The Red Mustang

I took one last glance at my naked body as I stood in front of my mirror. I smiled with excitement. The erotic events I had longed for would finally be taking place tonight.

I put on my sexy red lace thong and slipped into my very tight form fitting black sundress. The dress came just below my rather plump ass cheeks. I opened my luscious pink lip gloss and rubbed it on my lips.

I could hear the rumble of a muscle car in the distance.

As the roar gets closer, my whole body filled with intense anticipation.

Finally, the roar came to a silence. I knew he had arrived.

“Ding,” went my phone.

“I’m here,” it read.

Butterflies filled my stomach as I opened the door.

There he was with his big arm muscles, slicked back black hair, and charming hazel eyes.

He was leaning against his pride and joy: a loud, roaring…very fast Red Hot Mustang.

In this moment I became so aroused.

He grabbed me by my hips and pulled me close. I began tingling with goose bumps as my vagina pressed against his penis.

I felt his hand move over my butt and then slowly up my very short sundress. He squeezed a handful of my bare ass with his big strong hands.

He whispered in my ear, “Babe, this dress turns me on.”

I began to tingle down there as I gripped a hold of his now growing boner.

“Soon you will get to rip if off of me,” I replied

Oh, how the temptation had begun.

We both got in the car. He put the key in the ignition and started her up. The loud rumble of the engine began to “PURRRRRRRR.”

I could feel the vibration on my freshly groomed kitty kat.

He put the windows down, turned the music up, and we were off to begin our evening of lustful events.

The drinks began flowing and the sexual desire for one another became unbearable. We swiftly closed our bar tab, locked hands, and headed back to the red mustang.

Once we were in the car, he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me close.

“Let’s go have some fun,” he says.

We peeled out of the parking lot and drove off into the night.

I began rubbing his penis… making the bulge in his pants get hard.

My vagina began throbbing intensely at the thought of my mouth being around his rock hard cock soon.

We turned down an old dirt road he and his buddies often frequented to drag race their V-8s.

He put the stang in first gear and let off the gas.

Ohhhh yes, finally, I thought in my head. Now I can use his penis for my pleasure.

I then leaned over, unhooked his belt, and started to unbutton his pants.

He looked over at me and then, “VROOOMMMM.”

He revved up his engine with excitement

I unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick.

I wrapped my lips around the tip and begin sucking on it.

I slid my tongue down the side of his stiff shaft. All the way down to his balls.

The car roared again.


Up and down…up and down his cock went down my throat.

His penis tasted so good.

“Yes, babe that’s it,” he moans.

I feel him grab a handful of my hair and pull it tight. He presses down on the back of my head, forcing his huge wet dick to slide closer to the back of my throat.

I feel my vagina beginning to get wet at the thought of him climaxing in my mouth.


“Are you ready?” he yells.

I slid my mouth back up his pulsating member and replied, “On your mark…get set..”

He slams his shift stick from 1st gear down to 3rd gear.

“Gooooooooooooo….,” he yells.

The tires were squealing as we peeled off down the track.

I spit on his dick making it so wet, then opened my mouth wider and went back to work.

The speed of the stang only made my lips go faster and faster.

Up and down his dick I went.

He yelled, “Oh baby, yes, don’t stop. I’m about to give you a mouthful of my cum.”

I felt his dick pulsating as I moved slowly up to the tip to take in his warm semen.

“Ohhh fuck…,” he grunted and began to erupt his load into my mouth.

I smiled as I swallowed his mouthful of delicious cum.

The car had made it to the finish line and so did my man.

We both want more…

He opened the door and got out. He walked around to my side and opened my door. He got down on his knees, grabbed my legs and pulled them towards him. He pushed me back against the console. Gripped my hips and pulls them closer. He slides up my tight dress and pulls down my damp panties.  Slowly he rubs his hands up my thighs and forces my legs open.

“Now it’s your turn,” he says as he begins to bury his face into my very wet vagina.

“Ohhhhh, yes,” I moan as he hits the right spot.

It feels so good to feel his tongue circling around my clit.

“Your pussy is so wet,” he says.

I feel his strong hands squeezing my breast tightly. My nipples are becoming so hard.

I feel him sucking on my clit as he sticks two of his fingers into my vagina and thrusts them in and out.

“Yes..yes..right there..”

I grab the back of his head and force him deeper in my steamy wet vagina.

My legs begin to shake as I feel my orgasm nearing…

“I want you to cum in my mouth,” he says.

I’m in full sexual ecstasy and ready to explode.

“Uhh, uhh… ohh yess..,” I moan.

“Yes, daddy…yes…yessss.”

I had made it to my orgasmic peak.

My whole body becomes numb as I orgasm and release my hot wet cum all over his face.

Slowly he stops moving his tongue and begins softly sucking on the lips of my pussy.

He gives my vagina one last kiss as he knows he has satisfied her.

Ohhh, how we both want more…

Finally, the moment has come for me to feel his cock inside of me.

He stands up and takes off his shirt and pulls down his jeans.

I am now face to face, again, with his dick. Rock hard, and ready to play.

He pulls me out the car and rips off my dress.

I feel my ass press against the stang as I am forced against the front of the car… He turns me around and bends my naked body over the top of the hood.

He spreads my legs and slowly slides his penis into my tight wet vagina.

In and out his cock went.

“Ohh, ohh… ohhhhh, yes,” I moan as he goes deeper and deeper. His dick feels amazing inside me.

“I love your tight pussy,” he says, as he squeezes my ass and pounds into me deeper.

I can feel his dick throbbing in me as he goes faster and faster.

Oh, yes; he is fucking me so good. I don’t want him to stop.

He pulls me up and turns me around toward him. He picks me up and puts me on the hood of the car.  As I lay down I feel him pulling my ass towards him. I wrap my legs around him and clench my thighs tightly.

My vagina is so wet and I just want his dick inside of me right now.

He grabs a hold of my hips and slides his cock back in.

“Ahhhh….,” I hear him grunt as he gets the whole thing in. I feel his balls hitting my ass.

Oh gosh, yesss…

“My dick feels so good inside you,” he says as he fucks me hard.

Faster and faster he would go.

Ohhhhhhh… Ohhhh… ohhh yes…

“Harder,” I moan.

I feel his thick dick sliding in and out.

In and out.

I feel my vagina getting wetter and wetter as I’m nearing orgasm.

“I want you to cum all over my dick, baby.”

“Yes, yesss..yess,” I scream.

I am about to explode all over him.

“Im cummmmmminnngg…I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” I scream as I feel my warm cum is gushing onto him.

He starts pounding me harder and deeper.

Faster and faster.

“Babe, I’m gonna cum…”

He rams it deep in me for one last feel before he erupts.

He pulls his dick out and lays it on my breast.

I feel his warm cum begin to shower all over my chest.

Yes, yes…yes…We had won the race!

Our seductive, erotic, lustful fantasies finally had been fulfilled.

We both laid there in silence as we enjoyed out moment of sexual euphoria.

Oh, how I could never forget that night under the stars. Racing down an old dirt track.

We were young, naked and ready to experience sex together for the first time.

All on the hood of a sweet Red Mustang.





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