piss, I noticed this Dark Haired man going to the Bathroom!
The next morning, Doc told me that some People told him the Beach was better at north Wildwood, so he suggested we go & asked me to wear my California Bikini! He doesn’t like me to wear it, Because it’s real Small! We drove up the Road & stopped at this Life Guard Stand and got out! We walked around for a while ;like he was looking for something, then he told me to put our Blanket down! A couple minutes after laying there, he got up & said he needed to walk! I saw him stop in front of this Couple & I noticed that it was the Black Haired guy! When I looked, Doc.s shorts were stretched like never before! I figured out don’t tell me he’s GAY!
Doc came back & suggested wee take a Walk, we did, right a past the Couple!
Then back to our blanket! Pretty soon the Guys Wife went to a Motel, she was really built, Skinny & BIG Tits & Big ASS!
Then an hour later, the man went to their room! So Doc suggested we go back & get ready for the Dance!
I didn’t even get a chance take off my Bikini Bottom, he Threw me on the Bed & Slammed that long Sick of his deep in me & fucked me like he never did!
After he was done, I finally asked him, Are you Gay & he said Fuck No! I said why were you all turned on by the Guy with Black hair! He finally toldme it wasn’t the Guy, but his Wife!
I guess Him & her went to the Same college and she was hot to trot! Doc wanted to introduce her to his LONG Tongue Depresser” what what he calls his cock! But he found out she was fucking his good Friend & also a Guy she was fucking just for A Ride home!But I realized that Doc still wanted to Fuck her & I love doc, so what Doc Wants, doc gets!
You Have to see Part 2 & 3!
These are true Stories, not some Fucking made up 1!

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  1. big john

    Must be nice to have your wife set you up with a Fuck date, wish my wife would do that! I’d be glad to meet you at the Beach if you wore a String bikini!

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  2. nanny

    I’d be glad to take care of your Husbands Tongue Depresser

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