Older Couple on a Road Trip – Day One Part Four

Margaret dozed a little and watched the scenery speed past. Every once in a while she would absently slip a hand in to rub a nipple or gently caress her clit. It was making me crazy. And she knew it.

As we neared the Pennsylvania state line her gentle caresses turned into more persistent rubbing and her breath started to quicken.

“I thought you were done for the night?”

Well it’s been a while and there is not much traffic so maybe I can get another yet.”

The traffic had indeed let up and it was dark now so Margaret really felt comfortable as she pulled her top down completely revealing her tits and spread her legs wide as she put her feet up on the dash. She grabbed the vibrator and slid it into her dripping pussy and rubbed her clit with one hand as she went back to her bare tits and massaged and pulled her nipples.

As the show heated up I reached down and rubbed my cock through my jeans and Margaret noticed and I thought she was taking pity on me as she stopped rubbing and reached over to undo my pants and reached in to grab my throbbing member.

Finally, I thought. Margaret slowly rubbed my cock as her fingers stroked her clit and the vibrator did it’s magic in her pussy. Margaret was getting close and so was I.

I kept my eyes on the road and concentrated on the hand rubbing my cock. I was slowly picking up speed as I  neared orgasm. Just as I was about to release a load of hot cum Margaret stopped rubbing my cock and went into another orgasmic spasm. Her hips bucked and rocked as she stroked her clit faster and faster. With a loud “fuuuuuccccccckkkkk” she came. Her hips still thrusting but slower as she calmed down and finally came to a halt.

“Wow that was a good one.” She looked at me with a forlorn look on my face and smiled. “You almost made it didn’t you?”

She reached over and grabbed my cock again and I thought she was going to finish the job but instead she took my hard cock and stuffed it back into my pants and zipped me up. I groaned and looked at her pleadingly.

“I told you I was going to make you pay.”


“How far to Delaware?”

“About an hour.”

“Why don’t we get a hotel when we cross into Delaware and I can get the last orgasm in the room?”

“Sounds perfect,” I said as I hit the gas and flew towards the next state. I was thinking only with my dick at this point. I didn’t care about anything else but cumming.

We reached the state line in record time and I stopped at the first decent hotel we could find. I checked in and grabbed out bags and had us in the room as quickly as I could. I put the bags on the floor as Margaret flopped on the bed, suddenly looking tired from a full day of driving and cumming.

“That was fun today, I didn’t think I would enjoy it.”

“Well it’s not over yet.” It was more of a hopeful question than a statement.

“I am going to get ready for bed. One more orgasm and I will be asleep in no time.”

Margaret went into the bathroom and went through her nightly routine as I stripped and sat on the bed with my hard cock bobbing and throbbing as I waited for her.

When Margaret came out of the bathroom she saw my hard cock and smiled.

“You had better get ready for bed too, you won’t be able to get up after I cum this time.”

With that I jumped up and headed to the bathroom and did my usual brush and flush and so on as quickly as I could. I wanted to get back to bed and fuck Margaret as hard as I possibly could.

When I opened the door and stepped into the room my jaw dropped as Margaret was fully into an intense orgasm with the vibrator sticking out of her pussy and  the fingers of both hands working her clit. When she saw me she let out a moan and crashed back onto the bed.

“Wow that was the best one yet. Quick crawl in here with me.”

I rushed to the bed and got in beside Margaret as she quickly pushed me onto my back and spread herself over me. She pulled my arms around her and put her arms across my chest. Her wet pussy started rubbing across my legs as she spread her legs over top of mine. She was still having small orgasms as she rubbed her slit on my leg. I was going nuts and ready to blow a load without touching myself.

Margaret stopped moving and lay still with her head on my chest as I was almost pinned down as she lay across me. Within a minute she was asleep and lightly snoring. That’s when it occurred to me that she had said, “You won’t be able to get up after I cum this time.” She was fast asleep and I couldn’t even reach my cock to jerk off. She had set  me up and made me pay, big time.



To be continued on day two.

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