Older Couple on a Road Trip – Day One Part Three

Margaret kept rubbing like she hadn’t heard me, and given the way she was working her clit she likely didn’t. The traffic was full on rush hour now and we were moving slowly down the freeway. Cars were moving ahead and then falling back with the flow of traffic and one large truck in particular was doing it’s best to stay even with us. I could not see the driver from my seat but when we slowed down due to traffic and he pulled ahead he was hanging out the window of his truck trying to get a better look. Margaret, who had her eyes closed now as she continued to stroke her clit, was unaware of the attention she was getting. Her moans started a little stronger now and she was working her way to a climax so I reached over and removed her hand from her pussy. Her eyes shot open  and she gave me a dirty look and pulled her hand back but I held on and smiled at her.

“Having trouble following the rules?”

“Fucking rules,” She said.

Just about that time the driver in the truck who had been watching so closely pulled even with us and Margaret looked up at him through her window.

“What’s with this guy?” She asked.

“Your little show found an audience.”

Margaret looked shocked as she turned to me. I just shrugged my shoulders.

“You did look pretty sexy doing that. You can’t really blame the guy.”

Margaret leaned towards me and rested her arm on the console. She looked at the vibrator sticking out of the drink holder, where she had left it. I don’t know if the truck driver could see it or not. I think the idea that she had found someone who liked her show turned her on. Even at her age Margaret still gets lots of compliments about her looks.

As she leaned toward me she slid her hand back inside her top and returned to rubbing her nipples gently.

“So how far to New York now?” she said with some frustration as she eyed the vibrator. “I’m ready to try my new friend.”

“Still more than thirty minutes.”

Margaret rolled her eyes and flopped back into the seat. She looked out the window and up at the driver. She continued to stare at him as her hand made its way back down to the opening in her skirt. She spread her legs a little more than before and slid two fingers back and forth over her clit. She turned her head toward me and as I maneuvered through the suddenly thinning traffic, she worked her nipples and clit at an every increasing pace, oblivious of the driver doing his best to stay even with us. As her breath quickened again, her legs spread a little more and three fingers found their way to her steaming pussy. Her hips started to move and undulate in time with her stroking. The driver was enjoying the show I am sure but she was still really completely covered up, not by much, but covered just the same. But that was going to change soon if Margaret kept at it. As her passion increased her legs kept spreading wider and wider and the hand that was playing with her nipples kept pushing the very loose material of her top further and further to the side to the point where as she rubbed her nipple, the material would move off of and then back over her rock hard nipples and brown areola. I was enjoying the whole thing so much I forgot about the rules but just as she was about to cum I remembered and pulled her hand from her steaming pussy and held onto it as she glared at me.

“Fuck your stupid rules, I want to cum right now,” she said as she tried to pull her hand from my grip and return it to her cunt. Her hips were still moving and she was squeezing her legs together to try to reach her peak.

“I think you will enjoy your orgasm even more if you hold off.”

Margaret was starting to recover from her near orgasm now and was slowly relaxing. She gave me another dirty look as she relaxed her arm and I released my grip on her hand.

“Your going to pay for this,” she said with a sly grin.

Margaret relaxed back into the seat and looked out the window at the trucker. He must have motioned to her because she smiled and waved and then turned to me.

“Might be time to loose this guy before he runs us off the road.”

I sped up and we headed for the New York state line as Margaret hummed a little and dropped her hand into her lap. She looked at me, smiled and asked, “Enjoying your little game?”

“Oh yeah, you look awesome when you are ready to cum, that trucker is jerking off right now for sure.”

Margaret smiled again and her hand played over her clit as she spread her legs to allow herself room to explore. She eyed the vibrator as she massaged her clit and moaned a little. She grabbed the vibrator and started rubbing it up and down her slit but did not turn it on. Just ten more miles I said as I reached over and freed one of her beautiful tits from her loose top. She reclined her seat and spread her legs a little more. It was getting later and the traffic continued to let up so I could afford to sneak a look at her more often and play with her hard nipples as I drove. Margaret was moaning loud now and her hips were moving with purpose as she rubbed her clit with the vibrator.

“How far?” She panted.

“About three miles.”

“Fuck, I’m not going to make it.”

I reached over and grabbed the vibrator from her. Margaret let out a moan of frustration.

“You are going to pay for this big time.”

That is the second time she said that and I was starting to get worried but as she settled down a little I handed the vibrator back and said, “Go for it.”

Margaret grabbed the vibrator just as we passed the state line and turned it on and in one motion drove it fully into her pussy. She immediately arched her back and squeezed her legs together holding the vibrator in place while her hands grabbed her top and pulled it completely down baring her tits and massaging both in her hands as her hips made a fucking motion on the buzzing cock in her cunt. She was thrusting her hips at the fake cock and moaning as she pulled her nipples and mashed her tits. Her head was whipping back and forth and her breath was ragged as she strained to reach her climax.

A guy in a vehicle similar in height to ours pulled alongside us and glanced over. His eyes widened as he saw Margaret’s bare tits and heaving chest and obviously new what was happening even though he could not see the vibrator in her lap.

“You have a new friend.”

Margaret opened her tightly shut eyes and looked right at the driver….. and exploded in orgasm. Her hips flew into the air and she pulled on her nipples painfully as she screeched and wailed. I’m sure the other driver couldn’t hear her but it didn’t matter because there was no doubt what was happening. Margaret’s body went rigid and stayed motionless for about ten seconds before she began to come down from her climax, finally flopping back into the seat. As she did the driver honked his horn and gave her a big smile and a thumbs up. Margaret smiled weakly and dropped her head back into the seat as I pulled away.

My cock was going to explode if it didn’t get some attention. I suggested we find a hotel to stop for the night.

“It’s still early, why don’t we drive some more so we get there sooner tomorrow?”

I rubbed my throbbing cock through my pants. The bulge was obvious.

“Oh that. You can wait. And keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.” She said as she pulled her top back over her breasts and snuggled into the seat and closed her eyes. Within a few minutes she was sleeping.


My cock hurt it was so hard. I reached down to pull my zipper down and get some relief until I heard Margaret stir.

“Oh no you don’t. You put both hands back on the wheel and watch what your doing. This masturbation game is mine not yours.”  She closed her eyes and went back to snoozing. I had the feeling that I was no longer in charge of the rules in this game.

Margaret snoozed for about half and hour and then awoke with a stretch. “I feel a lot better, multiple orgasms and a sleep and I feel like a new woman. Where are we?”

“We just crossed into New Jersey.”

“What, I missed a state line?”

“Only a few minutes ago.”

Margaret looked around at the traffic as she spread her legs.

“My pussy is starting to get sore but maybe one more tonight.”

This time she slid two fingers into her pussy and started probing for her g spot. She found it quickly and starting a fucking motion with her hand quickly  bringing her arousal level up. She was focused on finger fucking her pussy when another truck slowly pulled even with us. It suddenly slowed beside us and Margaret, who was laying back in the seat with her legs spread and fingers pumping in and out of her cunt noticed. She had not been playing with her tits but when she saw the trucker slow down she reached up and pulled her top back to free one of her erect nipples and started pulling on it.

Her moaning started immediately and her hips started their usual fucking motion as she pumped her pussy faster. Her eyes were squeezed shut until just she was ready to cum and then she opened her eyes and looked up at the trucker who was even with us. She held his gaze as she exploded, her legs splayed wide and her fingers pulling on her nipples painfully. She pumped her hips four or five times and then crashed back into the seat.

I pulled away from the trucker and sped down the road.

“That’s it for me,” she said. “I can’t come anymore.”

I headed for Pennsylvania and suggested again that we should find a room for the night. I seriously needed to blow a load before I broke something.

“Why don’t we stop just before we get to Pennsylvania? The shorter the trip will be tomorrow.”

I relented and sped up. I really needed to get Margaret to a hotel room.


Continued in Part Four

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