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A Night With My Aunt!

As I’ve said before, I used to stay at my cousin’s house a lot, but one day things got interesting. My aunt confronted me about what me and my cousin were doing and scolded me for it. I told her I only did it because I was horny; she was disgusted that I used that word and said she would take care of me later.

Later that night I was about asleep when she called me back to her room. I walked in and she locked the door behind me. She told me, “I know the perfect thing to do to a naughty boy like you!”

All of a sudden she dropped her robe, revealing her perfect naked body. She was definitely good looking; she was 5′ 7 brunette, brown eyes with glasses, a 42E, shaved pussy, long legs and size 8 feet. I couldn’t stop staring with my mouth open.

Se looked at me and said, “Don’t stand there all night! Get that cock of yours out!”

She walked over and pulled my shorts down revealing my rock hard cock. She was in awe because at the time I was 14 and had a 7 1/2″ cock, a lot bigger than my uncle.

“Well, look at this big thing, no wonder you’re horny all the time,” she said. She then took it in her mouth and made my cousin look like an amateur. She took the whole thing down to my balls, as I played with her tits.

After thirty minutes of her sucking me off, what I had waited for all night had come. She laid down and spread her legs open wide. “Get over here and give your aunt the fucking I deserve.”

I ran over quickly and got lined up and fucked her brains out for over an hour, switching back and forth between her pussy and her ass. She moaned my name so loud as she came. Finally, without a condom, I blew my load in her deep, and we made out afterwards. We made love several more times during my stay there until it was time for me to leave.

A few weeks later, my Aunt called me up on the phone and asked if I wanted to come over and I told her yes. I got over there on the following Saturday only to get the scariest news in my entire life, I knocked my Aunt up! She was a month along with my daughter/cousin. No one knows but the two of us that it’s my daughter; as far as my uncle knows it’s his.

We still fuck to this day on occasion, very carefully. Our daughter is 6 now and has no idea about me. That was the scariest punishment of my life, but also a happy one.

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