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Abuse? I loved it

The following events happened at the behest of my father; he wanted me to have no hormonal or romantic distractions as I learned the ropes of the family business empire; problem is, he caught me wanking, at 18 a perfectly natural thing to do, but, a distraction as far as he was concerned.

I had just returned from an all male boarding school in Sussex, barely having passed my A Level exams, dad was not best pleased. Dad was all business; to his credit he was a massive success; I didn’t have a room in our palatial home, I had a suite, bathroom, lounge, everything, and he wanted me to further enhance the family fortune.

That is all well and good, but teenagers do have needs and I knew nothing of women. I actually hardly knew my family having been schooled away from home for so long. The only young female I had any contact with was my now 25 year old sister; my wanking dreams circled around her I’m ashamed to say, because she was the only one I could hold a steady picture of in my mind. She was a treat though, we were the kind of family where she just had to wait until the right man turned up to marry her, she didn’t have to work or anything, she was a lady of leisure, as was my mum; that was Britain in the 70s for you, if you belonged to a certain class.

But at a petite, 5 foot 1 inch, small but pert breasted, red haired stunner, I don’t know what was taking so long for her.


It was at dinner, a time when my mother insisted that the family were together, to be waited on hand and foot by two maid cross waitresses, that father made his announcement.

‘I have spoken with your mother about this morning Richard,’ he began, I looked at her sheepishly, as she smiled back at me. ‘I now realise that my disgust is unwarranted and that is perfectly natural for you to play with yourself.’

My sister Lauren coughed, half laughing at how he’d put it.

‘It has been agreed that your mother will speak you about your needs, so go along to the lounge this evening whilst I’m in my office.’

The birds and the bees speech was coming, I thought.

‘Can you busy yourself elsewhere, Lauren?’

‘No chance,’ she replied, ‘if I am correct in thinking what I’m thinking then I will be there.’

‘I’d prefer that to be honest, George,’ said Mother.

‘Ok,’ he replied, ‘I suppose you’re old enough. But, remember there is a purpose to it, it can’t be taken as a bit of a lark, ok?’

Naïve little me had not a clue what they were meaning.

‘Just come down after your bath, love,’ said mother, ‘there’s no need to get all dressed again, just come in your gown.’

I just nodded; I usually just stayed in my suite reading, or watching one of the 3 television channels we had back then after bathing.


It was eight pm, I was bathed and wearing just a t shirt, pants, slippers, and a bathrobe.

As I walked in to the lounge, father stood to leave.

‘Good lad, you’ve shown up, I wasn’t sure you would,’ he said, ‘please be as prompt every evening because if you can have your needs met at home you can concentrate on our project.’

My mind was still a blank, and I obviously looked confused, because my sister said, ‘He doesn’t realise, does he? after that school he will be as white as the driven snow.’

‘Well. I’ll leave you to it then.’

He left.


Lauren looked as though she had a date and was going out. Checked mini dress, white ankle socks and boots, and her  red hair tied in a cute ponytail.

But she was holding a glass of wine, as was mum. Her look was all for my benefit, but I didn’t know that at that stage.

‘I’m a little nervous suddenly,’ said mother, ‘but I have been looking forward to this, and it doesn’t do to disobey your father.’

No-one disobeyed dad, he never even wanted kids to start, just a trophy wife, which mother was, Laurens looks were from her; but she was a mistake, and the age gap is because dad only decided as the business got massive, that he needed an heir, a daughter would never do, not in that day and age.

‘I have too,’ said Lauren, ‘but I thought you were just doing what you were told.’

‘My word no. How often can a mum have this much fun with a young boy?’

I was waking up.

Never though, they couldn’t, could they? See to my needs suddenly made sense.

Lauren had realised, that I had realised. She stood in front of the door to stop me leaving. God, she was pretty, for such a tiny creature her legs went on forever.

She was deliberately stroking her upper leg, her little skirt riding up ever further. Mum may have been nervous, but Lauren wasn’t it seemed.

‘We had better get on with this mum,’ said Lauren, ‘before he baulks.’

‘Yes, ok,’ replied mum, ‘come to mummy darling.’

Lauren coughed, ‘Could you have put it worse, mum?’ she said. She looked at me. ‘You do know what’s about to happen, don’t you?’

I was now shaking, I nodded.

‘You can stop it you know,’ she said, ‘but, please, please don’t. Sod dad, I really wanna do this to you, so does mum, its time you had some fun, and us come to that. He thinks he’s just given us a chore, but we want to please you, ok?’

She reached for the belt on my robe. She pulled it open.

As soon as she looked down it was obvious that I wanted it to happen; wrong as it is and was, it seemed so right at the time: hormones on turbo.

She pulled off my shirt.

‘Kick of the slippers babe.’

I was in my pants, with an obvious hard on; she turned me to face mum.

‘Your choice mum, shall I take them off?’

‘Not yet dear, let him get used to the idea first.’

What a torment.

‘But bring him closer, please.’

I walked towards my mother, and Lauren pulled my hands behind my back, then wrapping her arms around me.

‘Go for it mum,’ she said, ‘or I’m going to play with him.’

I was trembling, utterly petrified; it was wrong, but who cared?

Mum seemed as nervous as me, it was my sister who the blasé one.

She was rubbing my stomach. I was sweating and twitching.

She was running her hand in a circle, getting lower with every second.

She plunged her hand inside of my pants. I was on tiptoe, moaning with utter joy.

Mum finally put down her glass. She leaned forward, gripping the waistline, she pulled off my pants; I was stark naked in front of two women, and dribbling, rocking on my heels, trembling, and not knowing which day it was.

Mum cupped my balls, as Lauren ran her middle finger along my cock: heaven, but hell too, I really needed to climax.

‘You or me?’ said Lauren.

‘He’s 18 love, I’m sure we can do more than one.’

At that, Lauren wrapped her hand around my cock; as mum realised it was but a moment.

My stomach tightened, my knees parted, and my cock got just that little bit harder, as I screeched to orgasm.

‘Good lad, Richie,’ said mum, ‘that’s not the end of the evening darling, just the start.’


There is a lot more detail, but I’ve never written for the site before, so wont waist my time or yours until I know its worthwhile.

part two to follow I hope.





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