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Switched in the Woods

Switched in the Woods

“Can you see anything?” Shannon Halsey whispered quietly to her identical twin sister, Maura.

She was peering through the window of an old log cabin where three couples lay on the hearth making love in front of a cozy, crackling fireplace.

“Yeah, I can see everything,” Maura whispered back, totally wide-eyed at the huge vibrators being passed around like candied apples. One woman, a beautiful blonde, was close to orgasm – then suddenly screamed out in ecstasy, her body convulsing in a shuddering orgasm.

“What … what do you see, Maura!” Shannon said, her heart racing. “I wanna get a look!”

“It’s not what I’m seeing – did you hear that?” her sister said, still riveted by the blonde immensely enjoying her climax. “They’re fucking each other with vibrators and some huge-looking play cocks.”

“You mean dildos, sis?” Shannon retorted.

“Um, yeah, I think so. Did you hear it that! She’s still climaxing!”

Shannon rolled her eyes and nodded her head.

“Ut oh, we’re dead!”

“What do you see, Maura?”

“They saw us! – She just looked at me! Get me down – quick!”

In her haste for a quick getaway, Maura fell on top of her sister – the two were tangled up like a pretzel when all of a sudden the door to the cabin swung open so hard it paralyzed the girls instantly, instilling the fear of God in them.

Three less than thrilled couples stood staring at the girls, who’d just turned eighteen – and were still tangled up after Maura’s fall from grace (literally and figuratively).

A lovely blonde, nearly six feet tall, spoke first as she wrapped a huge bath towel a bit tighter – covering her nice, perky breasts.

“Well, well,” the blonde said, her lovely blue eyes angrily surveying the two miscreant, Irish femmes. “Why don’t you two come on in and join us for a little chat?”

The girls exchanged frightened glances, but complied with their elder’s request.

Inside the cabin the girls were seated at a huge, oval dining table with the ladies: The blonde, who they found out was April, had long beautiful hair down past her shoulders. Shannon couldn’t keep her eyes of her full, pert lips and deep-set blue eyes. Another modelesque figure, Janet, who looked like a Jaclyn Smith body double from the old television series, “Charlie’s Angels.” And then Veronica, an actress who mostly did guest appearances on sitcoms, waiting for her big break. Veronica was the prettiest, thought Maura, who likened the sexpot to her favorite celebrity, Daisy Fuentes, of MTV fame.

The women appeared to the girls to be in their mid to late twenties. The blonde who identified the women spoke up again and appeared to be the chief Gestapo agent for the other ladies.

April squinted at the two again as she took a long sip of coffee, staring at them long and hard from over the cup as she drank slowly, deep in thought.

The other two women sat back, their arms folded in an angry, scolding manner, waiting for April to finish the hard line of questioning they knew was coming. The two young culprits knew instinctively this type of body language did not bode well for their immediate futures.

“So, do you two make it a habit of peeking into cabins which don’t belong to you?”

The girls looked at each other, wondering which would answer.

Maura spoke up first.

“Um, no, ma’am – we don’t. I – I mean my sister and I -”

April cut her off mid-sentence.

” – Don’t speak for your sister. She’ll have her say. I want to hear why you were peeking in on us. You didn’t think I saw you? You girl’s would make terrible spies, you know that?”

Shannon half interceded in an attempt to save her sister.

April brushed her lovely blonde locks aside in a further display of her irate disposition, holding up her hand before the older sister could get a word in edgewise.

Shannon sat back in her seat and exchanged worried glances with her sister again.

The men were sitting comfortably on a sofa watching the interrogation. One of them, a tall, well-built surfer type of about twenty-five – and obviously the blonde April’s boyfriend – came over to the table and lit a cigarette for her.

April took a long, deep, fulfilling drag, holding the smoke in a second then exhaling long and hard into the girls’ faces – making them cough terribly. She flicked her ashes expertly into the ashtray while keeping her angry blue eyes on the girls as she sensually inhaled another long, hard drag. It had been a while since April had smoked; she only lit up when she was angry or depressed. As she felt the burning sensation filling up her lungs, the nicotine kicked in and ideas about what to do with the girls started coming fast and furious.

The women laughed, as they’d seen April like this before on the job. When she was smoking, and pausing for long interludes between speaking, and flicking her ashes like that. This meant only one thing: Trouble with a capital “T.”

The laughter was almost welcomed by the girls, who let go with a sigh of relief at the break in the brief silent treatment they were getting from the women.

“Think this is funny?” April asked, the tone of her voice growing more serious by the second.

“No, ma’am,” Maura said again, meekly.

Maura looked deep into her blonde accuser’s eyes to see if she could continue.

“Go ahead,” April said. “We all want to hear this. Don’t we, girls?”

The other two women nodded emphatically.

April took another long drag off the cigarette and extinguished the butt in an ashtray already filled with dead cigarettes – which bore her brand of lipstick. The other women lit up just as April exhaled her sidestream into the girls’ faces again.

“My name’s Maura and this is my sister, Shannon. We’re up the road in a cabin with our parents. It’s our birthday -”

The blonde cut her off again with a wave of her hand.

“- How old?”

“Eighteen, ma’am.”

“Identical twin redheads. Which of you is the oldest?”

“I am, ma’am,” Shannon said.

“Good! You’re mine!”

April turned to the other women and all three nodded at each other with huge smiles.

“I don’t understand,” the elder sister uttered meekly.

“You will. Let me spell it out for you both: You and your lovely twin sister are legal! This means we can prosecute you for what you did – an invasion of our privacy. In fact, I think we should call the police, don’t you, girls?”

April was baiting the twins.

The women went along with April’s ploy, nodding in agreement again.

Maura and Shannon looked at each other and broke down into tears.

Maura spoke first: “Please, please don’t call the police! We don’t want to go to jail – please, ma’am! We’ll do anything!”

“We were just curious, that’s all,” Shannon said next, wiping tears from her cheeks, hoping to play on the women’s sympathies.

April went to them slowly and wiped their tears with the back of her long elegant fingers – which proudly displayed a perfect French Manicure.

“There, there,” April said, soothingly – and obviously taking an immediate liking to Shannon. “I think we can all come to some sort of arrangement.”

April’s boyfriend could be silent no longer: “I think they could both do with a good, old fashioned spanking!”

April smiled broadly at this.

“I’m way ahead of you, honey,” the blonde disciplinarian said, matter-of-factly.

“A good spanking is just what the two of you deserve for being peeping Toms.”

The girls went on to say that a spanking wouldn’t be so bad; it was just that they didn’t want their birthday weekend ruined by their parents finding out about their early morning shenanigans.

“Then it’s settled,” April said, her voice once again turning sharp, “you two are going to be spanked.”

April nodded to her boyfriend, and the men dashed out of the cabin as if on an errand of mercy.

“Have you two ever had a switch taken to you before,” April asked with an air of sadistic inquisitiveness in her voice.

The girls looked at each other again.

“I don’t want you two looking at each other for answers anymore, do you understand?!” April growled through clenched teeth. The girls thought she might’ve been manic depressive, the way she changed moods so suddenly.

The girls answered respectfully in unison that they did, indeed, understand.

“We were only spanked as kids,” Maura continued, becoming a bit worried at April’s choice of words about being spanked – a switching – and overall sense of seriousness over what seemed to her to be a mild transgression overall.

“Excuse me, ma’am. But I thought we were getting spanked?”

“You are.”
“But just a second ago you mentioned a switch.”

“Switching. Spanking. It’s all the same to me. Having second thoughts?”

“No, ma’am. It’s just …”

“It’s just what?”


The girls started to look at each other, but stopped and nodded instead.

“Whippings for you both!”

Maura and Shannon gasped at the sound of the words escaping from April’s sexy lips as she fumbled with her lighter, firing up another cigarette.

“By you, ma’am?” Shannon replied, thinking that a whipping by this woman she found strangely attracted to wouldn’t be that bad at all.

“Yes, by Veronica and myself, dear. You two are going to find out what it’s like to have a switch taken to your bare bottoms – by two women who’ve not only felt its correction on many occasions growing up, but administering its brand of discipline as well.”

The girls practically jumped in their seats. They’d only heard tales of their father being whipped in this manner by their grandfather – and how utterly painful, tormenting and shameful it was to endure.

Shannon was becoming highly aroused by April’s frank talk on how she and her sister were to be whipped, and, in fact, in the process bit her lip at the sight of April’s enormous breasts, the nipples of which were protruding nicely against her taut, white blouse. This overbearing woman was totally in control, discussing ever so nonchalantly the flagellation the twins were about to receive. Then the sight of April calmly placing another cigarette between her deft lips and igniting it while discussing the beatings – well, this was just far too much for the eldest culprit who was wiggling almost uncontrollably now.

“The good news,” April continued, “is that a switching, albeit excruciatingly painful at the time, is a relatively harmless version of corporal punishment inasmuch as corporal punishment goes. The marks will fade in a few hours and you two will be good as new by evening. But, hopefully, you’ll remember this little incident well past the time the pockmarks on your bottoms have healed.”

Just then the men returned from their pilgrimage with freshly cut switches in their hands of the greenest, most pliable variety – still damp from the morning dew, and extremely flexible. They handed them to April and disappeared into an adjoining bedroom to allow the women to commence with the twins’ chastisements.

April handed each girl a long, thin switch about eighteen inches in length.

“Clean ’em,” she said – further handing each a pocket knife her boyfriend had left on the table.

“I’m not sure what you mean, ma’am,” Maura said.

Shannon rolled her eyes again at her dimwitted, younger sibling – knowing all too well what the stern, patrician blonde meant from her daddy’s stories about grandpa’s legendary woodshed “whoopins.”

April studied the obviously ignorant Maura, then her sister.

“She knows,” April said finally – indicating Shannon. “What do you think I mean, oh-so-wise older sister?”

“You want us to clean off the little twigs which might cause puncturing during the whippings.”

“Make that your final answer?” April kidded with Shannon.

Shannon nodded with a wry, forced smile.


The twins were bent over, facing each other from opposite sides of the huge, oval dining room table. Their outstretched arms were still a good two feet from touching. Maura already had tears forming. Shannon had her eyes closed solemnly, as she felt her school gym shorts slowly being lowered to her ankles by Veronica. Maura watched this as she felt the same being done to her. The girls were going to watch each others punishments!

“Don’t forget the panties, Janet said while sitting in the middle of the table – enjoying a fresh cigarette and coffee to witness the double matinee.

“Enjoying the show?” April shot back with a shit-eating grin as she continued fussing with Shannon’s long tee shirt – which she folded expertly up onto her back.

“I’ve got the best seat in the house,” Janet said, smiling.

“Well then maybe we should be spanking you next!”

“Oooooh! Janet said, squirming in her chair with delight.

April and Janet’s banter was further making it worse for the girls, who knew they were being made to wait as part of the anticipatory and fear factor of what was now just a few short moments away.

April looked at the girls’ posture over the table and carried a frustrated expression as if she was trying to figure out what to do in order to get their bottoms in better position to receive the kiss of the switches.

Then a light bulb went on over her head!

“Janet, go into the bedroom and get the two pairs of shoes you and Veronica were wearing when we came up here!”

“But those are high heels, ” Janet quipped, a bit confused at the plan her blonde friend was concocting.

Janet was met at the crack of the doorway with the two pairs of shoes – handed to her by no less than April’s boyfriend. The shoes were the clear plastic variety with the see through tops. They had very high heels and were open toed.

“Girls, stand up for a moment,” April commanded

Maura and Shannon complied – wondering, too, what was going on.

“I want you two to take off your tennis shoes and socks and slip into these shoes.”

“Why?” Maura asked.

“Why?! That’ll cost you extra, young lady! Don’t start asking questions – just do as you’re told!” April scolded.

The girls did as instructed and the added inches put their bottoms at the perfect position to jut out firmly as they lay back down on the table.

“I’m impressed,” Janet said to April.

“Take notes. You’re next.”

“Oooooh! Promises, promises, April darling,” Janet kidded

The shoes fit the girls perfectly. April noticed that both had very nice feet.

“You girls must get regular pedicures – your toes are very well taken care of. Both have such pretty, red toenails – perfectly formed and painted for your age. Your folks must have money.”

“Yes, ma’am” they both replied in unison again.

“I think I may have to suck on a few of those lil piggies after we’re through,” April said, squealing a bit with delight as she caught eyes with Shannon and winked.

With the girls back into position, April and Veronica ceremoniously lowered the girls’ panties, exposing creamy-white, virgin bottoms that were plump with a pink suppleness – but without a trace of fat.

Veronica patted Maura’s well-rounded cheeks with a cupped palm and looked across the table and winked at April, who was doing the same with Shannon.

“They do have nice bottoms, don’t they,” April commented to her counterpart across the table – not missing a beat.

The girls had their eyes locked on one another fearfully as the patting continued on both ends for a few moments with more idle chit chat by the women on how they were going to deliver the twins’ switchings. A wisp of cool mountain air caught the girls by surprise as Janet opened the window. Maura and Shannon shuddered simultaneously beneath their disciplinarians’ touch and the cool, morning breeze. A wave of shame washed across each twin as they locked fearful eyes on one another before Shannon looked away again and closed her eyes. Could they get out of it now if they agreed to have the police called?

Not a chance, Shannon surmised in the privacy of her spiraling thoughts.

“Relax, darlings, this will be over before you know it,” April said.

Then the whippings began.

Each lady held a hand in the small of the girls’ backs, pushing their cheeks up higher and forcing their bottoms into perfect position to receive the kiss of the long, supple switches. This also gave them the proper distance – an arms length – to draw the switches back half way, then flick their wrists viciously – imbedding the rods deeply into the anxiously awaiting, fleshy bottoms of the two misfit teens.


Half an hour later, after the girls’ hysterical screams had subsided into sobs of contrition, the three ladies comforted them by rubbing a soothing lotion with heavy emollients into their horribly striped bottoms. Their bottoms looked more like they’d been in a catfight rather than the ten solid minutes of sensual, loving and correctional care they’d received.

“You girls took your punishments very well,” April added as she thought she heard Shannon moan as she rubbed the lotion into her well defined, sore bum.

The blonde disciplinarian then glanced over to the other side of the cabin, where, on the couch, Maura, Veronica and Janet were all topsy-turvy in a wild threesome – with the vivacious Veronica doing some serious “muff diving” off the coast of Vagina with the young, curious teen whose bottom she’d just switched.

“Come with me, darling,” April whispered in Shannon’s ear as she sensually kissed her on her quivering lips – leaving the youngster with a taste of nicotine and the thought of all those cigarette’s she’d watched her beautiful disciplinarian smoke. This further heightened her feelings for this strong, vibrant woman who whipped and cleansed her of her wrongdoing. April pulled back from the softness of Shannon’s cheeks and surveyed the excited look of a virgin with total willingness.

“Let me show you some of the pleasures of being eighteen.”

April sensually sucked on her index finger – then inserted it into her soon-to be lover’s warm, sopping wet pussy. The young redhead moaned and shuddered at her sexy blonde’s touch. April sucked her finger while smiling into Shannon’s eyes as she let her young, Irish lass have a taste.

Then they walked out into the room hand in hand to join the others.

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