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Sex at the Window.

My sister-in-law, Tara, was a terrific looking lady. Tall, at around 5 foot 9 inches, twenty-six years of age, straight red hair which fell to just below the shoulder and a figure of 34C-24-34. And boy, could she fuck!

It had started out at the local swimming pool, when we’d fucked for the first time in a cubicle, about four weeks earlier. Although I’d tried to talk to her about it, she had always resisted and I’d given up hope of ever repeating it with her. But that was turned on its head, when she popped around to see me last weekend.

She had turned up unexpectedly at my house, having let herself in with a spare key. Not finding me downstairs, she’d walked up the stairs and slowly opened my bedroom door to find me fast asleep, having worked the previous nightshift. Apparently she whispered to me to wake up, but I was deep asleep and so she decided to have some fun.

Tara carefully lifted my duvet and found me completely naked underneath. She told me later that she would have walked away at that point, but had felt a warm tingle between her legs when she had seen my limp cock. Her cunt lips becoming ever moist, as she reminded herself of that recent, fateful day at the swimming pool.

She then reached over and gently stroked my flaccid cock. I awoke in a moment and blinking rapidly, soon realised that the person standing next to my bed, with my cock in her hand, was Tara. I wasn’t about to complain as I watched her wank my cock to full hardness, without saying anything. She then leant over me and took my cock into her mouth. Only the tip at first, before slowly taking more and more until she was deep throating me.

She then began to lick it, like an ice cream, running her tongue under my balls and gently taking each ball in turn into her mouth and massaging it with her tongue. Feeling her warm breath and the moistness enveloping my cock and balls was fantastic. I asked her “Where did you learn to give b-j’s like this”. She simply replied “At school, when I was 16. I had a good teacher”, before taking my cock back into her mouth.

I could just imagine her as a randy 16 year old. Her long flowing red hair falling over the guys legs as she sucked and sucked him before he blew his load into her mouth, or over her perky tits.

This was getting too much for me and I pushed her away. She looked very disappointed until I said I wanted to return the pleasure. I jumped off the bed and quickly ran into the bathroom to have a pee. She followed me in and grabbed my hard cock as I was about to pee and pulled me over to the bath and directed my stream into the bath. This was the first time anyone had ever held me as I peed and it was brilliant! When I finished she jokingly shook my cock to release the last few drops and then stood back and stripped off.

Tara then walked back into the bedroom and opened the curtains for all my neighbours to see. Leaning against the window frame, she urged me to fuck her from behind.

I wasn’t about to refuse, took up position and gently probed her bush with my cock until I felt her soaking wet pussy lips and pushed firmly forward. I failed to enter her but as my hardness ran along her lips, it brushed her clitty and she gave a loud moan of appreciation. So I did it again and again and again, until she begged me to fuck her. I duly obliged and pushed deep inside her in one forceful thrust and then began to build up a rhythm of thrusts, some deliberately deeper than others as I felt her orgasm under me.

All the while, we were at the open window, looking down on the passing cars and people in the street. Not one person, that I could see, looked up. If they had, they would have seen me fucking her brains out! Tara’s tits bouncing in unison with my cock as it thrust deep inside her welcoming cunt.

I grabbed her tits and held them tightly, trying to pull myself deeper and deeper inside her. She responded by telling me to keep going as she was obviously nearing an explosive orgasm. Seconds later, her legs gave way and she collapsed against the window, panting hard and trembling. One final deep thrust and I shot my seed inside her. Her cunt muscles squeezing my cock to ensure every drop entered her womb.

I fell gently against her back and our sweaty bodies embraced, as my cock softened and then slowly slipped out of Tara’s hot cunt, my sperm trickling down the inside of her silky smooth thighs. I looked out of the window and saw a neighbour looking up and grinning from ear to ear!

I whispered the fact to Tara, who surprised me by standing upright and waving to him, her firm tits gently swaying in full view. She then turned, kissed me passionately for about 15 seconds and then lay down on the bed, with a very satisfied smile on her face.

I lay down beside her and she turned her body slightly towards me and put her hand on my chest and whispered “Thanks” before we quietly fell asleep in a warm embrace. Fortunately, we woke up soon after and realising that my wife was due home in about an hour, dressed and tidied up the bedroom, not forgetting to wash out the bath.

As she left the house, she promised we would fuck again, and smiled as she hinted at a possible threesome with the ‘nosey neighbour’…

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