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Navid’s Secret With His Aunt

This is Part 2 of Husband’s Niece And Nephews

Tariq knew that his youngest sibling Navid was a bit jealous of their sister giving him preference when it came to satisfying her sexually. This was why they introduced him to Abiba, the young wife of their nearly 60 year old Uncle.

Abiba always wore a nijab since she married their uncle even though she is barely 18. So when Navid saw her face and her slender body for the first time, while his siblings were demonstrating their sexual passion for each other, he knew he had to bury his cock between his Aunt Abiba’s cunt. His sister had already told him that Abiba was inexperienced and needed a discreet good skilled fuck which can only safely be performed by a family member.

The discreet sexual antics in North African cultures meant to fuck well and safely it had to be with someone who could not later tell for fear of recrimination also, so what the western society called incest does not really exist, as no sex is known to take place.

Since the first fuck with Abiba her pussy was always welcoming of his big cock anytime especially when she knew there was only a few moments. She would always lift up her nijab to suck his cock deep throat and then hike up her chador dark gown to let him slip his cock into her cunt and he would bang his cock in and out of her cunt and let their cum mingle.

Tariq and Navid both work for their uncle taking orders for building material across North Africa and always give their account of sales to their uncle every Thursday. However, last Thursday when they both arrived at their uncle’s house no one was available to announce their arrival, so they headed to their uncle’s office and knocked on the door. They mistook a noise they heard for them to come in and opened the door to see Abiba still in her chador cloak bent over the desk with their uncle behind her but with his trousers around his feet. The boys apologized and stepped back. A few minutes later the door opened and Abiba walked past her young lover Navid. She saw in his eyes anger.

The uncle later asked them to come in and proudly told the boys he had to plug his wife Abiba’s young pussy with his old but strong cock. Navid was aroused and angry so he signaled to his brother Tariq. He gave a quick account of the week’s sales and told his uncle he needed to make two important sales calls and would return within an hour.

He hurried out of the room and found Abiba in her room at the back of the house and being angry and aroused at seeing her being fucked by her husband, he pulled out his thick 9 inches cock and pulled her over a table in her room without a word or asking her and he roughly shoved his hard cock deep into her moist cunt. He plummeted her cunt as deep as he can and she raised one of her leg on the table and held the table to hold his force. She groaned not to stop and to punish her still, Navid pulled his hard cock out of her cunt without warning and because he was not ready to cum.

Abiba fell on her knees and took his cock in her mouth and began to lick and suck on his cock really hard and meanwhile Navid her slipped her out of her cloak and pulled her up and sat her down on the table and took each of her breast with their long nipples and kissed and sucked on it like a child. She was pulling at his cock and begging him to put it back in her cunt. He then sat on the mat and facing him she sat with her leg above his and his cock slipped into her cunt unaided. They fucked gentler for a while and talked about how it was good to fuck when angry and still talking he gently placed her on the mat without his cock slipping out and he pounded her pussy until they both cum; her orgasm was intense and he loved her for it.

When Navid came out of her room, his uncle was standing outside and was mad with rage that Navid had been fucking his young wife and accused Navid of raping and forcing his inexperienced wife. Navid challenged back his uncle on why he had chosen that day and the time to fuck his wife over his desk when he knew they were coming and blamed his uncle for making him horny. He told his uncle that his cock was jealous and needed her. Abiba came out of the room and started to beg her husband and confessed it was not rape and that she will leave.

Her husband said he will decide her fate after dinner as he wanted to see Navid fuck Abiba, he needed time to decide and Abiba did not object.

After dinner Navid was asked to come into the room where Abiba was waiting naked but wearing a transparent nijab. Her pointy nipples can be see clearly and Navid’s cock was stirring and bulging in his pants. He asked Abiba if she was still alright with this arrangement and she asked Navid to please give her husband a good performance and her cunt a good thrusting.

Uncle came in said he was going to record the act, so Abiba reached for Navid’s cock and began to suck it his thick cock thrusted down her throat and she closed her mouth around his cock and sucked it hard. She kissed and sucked on his balls and that sent Navid wild and he began to kiss her mouth, neck and sucked at the pointy hard nipples before going down to lick on her cunt which he used his fingers to spread the lips and sucked and tongue fuck her deeply. She moaned and groaned and clamped her thighs round his head, he realized she was going to have an orgasm if he was not slower.

He laid her on her back and placed his hard large cock to enter her cunt and once the head entered he rammed it straight deep to her womb and he felt her orgasm contracting around his cock which caused him to cum but he willed himself to continue to thrust in and out of her cunt to prevent his watching uncle knowing they had cum as they intend to fuck for a lot longer.

His uncle watched intensely at their fucking with passion and saw that Navid’s cock was fully deep in Abiba’s cunt and the sight of the two lovers aroused him and he stroked his cock. Navid asked Abiba to get on her knees and hold the bed for support and he slipped back his cock into her and she groaned and squeezed her nipples while Navid continued to plow her cunt from behind. When her husband saw that the two were fucking faster and faster he shouted that Navid should not put his seeds in his wife and asked him to pull out his cock which he did just in time and gushed his cum on her thighs. The uncle thanked them for a great performance which he enjoyed and he took off his trousers and told Abiba to get on her back and he got between his young wife’s legs and pushed in his hard cock deep into her cunt. As he pounded her young cunt he begged her for not fucking her right all this while and that now he has seen what a great whore her cunt has made her, he was happy to forgive the two of them.

Navid sat and watched his uncle adding his seed to Navid’s inside Abiba and she clamped her legs around her husband’s back for the first time and they fucked until she reached another orgasm and the uncle spat his cum deep into her cunt. The next day after the Friday prayers Navid’s uncle invited him home.

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