Rapid Pleasure


It was a nice breezy Saturday morning in New York City. I was going home, after departing from my friend’s birthday bash at a lower Manhattan bar. Too drunk to drive home, I decided to utilize that MetroCard that I had in my pocket for weeks. So, I dashed down to Brooklyn Bridge – City Hall / Chambers Street Subway station steps like a sprinter. Then I swiped through the turnstile, and saw that the #6 local train was there already. I got on the last car and sighed with relief that it was clean and air-conditioned. Vaguely remembering that I ever had a venture in the subway car, I pulled out my new gold iPhone 5S and took a picture of myself in the deserted train car.

As the metallic doors closed, I sat in the single seat and closed my eyes. Images of me having fun at the party roamed my head. I thought I was watching myself in a high-priced hip-hop music video sipping Cîroc Amaretto along, dancing with biracial women, and wisecracking with a few friends. They complemented me on my Versace Medusa Embroidered T-shirt and matching Air Jordan “Grape” V sneakers.

Opening my eyes, I found my Greek friend Nicole Aniston who sat in front of me being clad in a honey-colored trench coat and black gloves. She still had that perfect smile and permanent creamy Californian tan. On her feet was a pair of black five-inch stiletto heels. Her shiny flawless long wavy platinum-blond hair hung around her shoulders. She looked like a stunning hooker from the old sex-crazed Times Square.

“Hey, what’s up, Nicole? How are you?” I asked.

“I’m good.” She chuckled. “You still look the same, Mar’e. You  haven’t aged at all.”

“Thanks.” I smiled. “Girl, you look amazing too! I just left a party.”

“Oh, yeah! How was it?”

“A boost of energy,” I said, giving her a wink. “Enjoyed a lot there but I didn’t have this much fun in the New York City for long. That party was an exception, to make my summer.”

“I wish I was there, because my night was lousy.”

“Word! What happened?”

“I went to meet this guy at his place. He was very sweet and generous. I was in the mood to fuck his brains out but he couldn’t get it up for me. So I was just… pissed!”

I laughed. “Wow, that’s really bad! How could he not get it up for a sexy-ass woman like you.”

“Yeah funny, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I admitted. “I feel bad that you wasted your time seeing him.”

“I’m still horny! I want to fuck! I put on my best outfit for him.”

“Damn, really?”

Nicole got up and flashed me to show she was not wearing any clothes under her trench coat. Her nudeness aroused me to the max. Nicole had a perfect body! Her curves were mouthwatering! Perky tits and perfectly shaved pussy were her assets. I could inhale the sweet vanilla scent wafting from her love box and the aroma was intoxicating. I felt the sexual heat emanating from her creamy pussy. Nicole sat down with a smile on her face. My facial expression made her laugh.

“Did I make your cock hard?” She asked smilingly.

I nodded and replied, “Yes.”

The train pulled into the Bleecker Street station. The doors slid open and nobody boarded the car. Then the doors closed and the train rolled on. I never had sex on a subway train before even though it was a fantasy of mine. I was praying to God that Nicole and I have the car to ourselves if we do fuck until we reach our train stop.

“How big is your cock?” Nicole asked as she rubbed her pussy.

“Eleven inches.”

“My, my, that’s a mouthful.” Nicole continued. “You have an enormous dick.”

“That’s right! And you look you have a great sex drive.”

“I do actually. I am super horny. I need some black cock. Do you think you can handle me?”

“Oh, you know I can.” I replied.

“So you know what that means…”

We were all over each other like two wild freaks in the summer heat. Our hands were roaming freely on each other’s body. We were kissing hard. Nicole’s tits were beautiful and succulent. I held them and avidly sucked her pink nipples. Her moans aroused me to keep up with the good work. I looked up at her glacier-blue eyes and continued sucking her nipples. Then we kissed again and she began sucking on my tongue, which turned me on. She bit my lower lip and then took my dick into her warm mouth. I loved the eye contact she gave me while sucking and licking my dick.

“Yes, suck it good, baby.” I murmured. I was fucking her warm, wet mouth at a smooth face. The sensations Nicole was giving me with her oral techniques were unbelievable! “It’s time for this Goodfella to devour you, honey.” I whispered.

After kissing her lips, I caressed her body with my hands and lips, and worked my way down her flat belly. Then my tongue flicked on her navel and pussy. I licked up her delicious peach, repeatedly! I glued my mouth to her throbbing clit and went on with sucking it. I ate her out with relish and looked up at her!

“Oh, that feels so good!” Nicole quavered. “Please don’t stop, baby. What a tongue you have!”

“It is good to eat you for eternity, my sweet.”

Nicole’s wet love flower continued secreting its tasty nectar and I slurped it up. Her love juices covered my face. The smell and the creamy taste intoxicated me. Nicole clutched my head and moaned aloud as I kept licking and sucking her swollen clit. Then she had one intense orgasm that triggered her to shriek my name.

“Put that big dick inside me, big boy.” Nicole demanded.

I lifted Nicole up and held her firmly by her wide hips. A broad smile curved her lips as I had her bouncing up and down on my dick. She screamed in pleasure and pain. We were fucking a wild scenario while the subway train raced through the dark tunnels. Even when the train would stop and the doors opened, we fucked without missing a beat. Nicole’s preoccupation was obvious for the dick I was giving her. She squirted hard and covered my dick with her juices. While her body trembled, Nicole held me tight. I stopped, reserving my energy. Nicole sat on the hard seat breathing hard.

“Oh, my God, you have a boner!” Nicole sighed. “I need a little time out to get myself together.”

“We cannot stop now, baby. You charged me up.”

She laughed.

Nicole playfully pushed me on the cool, hard seat and climbed atop me. I watched as she slowly buried my dick into her pussy. She started riding me like an unrestrained animal. The massage her well-trained pussy muscles were giving my dick was majestic. I felt a tremendous burst of exquisite pleasure, put my hands behind my head, and began watching in amazement at Nicole’s bouncy tits. I could stare at her tits all night because I loved them. Nicole started squeezing her erect nipples in my face. Then I grabbed her ass and held it tight as I plunged my cock deeper into her pussy. She moaned, panted, and did this twisty up-and-down maneuver on my dick. I liked that stripper-like move!

“Before you cum, let me watch you shoving that dick up my ass!”

I turned Nicole around, bent her over, and in one smooth motion began fucking her in the rear. I was banging Nicole’s ass hard and deep. The groaning and unintelligible things she was saying were incredible. The rocking of the subway train only added to our stimulation. It felt great fucking Nicole in the ass while looking out the window. I smiled at the fact that I finally fulfilled my subway fantasy. As the train kept barreling uptown and getting near my subway stop, I felt that common explosive bubbling up in my groin.

“I’m about to cum, baby.” I announced.

“Give me all that cum!” Nicole demanded.

I pulled out and shot my golden cum on Nicole’s lower back. My ejaculation was copious! I felt rejuvenated after releasing that hot cum.

When Nicole cleaned herself with a hand sanitizer, we got dressed. We were both sexually satisfied and wisecracking after our wild subway venture. The fact that we had sex in the train, even though no audience was there, made it truly exciting.

As the train stopped at 51st Street station and the doors opened, I grabbed Nicole’s hand and we hopped off the train. After walking up the stairs, we French kissed and began walking to my place on Yorkville Avenue.

“Thank you for that rapid pleasure, love.” I told Nicole.

“Same to you baby,” she said.

We kissed again and walked inside my building.


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