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Masquerade Ball

The blaring hip-hop and R&B music synchronized with the energy that oozed of the hundred costumed bodies at my Halloween Masquerade Ball at the Cipriani in Wall Street. Guests thronged the dance floor and photographers from my Goodfella$ magazine ran around snapping pictures of the guests. I wore a red metallic Versace suit; identical to the one Puff Daddy had on in the “Mo Money Mo Problems” video, being an observant.  I felt happy and blessed that the party was a big turnout!

I drank a bottle of Cîroc at the bar, and decided to hit the dance floor. I danced with two tanned gorgeous women garbed like Angels. We were bumping and grinding like a trio of freaks. I enjoyed every second of it. A green-eyed light-skinned Goddess with blonde wavy hair clothed in a Princess Jasmine costume gazed at me. It was French model Noémie Lenoir. I rubbed my eyes to be assured; she was smiling and I was the center of her attention.

After dancing for an hour, I took a break at the bar. Noémie stood in a dark spot unattended. I made up my mind to walk over and chat with her. Without saying a word, I kissed her soft, wet lips.

“I had to kiss you,” I told her.

“Lucky for you, you’re the only guy who can kiss me, Mar’e!” She replied.

“It feels great being me now!” I responded. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“You know I am,” Noémie answered. “Come on, let us dance!”

Out on the dance floor, we laughed a lot, clearly having such a great time. The more we drank and dance, the bolder we got. I had one hand on Noémie’s ass, and the other hand playing with her tits. As I kissed her, she reached down and touched my dick.

“You are making me so fucking wet,” she whispered, pecking on my ear. “I’m so fucking horny.”

“Now, I am really into you, baby girl. Let’s get off the dance floor and go somewhere more private.”

She laughed and I led her to a room, located upstairs. Getting there, we kissed. The look in her eyes said it all; she wanted me so bad, trembling as the desire overwhelmed her! Noémie removed my jacket and then lifted up my tank top. She kissed my mouth, licked my neck, and chest. Then she had me in her mouth and gave me one incredible blowjob.

Several minutes later, Noémie stood up and proceeded to stripped herself. Her body was a remarkable sight! She climbed on the table and stretched out flat, giving me a seductive smile. I caressed her slim, yet supple body with my hands and lips. Then I worked my way down her flat toned stomach, and dove into her shaved pussy; she could offer me nothing as much delicious as her pussy and I lingered between her thighs, eating it passionately.

“Yeah, taste me, eat me! Ooh … you’re soo … mmm … good,” Noémie moaned. “Don’t stop.”

I continued to lick her pussy. Noémie giggled, and let out a yell. Her fingers ran through my hair. She bucked her hips into my face as I took her clit avidly; and then, she climaxed in a minute.

Noémie’s legs trembled, and I wasted no time to shove my hard dick down her lubed sex fruit. It churned around my shaft, receiving it without any objection she moaned, and screamed. Her voice quivered with each thrust. I squeezed her round breasts, sucked her nipples, and kept on fucking her. I knew, perceiving the dazed look in her eyes, that she was receiving the best treat of her life. She clawed at my back, tearing the skin as I reached the crescendo.

“Are you going to cum for me?” Noémie spoke, panting with each thrust I made.

“Hell yeah,” I spoke out.

“I want you to cum on my breasts,” She sighed.

Promptly acting on her desire, I pulled my dick from her pussy and ejaculated on Noémie’s breasts. She rubbed it on herself and licked her fingers clean.

We had what we wanted to do with each other. After some recharge, we got dressed and went back to hit the dance floor. Dancing nonstop, we stayed there until the party was over. Feeling horny for each other, we resolved to go out together. I wished goodnight to all my guests and thanked them for coming out and celebrating the party without any commotion or mischief.

The chauffeur declared that Noémie was already waiting for me in the car. I told him our first destination was her place. I moved into the backseat and there was Noémie sitting there naked with a smile on her face. Aroused, I pulled my pants down. She deep-throated me like a pro and led me into delirium. My hands explored her intimate parts and then I ate her out.

Bringing each other to a few bouts of climax, we reached her West Side hotel.

“Will you call me tomorrow night?” she asked.

I could see a naughty glint in her eyes. “Sure I will,” I promised.

We kissed each other before she got down and bade me farewell.

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