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The Whipcream Ladies

I think I may have told you about my friend Adrienne. Our friendship goes back ten years, and, as 30 year old single gals have to have someone to tell their sexual woes to, we visit quite often. Ten days ago Adrienne invited me over to her house for dinner. I arrived promptly at 7PM with a bottle of wine. It was oppressively hot so we had dinner on the back porch. We weren’t too uncomfortable as we were both wearing just tee shirts and shorts. The wine and conversation helped make the evening pleasant, and, after eating, Adrienne opened another bottle of wine, and rolled us a joint.

What a splendid evening. Time moved on, and I must admit the weather, weed and wine was making us weak and woozy. At one point when we had been silent for a minute I noticed that Adrienne’s gaze was fixated on me, the lower half of me actually.

“Watcha looking at Ade?” I asked.
“I was just noticing what nice thighs you have,” she responded. “And they are so terribly white and smooth.”
“We redheads tend to stay out of the sun, Ade,” I commented, then added “Your legs are great, too. Must stir a lot of men’s passions.”

With that comment she began to lightly stroke her thighs, and, surprise, I felt myself getting turned on by her sensual movements. What the hell is going on? Adrienne and I are always honest and forthright with each other, so I told her what was happening.

“Are you aware that what you are doing is actually getting me sexually aroused?” I asked.
“Well if you must know, Chris, I’m doing this because I am inexplicably getting hot looking at your pearly limbs,” she replied.
I got out of my chair, and sat on the floor next to her. My hand went to her thigh, and started rubbing it. I needed to see if it felt as good as it looks. Actually women have much better legs than men. Adrienne seemed to warm to this, and minutes later we were lying on the floor snuggling and rubbing various parts of each other’s anatomy. Our minds were a bit foggy from imbibing our current drugs of choice, but our senses seemed to be heightened considerably.

“What do you like best about sex Chris?” asked Adrienne.
I thought a bit, and responded “Having that big meaty dick in my pussy.”
She followed up with another question, “Have you ever had anything other than a dick in your pussy?”
“Well just once,” I embarrassedly admitted. I then told her about my episode on the bus (I’ve already written a story about that).
“Chris, do you want to see if we have anything that will fit inside of us?”
“Sure, Ade, lets go raid the kitchen.”

We made a detailed survey of the fridge and cupboards.. Food was of particular interest right now as we were getting the munchies.
“A banana, Adrienne, that’s what you need for stuffing,” I said as I spied a bunch of six on the counter.
Ade said that was fine, but she didn’t want something with a hard peel shoved up her twat, so I peeled a couple of them, and told her to drop her shorts and hit the deck. I also dropped my shorts, and tee shirt, and squatted down in between her spread legs. This was really sexy. The next thing I heard myself saying was, “Hey your puss is probably pretty dry. Want me to moisten it up for you?” She didn’t say a word, but I interpreted the pleading look in her eyes to mean “have at it.”

Now picture me leaning against the kitchen wall, dragging her to me by the legs. Up to my shoulders and on up the wall go those beautiful long limbs. I have this big black bush (Adrienne is a French name, but she is half Chinese, and thus the black triangle) right in front of me. The novelty of this has me drooling from both my top and bottom orifices. I’m so spaced out that I just want to sit and look at the pretty pussy that rests just a few inches from my face, but I have an assignment to complete. My head bends forward; my arms are wrapped around her thighs. Now my face is beginning to penetrate the dark, dense jungle. My tongue shoots out as if this is something I do all the time. It encounters something soft and moist and warm and delicately scented. Just how far can I submerge my face in this marvelous sex patch? I licked; I slurped. My face in her puss, and my arms around those smooth legs made me even more inebriated. Soft moans of pleasure escaped from Adrienne’s lips. As my whole face was now quite wet from her juices, I decided that it was time for the bananas. I took one peeled banana and slowly pushed it into her sex box. Fortunately the bananas were still slightly green so there was little chance of them breaking up during their journey to the interior. Adrienne likes this. She purrs as I gently push, and then gently pull back. “Wait, stop,” she says, and leaps to her feat. She rummages in the fridge and comes back with more supplies.

We giggled and quickly put the new food to use. And there we stood, two gals with white bananas sticking out our pussies, a red maraschino cherry toothpicked on to each banana, and whip cream covering our pubes and tits. We slowly walked into her bedroom, and lined up in front of her floor length closet mirror. Arms around each other we admired our decorated bodies. We stared in the mirror, and gradually developed this immense hunger for each other. Ade lay on her back on the bed, and I knelt by the side, bent over, and started licking the whip cream from her titties. My tongue savored the cream and the feeling of the tight warm skin beneath. I gave special attention to circling the nipples and making sure they were cleaned properly.
“Stop making a mess, Ade,” I admonished. Adrienne was becoming so aroused that her fingers had made a quick trip down to her fur farm, and were mushing around in the whip cream.
“Let’s 69 this,” she whispered. I jumped in bed, and with both of us heads to twats we began a feast. I had never licked my way through pubic hair before, but my tongue was equal to the feast. Sucking sounds filled the room as we vacuumed our way around each other’s crotches. We pushed our banana pricks in as far as they would go so that they wouldn’t get in the way of our licking. Now we grabbed each other’s bottoms and pulled them into our faces. Tummy rubbed against tummy, butts clenching as our muscles strained to get closer and closer. My face was full of cream and pussy drippings. Then we started on the bananas. We moved the faux pricks slowly in and out, their surfaces now slick from our juice. I really felt like I was being fucked, and the fact that another woman was doing it set me on fire. Then we switched bananas. My arousal went up several notches as I thought about Adrienne’s banana in me covered with the sweet sap of her sex.

“God, Ade, why haven’t we done this before?” I cried.
Adrienne was breathing so hard in her passion that she couldn’t respond.
Our minds must have united, because we both sat up at the same time. We perched on the side of the bed, body tight against body, and one arm around each other’s back. We looked in the mirror, and now saw two shapely young women holding each other close and masturbating with bananas. This was really something. Jilling ourselves and watching the action, WOW!
“Chris, is this as much of a turn on to you as it is to me?” panted Adrienne.
“Fuck, Ade, this is unbelievable,” I squeezed out between animal grunts. We now took our free hands and started to stimulate our clits while fucking our bananas. We rocked back and forth in unison, leaning against each other, thighs rubbing, tits joggling.
“Wooh wooh wooh,” I sputtered out as Adrienne and I practically bounced ourselves off of the bed.
“What a ride, let’s get there Chris,” yelled Adrienne, and we both pumped our bananas in a blurred frenzy to arrive simultaneously at an unbelievable orgasm. What a show! What fun! We fell back in each others arms, and lie exhausted.
“Dessert time,” I announced, as I pulled out the bananas. She ate mine, and I ate hers. “Now where did the cherries go?” we said simultaneously. Hmmmmmmm.

Now that was a fun evening.

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