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Wife And My Cousin

A quick summary of  our original position: my wife and I have an average sex life, I have an average sized cock and don’t last the longest but my wife has always appeared to be understanding with this.

When she first met my cousin, she was not particularly keen on him; he’s younger than us and quite cocky and sure of himself even though he is not the best looking guy. She put up with him the first few times but her attitude changed when she found out he had a very large cock. This came about when he stayed at our house one night and walked out of the shower in his boxer shorts and his cock was hanging out of the bottom of his boxers!

The next time we met him she was laughing and joking with him and being very touchy feely with him. He wasn’t complaining as he had already told me he thought she was really sexy. This carried on for the next few times we met and then me and my cousin went out for a drink and he asked me about why she had changed. I asked him had he said anything to her and he said no but she did see him walking out of the bathroom and she may have seen more than she bargained for. I didn’t know what he was talking about until he told me had a large cock. I jokingly said that she must have been impressed and wanted to sample it and without hesitation he said he would be happy to help. We then had a chat and I said I needed to think about it as I had never done anything like this before.

The next weekend he came over to our house and we all went out for a drink. We were all quite tipsy and my wife was again being very touchy feely. When we got back to the house, I told my cousin to go upstairs and come back down in revealing boxers and he was very keen on this idea. I went into the living room and was talking to my wife when my cousin walked in and he must have had three inches of cock hanging out of his boxer shorts. My wife looked and her eyes lit up. I spotted this and asked her if she had seen something she liked? She laughed nervously and said there was something that caught her eye. I just said if she wants to try it she can, and without hesitation she summoned my cousin over and pulled his boxers down to reveal his huge cock.

It was bigger than mine and he wasn’t even hard. She started to stroke it until he couldn’t take it anymore and told her to suck his cock – a demand to which she readily obliged. She was sucking his cock and playing with his balls for about 5 minutes before he picked her up and teased her dripping pussy with the tip of his huge cock. That thing must have been 10 inches long and thick! He then shoved his cock in her pussy and her face looked shocked but also like she was enjoying it. He then proceeded in fucking her for about 20 minutes, much longer than I ever last, and gave her multiple orgasms and made her squirt before filling her up with his cum. They both were shattered so we all went to bed and he left early the next day to avoid any awkward moments.

The next day my wife was sore but kept talking about how amazing it was and how great his cock felt inside her. I asked her would she like to do it again and she replied straight away with a firm yes. I texted my cousin and told him she wants to carry it on and he replied straight away saying he will help whenever required.

This now happens probably every two weeks and my wife loves it! We still have sex and I sometimes make her cum but it’s obvious I can’t do what my cousin does, so she really enjoys those nights!


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