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My Neighbors



When you are single and have a non traditional job, people get ideas about you. I am a 40 years old single guy that design sex toys. I spend most of the time out of my house in New York, but when I am there, I usually had attractive young women coming in and out of the house. More recently, my “niece” Elena moved with me, ending the stream of visitors, but starting a new round of gossip around the neighborhood. She is a 18 years old girl who loves to dye her hair in neon colors and a few months ago lost her virginity to me. She now works with me, designing lingerie that complements my toys, so often we are together out on the road.

That weekend, though, Elena had gone to a fashion show on Los Angeles while I stayed home. I felt lonely at home without her, so I decided to take a few drinks on a local bar. I ordered a beer, sat on a stool on the bar and began to look at the people at the dancing floor when I spotted my neighbor Maritza. She is one of these women that can only be described as a bombshell.

Maritza is a light brown Brazilian, with long wavy brown hair, and at 42, a body that many teens would die to have. Everything in that woman is sexual – her body, the way she walks, the way she talks, even the way she scratches her head – and dancing was no exception. She knows she is pure sexual desire and she enjoys playing the part. I had discovered many of our male neighbors staring at her when she washes her car in shorts and a tight top, drooling at the view of her big ass and breasts pressed inside her skimpy clothes. The thing is that nobody had even tried to fool around with her due to her husband, Esteban. The guy was a mountain of a man – 6′ 6”, a former Navy SEAL who simply put the fear of God in you by scratching his chin in one of the t-shirts he wore. The guy had the biggest biceps I had seen out of freak bodybuilders. You knew that if you messed with this guy, he could snap your neck as easy as sneezing.

Knowing them as I did, I was surprised of not seeing Esteban at the bar. Maritza was doing her usual teasing – she danced with anyone close, and when the guy got closer to feel her skin, she would let him get a taste for a few seconds and then she would separate, reclaiming her space. I was admiring her dress – a simple but sexy red dress with matching high heels – when she noticed me and our eyes crossed paths. She smiled and looked to the left. Following her gaze, I found Esteban sitting at the end of the bar, enjoying the show given by his wife. Maritza stopped dancing and went to Esteban. They talked for a while and then she resumed her dancing, but a lot less provocative. It seemed that my presence had spoiled their fun – and mine – so I decided to greet Esteban before leaving the bar.

“Hey, Esteban, how are you?”

“I’m fine brother, but it is a rarity to see you here. We barely see you around, especially since you became a nanny” he said, making fun of my living arrangements with Elena. “By the way, shouldn’t you be changing diapers or something?”

“No, Esteban. She stopped using diapers years ago and she is in L.A., working for a few days. She is in a lingerie fashion show and I cannot be around women in thongs without nailing at least one, so I stayed…” I said just to brush out the issue. “I was bored and came here to have a beer. I was leaving when I saw Maritza dancing…”

“Yes, she loves dancing. Me, I am more about the drinking and seeing what’s going on… But man, don’t leave now! You don’t have anyone waiting for you, so what’s the hurry. Let me invite you to another one at least!” he shot back. I knew him well enough to never reject one of his invitations, so I stayed. He signaled to Maritza and she came to our corner smiling and demanding a seat between me and her husband.

We began doing small talk, and I noticed that during the conversation, the touching was increasing. Not only between Maritza and Esteban, but between Maritza and me. First the were the innocent hand on your shoulder, or on your arm or thigh, but soon her hands were caressing my ear, or the hand on my back fell slowly to my ass and stayed there for a while. It was Maritza taking her teasing game further, so I played the game following her own rules. My hands now and then caressed her neck or brushed her breasts, or simply crawled from her waist to her ass. She did not complain, and Esteban did not care because he was having a similar treatment from his wife.

“Lets dance” she said grabbing my arm and without waiting for an answer, dragged me to the dance floor. It was one of those slow ballads and she embraced me like a drowning man embraces a life saver. Our bodies were fused together and the way she moved made me hard. We were cheek to cheek when she whispered on my ear that “someone wanted to play”, referring to my erection that wanted to break free from my pants. I answered that it was the normal response to a woman like her and then, still dancing, she placed her arms around my neck and kissed my mouth.

I responded the kiss until I remembered who she was – and who her husband was. I was expecting to find Esteban charging against me, ready to beat the shit out of me, but when I broke the kiss and looked around, I found him on the same place we left him, looking at us and smiling as if it was Christmas morning!

Maritza kissed me again and told me not to worry about Esteban. Their relationship was open and they loved to “share their victims”. The music stopped and we went back to the bar, where Esteban took the word.

“Enjoying the night neighbor?” he asked with a smile.

“Well, yes… but I’m a little confused here.” I said smelling a trap.

“Don’t be confused… Maritza is too damn sexy for myself, so now and then we go out, pick a prey and convince him – or her –  to do a threesome. Tonight, my friend you were in the right place to be hunted. So what do you say?”

I’m not a prude, but I had never shared a woman with another guy, much less her own husband. But the chance of fucking Maritza was tempting.

“Look, we are just inviting you to play with us.” Maritza said with her Brazilian accent. “ You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You can participate, or just look while we fuck. It is your call… but I think your friend down here would approve…” she said, giving a soft squeeze to my erection that was noticeable through my pants. “Yes or no?”

Who the hell could think clear with a sexy woman grabbing your junk? Of course my answer was yes!

Esteban clapped and led the way out to the parking lot. I had gone walking to the place (it is just a few blocks away from home), but they had their car there. Maritza was holding my hand as if I was a small child on the first day of school. Esteban went on the driving seat and told us to go on the back seat. He would be our driver for the night.

As soon the car began moving, Maritza attacked the zipper of my pants, struggling to free my erection. She did and while she delicately stroked my penis, we kissed and I kept my hands busy caressing her breasts and hips over the dress. Esteban was looking at the show on the rear view mirror, but I only had thoughts for Maritza’s body and her treatment to my cock. It was as big and thick as it would get, and Maritza could read minds because I just had the wish of her sucking my cock when she put her lips around it. After an initial suck, she began licking it, softly and slowly, teasing every inch of my rod. She would lick the head, then the lower side, then the upper side, then the balls. She was torturing me, making me to ask for a full force blow job. She knew what she was doing, because I was in seventh heaven. Esteban was looking without missing a detail, noticing how  she bit the tip of my cock with just the exact pressure to produce pleasure and not pain, followed by her getting the whole length inside her hungry mouth. The torture on my cock, her breasts on my hands, and her husband observing us was too much for me. I came with a explosion that was so sudden, I could not warn Maritza. My cum went directly to her throat – and she kept sucking hard until nothing was left inside.

“I’m sorry… I usually give a warning.” I said, ashamed of forcing her to swallow

“Don’t worry. It was what I wanted…” she said

Esteban had stopped the car. We were already at their driveway, with my house next to it. They wanted to go to their house, and I agreed. We went in, sat on the sofa and placed a a few drinks on the table. Maritza took off her clothes and sat butt naked between Esteban and me. Each of us took a side, but that arrangement did not last long because Esteban took charge of Maritza’s thighs, belly and her pussy while I commanded her mouth, neck, and breasts. She was there, enjoying the whole idea of having two men exploring every inch of her body. My cock was ready for round two and I could see that Esteban wanted to freed his own. We needed to go to the bedroom – and fast!

Our clothes disappeared as soon as we entered the bedroom and Maritza took our cocks and began giving some love, first to the one on the right, then the one on the left. I wanted to fuck her pussy, so I moved in position, leaving Esteban receiving one of those great blowjobs his wife gives. With the rubber in place, I parked my cock on the entrance of her pussy, but I did not penetrate her. I wanted her to beg for it, just like she did to me on the car. Esteban got the hint and played with her nipples while I rubbed my erection on her labia – up and down – noticing how Maritza got wetter and wetter. Her moans were getting louder thanks to the pleasure we were giving her – and we liked it…

“Can you please, please fuck me?” Maritza almost shouted taking Esteban’s cock out of her mouth for a nanosecond to say that.

She ordered and I delivered. I slowly pushed my erection inside her pussy, making her moan over her hubby’s pole that was deep into her mouth. From my position, I noticed how Esteban tensed his body while unloading a huge ejaculation in her mouth, just like I had done earlier in the car. She tried to swallow everything, but it was too much – small streams of man juice were overflowing through the side of her lips, running down through her cheeks. Meanwhile, I was pounding her pussy with abandon thanks to the earlier nut. Maritza was enjoying the in-and-out because she began to shout in Portuguese for me to fuck her harder and faster. I accelerated the rhythm and she had an orgasm that soaked my cock with her juices. I gave her a few minutes to recover, but I was still hard. There was another hole I wanted to try.

I rolled her over and began fingering her asshole. She knew what was next and she relaxed, allowing me to fuck her ass right away. It felt exactly as I wanted, like a glove around my cock. She gave muffled moans with every thrust when I noticed that Esteban was hard again. I rolled on by back and sat Maritza on my pole, facing him. Her ass was busy with my penis, so he got the invitation and invaded her pussy with his. Maritza found herself double penetrated in a sandwich and the excitement provoked another wet orgasm. With it I grabbed her hips and pushed my dick up into her ass as deep as I could to cum for the second time that evening. Esteban kept pumping his wife until he came again.

We broke our human sandwich and I went to the bathroom. When I came back to the bedroom, Maritza was in all fours with Esteban violently fucking her ass. The picture of this gorgeous woman with her head down on a pillow, screaming of pleasure while her husband destroyed her anus was enough to make my cock to wake. This time I sat on a recliner chair, stroking my now erect penis to the live porn I was watching. The ass rape lasted for a while, but for my benefit, when Esteban was going to cum, he removed his cock from Maritza’s gaping asshole and sprayed her face and hair with semen. I stood from the recliner and followed his example, sending a few ropes of white cum over his wife’s face.

After all that action we were spent, so we went into their jacuzzi where Maritza kept kissing me and stroking my flaccid cock while Esteban enjoyed a kissing her back and groping her breasts from behind. They asked me to sleep with them and the three of us went to bed naked, Maritza again the middle of a sandwich.

I woke up a few hours later, took my clothes and went to my house. For some reason I did not want to be on their bed when Esteban woke up with his morning wood…

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