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A Friendly Visit.

My sister-in-law, Tara, was a terrific looking lady. Tall, at around 5 foot 9 inches, twenty-six years of age, straight red hair which fell to just below the shoulder and a figure of 34C-24-34. We had recently fucked three times and I was certainly hoping for more of the same!

The fucks had been evenly spaced out, around three weeks apart. It was now almost three weeks since the last one, so I was thinking up all sorts of possibilities about how I could get her alone for long enough, without my brother and wife from finding out. I needn’t have bothered, as she phoned me and arranged the next get-together!

With my wife and brother working during the day, as a shift worker I had plenty of opportunities to meet up with Tara, who stayed at home and lived a life of leisure. So when she phoned me up and asked if I was interested in helping out, I wasn’t going to refuse…

She had ‘accidentally’ twisted her ankle shortly after arranging a trip to visit an old school friend in the country about 30 miles away, and asked if I would drive her. I immediately said “Of course” and managed to avoid cumming for a few days before the trip, so that my balls would be full to the brim, expecting to stop en-route for some fun..

The drive to visit her friend took about an hour and I was amazed to see Sue, an absolute babe, waiting for us. I hadn’t really known what to expect, but she was a stunner. Short, wavy brown hair, steely blue eyes and something like a 36C-25-36 figure and the most gorgeous arse you could ever wish to lay your hands on.

The girls chatted away, whilst I took a walk around the huge garden, discovering the secluded, suntrap patio where I wondered if Sue used to sunbathe naked. I sat on one of the loungers and rested, catching the warm afternoon sun, as I felt my cock harden in my jeans, thinking about Sue. A few minutes later I was joined by the girls, who had by now changed into bikinis, Sue’s was white and Tara’s, a deep salmon colour.

They were giggling like teenagers and sat down on a couple of the remaining loungers and then Sue suddenly asked if I was broad-minded. I wasn’t sure why she’d asked me, so I said, “Yes” and she stood up and took her bikini top off! I just sat there open-mouthed, staring at her fantastic perky tits until Tara also stood up and took her top off as well. They giggled again and then Tara pointed out that I was a little over-dressed, so I played along, thinking this was just for fun, and took my T-shirt off so that we were all ‘topless’.

Tara then walked across to where Sue was sitting and, grabbing some sun cream off the table, started to spread the cream all over Sue’s back. They were obviously enjoying it as I could see Sue, who was sitting with her legs slightly apart, was getting turned on as a small wet patch formed in her bikini bottom.

I couldn’t help but notice and Sue didn’t seem too bothered as she saw me staring and was kind enough to move to give me an even better look! By now, as I watched Sue’s firm, perky tits gently bobbing as Tara rubbed the cream in to her back, my cock was rock hard and very uncomfortable in my tight jeans. Tara was only to well aware of my predicament and smiled sweetly, nodding gently, letting me know she knew I was turned on.

Then it was Tara’s turn to be creamed and Sue turned to me and said why don’t I do it. Tara sat down and giggled that she would love me to do it, so I stood up and walked over to Tara and squirted some cream on her back and began to rub it in. Sue leant back in her lounger, legs apart, wanting me to see her wet patch. She began to slide her hands over her flat stomach and down across her bikini bottom. I stopped creaming Tara as I just stared at Sue run her hands across her firm, sexy body, obviously pleasuring herself.

Tara began to complain that I wasn’t concentrating on her and I apologized. So I carried on, eagerly wondering what was next on the menu. I didn’t have to wait long as Tara turned to face me and asked “Rub the cream over my tits”. I looked at her in amazement and she then said “Don’t worry, I’ve told Sue all about you and she wants to watch us. She gets her kicks from watching couples fuck”.

Sue smiled at me and said, “We won’t be disturbed. Go on – fuck her brains out! I’m not going to join in, I’m only here to watch”. She then slipped off her bikini bottom exposing her sopping wet, hairy cunt to me and quickly inserted two fingers and began to expertly probe inside herself.

Caught by the surprise, I hesitated for a moment until Tara grabbed my hands and forced them down across her breasts. I caressed them for only a short time before being reminded that I was still overdressed. Tara turned to face me and slowly undid my belt and dropped my jeans to the floor. She then gently massaged my cock through my pants, watching my pre-cum form my very own wet patch.

Tara then slipped her hand over my waistband, pulled my pants down, to expose my hard cock before wrapping her lips carefully around it. She then began to tease my cock, slowly licking the whole shaft and taking it fully into her mouth. After what seemed like an eternity, but barely a minute later, Tara wrapped her hand around the base and wanked me gently into her mouth. My orgasm began to build as I watched Sue feverishly fingering herself.

Ever since, at the tender age of 16, I had watched a 30 year old show me how a woman wanked I had been fascinated by it and eagerly watched at every opportunity. Sue’s orgasm was obviously close and I watched as she rubbed her clitty harder and faster as she started to buck uncontrollably. She suddenly screamed out “I’m cumming” before collapsing back on to the lounger. Sue slowly removed her soaking wet fingers from her cunt and offered them to Tara, who eagerly accepted the invitation to lick them clean. Tara then leant over and took my cock back into her mouth, sucking furiously and noisily as she worked me towards an explosive orgasm.

But as I much as I wanted to, I didn’t want to shoot my first load of spunk into a mouth. The first load was destined for a cunt and I didn’t mind which of the girls it was going to be. I pulled away from Tara, forced her to stand against the fence and ripped off her bikini bottom. Tara’s pussy was soaked through, her red pubes totally matted and her cunt lips clearly visible as I leant forward and ran my tongue across them. She shivered and grabbed my head, preventing me from moving away – as if I would!

Having licked her out a couple of times, I knew just where to start and my tongue began to dart in and out of her sweet smelling cunt, and then I flicked it up and down the slit, moving closer to her clitty, until she gave that low, throaty moan that told me I’d found it. I then flicked and teased it with both my tongue and fingers, causing her to moan loudly “Don’t stop. Don’t stop”.

I then dropped into the doggy position, licking out Tara’s soaking wet pussy as she leant up against the garden fence. Just then, I felt a pair of hands grab hold of my cock and balls and begin to massage them.

I stopped briefly and looked over my shoulder to see Sue up close, urging me to make Tara cum, as she gently fondled my cock and balls. This wasn’t what I’d expected as Sue was only supposed to watch and it only heightened the pleasure I was experiencing. Tara quickly forced my head back down onto her pussy and I began to explore, darting my tongue inside and probing for her clitty. I knew I’d found it as she begged me to “Keep licking – just there”. Her breathing became laboured and she gasped as an orgasm ripped through her trembling body. She would have collapsed to the floor if she hadn’t been leaning against the fence.

Whilst this was going on, I could feel Sue’s firm breasts and nipples, pushed up against my back as she stroked my cock. The pleasure I was experiencing was almost painful – simply too strong for me to resist for much longer and I could feel my orgasm building fast.

I wanted this to last forever so I made myself stand up, breaking off from Sue’s touch and walked over to a spare lounger and sat down, my cock in my hand. I began to stroke myself and asked the girls to kneel down next to me. I then wanked off with both girls licking their lips in anticipation of me spunking a load all of them. But one was to be disappointed and, quite frankly, it didn’t bother me which one, as I suddenly stopped wanking and said, “OK, who wants the first load inside them?”

Sue shouted first; so I ordered her into the doggy position and drove my cock deep inside her as Tara sat on the lounger stroking her own pussy with one hand and her breast with the other. I banged away inside Sue’s tight cunt and leant over and began to massage her nipples and breasts. Then, taking hold of Sue’s shoulders I pushed deeper and deeper inside her as my thrusts became more urgent.

I then told Tara to finger Sue’s pussy. She looked aghast and then with the hint of a smile, she leant over and touched another woman’s pussy (for the first time, she told me on the drive home). This drove Sue crazy and she began to buck like a young horse, causing me to drive my cock deeper inside her causing my balls to bounce off her firm, silky thighs, with a loud slapping noise.

I couldn’t hold back and told them I was cumming. With one long hard thrust I pushed deeply into Sue’s cunt and exploded. Her cunt muscles milked my cock of every drop, as I collapsed across her back. Tara fingered Sue’s pussy and also ran her fingers over my balls feeling them empty into Sue’s cunt.

I pulled back and slipped out of Sue. Tara immediately came over and took my cock, now covered in a combination of spunk and Sue’s love juices, into her mouth and licked me clean. Squeezing the last drop of spunk onto her own tongue, Tara then leant over to Sue and french kissed it onto Sue’s tongue.

As my orgasm subsided, both girls cuddled each other on a lounger as I watched. After a few minutes, my cock began to harden again and I told both girls I was ready again.

“Not this time” said Tara “just watch!” and so began the girls’ firstly truly lesbian experience, with me gently wanking off watching from a few feet away. This was something I’d always wanted to see, so I did what I was told and boy, what a time they had.

The girls have promised me another performance, as they know my wife simply isn’t interested in anything like this… I can’t wait!

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