A Walk To Remember

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I had just finished my first year of college and was at staying the summer with a group of friends. Five of us girls rented a small cabin on the cool shores of Lake Michigan. Which is where several of us grew up near.
Ever since I was young I ran several miles daily and I decided to run to the local beach access. It was a nice 3 mile run on a shaded dirt road. I ran in my pink sports bra with black running shorts. My long blonde hair was pulled tight into a pony tail. At 5’1 I weighed 103 lbs. I was small and my running kept me nicely toned.
As I rounded my first corner on the uneven dirt road when a vehicle approached. I slowed and stayed to the side to let it pass. The jeep made it 30 feet past me and stopped. Nervously I looked to the driver and realized it was Ryan Miller and old friend who graduated two years before me. He got out and waving began walking toward me. He was 6ft 2 and looked like a Greek god with out a shirt and in swimming trunks. His light brown hair and gray eyes always made me melt, and here he was. My mind was spinning out all the possibilities.
“Hey,” I say to him, “How’s it going, I haven’t seen you in forever!” I try to act cool.
He reaches out picks me up by my waist and gives me a big hug. I was pretty surprised but don’t waste a second and respond to his hug. I ruffle his sexy messy hair with my hand and push my eager breast against him. He slowly puts me down. The sexual chemistry thick in the air. We pause both not sure what to make of the situation.
Ryan speaks first, breaking the ice, “I was on my way to the beach,” he laughs a deep sensual laugh. It sends electricity into my core. “Would you like to join me?”
“Well I don’t have my suit but I guess this is close enough I say.” He smiles impishly as he looks down my body.
“Well hop in,” he says motioning toward his green Jeep wrangler.
We make small talk on the way. He passes the beach and says nonchalantly “There’s a better place I go a little farther ahead.” The jeep bounces around as we begin driving on a really bumpy two track. I giggle and he drives faster. Bouncing and rocking all over the road we finally stop and turn into a small hardly noticeable drive.
“Ok,” Ryan says, “Here we are.”
“That was really fun!” I laugh as we get out. I follow him down the path and he carefully guides me around the tree roots and poison ivy. On the shore he lays out a large beach blanket.
“Smiling he says, “Race ya to the water!”
“You bet!” I say and frantically begin to take off my running shoes. We run through the sand and into Lake Michigan’s mild waves. Diving under Ryan swims toward me and appears right in front of me in one smooth motion. Our eyes connect and he bends over to kiss me. I reach up toward him and our lips meld. He kisses me with a strong passion that is startling. Picking me up, I wrap my lean thighs around his waist.
We are completely alone. My small nipples are hard from the chilly water. I press myself against his extremely hard cock. Chuckling he moans deeply and says urgently, “lets get those shorts off.” I drunkenly nod in agreement as he kisses me even more deeply.
Ryan carries me toward the shore as we kiss and the waves urge us onward. He careful but quickly unzips my sports bra exposing my taunt pint nipples to the sun. I reach out to his erect cock and slowly stroke it through his swimming shorts. We both begin to remove each others bottoms.
As we both lower to the blanket and he hovers over me. I lay back inviting him toward me. He kisses my neck slowly moving toward my breasts. Taking in my nipple he sucks and teases, gently biting. I moan and rise my hips toward him rubbing against his hardness. He kisses down my stomach and waste no time finding my moist pussy. He kisses my clit, taking it into his mouth sucking and rolling his tongue over my most sensitive spot. I begin to feel familiar waves build inside me, I thrust myself at him, “Oh please!” I cry and he knowingly slows…
“Not yet,” he teases. He moves higher, his smooth round head massaging my clit, he enters me slightly. His cock is so warm and delicious. I plead deliriously in lust, “Deeper, Oh please deeper.” Sliding in, I wrap my thighs around him forcing him into me. “Fuck me, please,” I ask again. “Yes.” Ryan says in a husky voice and moves in me deeper. He pulls back trying to tease but unable to hold back he begins to pump back and forth at a strong fast pace.I raise myself and he grabs my ass holding me higher. “I am going to cum!” I gasp and moaning I am overtaken with pulsating waves of bliss. Ryan stiffens and tilts his head back, spasmodically he orgasms in unison with me. Moaning and panting we cum together. The sun begins to set and I ask “Want to go swimming, again?”

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