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My Family

The night I graduated from high School seemed to be the worse night of my life. My mother and step-father were both sick, my boyfriend had broken up with me the month before. I fought back tears the whole time, hoping beyond hope that someone would show up. The only good thing, or so it seemed, was that it had rained and rained all day, making the whole event seem as miserable as I was.

I had caught a glimpse of Dave Mann, an old friend of my step-father who was now his enemy. The roses someone had brought to me, just after the ceremonies, had to have come from him but, look as I did, I could not find him anywhere. I quickly changed, hurried out to my car and got out of town as fast as I could.

The beer tasted as bad as it had ever tasted but, as I drove around the countryside, it seemed to be the only friend I had in the world. By midnight I was drunk and crying, knowing I was too drunk to drive back into town and make it home. I was fucked!

Maybe my car had more brains than I as it headed up this road and down another until, to my utter amazement, I was pulling into David Mann’s drive way.

Dave stood in the doorway as I staggered up in the drive in the downpour. I stood in front of him, my head bowed down in total shame. Then I looked up at him as my tears blended with the drops of rain running down my face.

“You are crazy, aren’t ya?” Dave grumbled, uncrossing his arms and motioning me to come into his house.

“Thanks for the flowers,” I said in a half-whispered voice.

“You deserved them,” he replied dryly, leading me into the dimly lit living room.

Sitting down on the couch, he eyed me as he pulled a cigarette from the crush proof box of Viceroys. I saw his eyes move up and down my body as he lit the cigarette, tossed the lighter to the coffee table and shook his head.

“I’m sorry,” I said, fighting back the tears. “I just can’t go home right now.”

“I can see that,” he said, shaking his head, the familiar crooked grin pulling at the right corner of his lips. “Come on, let me find you something to wear and we’ll get those clothes dried. How is that for a start?”

Once in the bathroom, I tried to strip out of the wet clothes, made no easier by my drunken state. When Dave opened the door a little, handing me one of his shirts to put on, I handed him my blouse, pants and socks. “All of your clothes, young lady,” he insisted. Quickly I stripped off the wet bra and panties, handed them to him as I turned to put on the large, plaid shirt.

With the shirt on, I looked up to see myself in the mirror. My face turned beet red as I realized I must have just gave Dave a good show of stripping.

Going back to the living room, now finding it impossible to look him in the eye, I found Dave waiting with a blanket to wrap around me. Once I was wrapped up and sitting in a blue easy chair, he offered to get something warm for me to eat. At that instant it seemed so much like the times I had come over to go swimming in his pool a few years earlier. I had to smile as I accepted his offer of hot food, remembering how he had walked in on me once when I was changing out of my skimpy bathing suit. Hell, I told myself, he hadn’t seem anything he hadn’t before.

I looked around the dark room, remembering the times I had sat here just like this: Late at night, the lights turned down and a movie playing after Dave had made a big bowl of pop corn. I had been hot for him then. I looked around the dark oak paneled room… I still was hot for him, I thought with a drunken giggling.

Movies? Something caught my eye from the other aside of the room. The VCR was playing, the numbers slowly clicking up on the counter. I wondered what he had been watching, reach down and picked up the television control and turned the big screen on. Instantly, the movie caught me eye as I fumbled for the “MUTE” button.

A man and a woman, both naked, playing their own version of “reach out and touch someone”. She was riding him on top, her big breasts flopping up and down, back and forth as she slammed her body against his. The man’s fingers, clawed, played and tried to keep up with the thrashing tits above him. My God, Dave was watching porn!

“You shouldn’t be watching that,” Dave said dryly, bringing a plate with two hamburgers and hash browns on it, sitting it down and reaching for the controller.

“No,” I giggled, pulling the controller under my blanket. “I think its cool. Come on, let me watch.”

Dave shook his head and sat down on the couch. “You need to call your mother,” he insisted. “You can take the spare bedroom and sleep it off. Don’t want you on the road in your condition.”

My mother was less than impressed with her drunken daughter. She bitched me out then demanded I put Dave on so she could talk to someone at least able to act like and adult. I handed the phone to Dave and, with a big grin, headed back into the living room to watch my first porno movie.

As I passed the front door, a great idea came to my mind. Tossing the blanket to the floor I quickly dashed out into the rain, running as fast as I could to my car, then dashing back to the house with the last six-pack of beer under my arm.

“Jenny!” Dave hissed, coming back into the room to find me not only watching the porn movie, but dripping wet as I gulped the beer down. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Come on, Davy,” I laid the little girl trip on him. “Its my graduation… You only get one of those you know.”

“You’re all wet again,” he said, trying to keep a stern voice as he handed me the blanket.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I laughed, unbuttoning the shirt, slipping it off and tossing it to him as I wrapped up in the blanket. “Is that better?” I asked, amused by the shocked look on his face.

Dave sit down on the far end of the couch, trying to ignore me and the movie. I slid down to him, took the last two swallows from the beer, sitting it down on the coffee table, then laying my head on his lap, just as I had done so many times when I thought we would always be the best of friends.

“Think I’m as pretty as she is?” I asked the silent man.

“Oh, God yes. Even prettier.”

“I missed you, Davy,” I moaned, curling up under the blanket.

“Missed you too, babe,” he replied, laying his left hand on my thigh.

“Davy? What is wrong with me? You know, I feel so stupid not having anyone there for me tonight. Damn it! I just feel like no one cares any more.”

He moved his hand from my hip to my dark auburn hair, running his fingers gently through the wetness. “I care babe,” he whispered, turning the television back off. “More than you even know.”

I rolled over on my back, looking up into his eyes. “I cared, Davy, and you acted like you hated me as much as Jim. Was that fair?”

He took a deep breath, looked out the window as a distant bolt of lightning painted the curtains a blue-white color for an instant. “Jenny… Ah, understand a lot of things, please. I just couldn’t go around that moron and, seeing you only would have made me want you even more. Do you understand?” His fingers moved along my cheeks.

“Well,” I whispered up to him, not feeling at all drunk now, “he isn’t here and I ain’t some fifteen year old.”

I think Dave and I both knew where this was going to lead at the same instant. His hand moved down to the top of the blanket as our eyes search each other, the dimness of the room seemingly bringing out so much more from our eyes as he hand slid under the blanket, moving down to rest over my right breast.

“Pretty small, ain’t they?” I sighed, feeling the warmth of his skin as he explored my now fully erect nipple.

“Pretty nice,” he chuckled, his right hand playing in my hair to the same beat his left hand danced to.

“You know,” I whispered, putting my hand over his, “you always made me feel so good.”

“Well,” he chuckled, “I think you feel pretty dang good. But, you going to regret all this in the morning?”

“Like you always told me -‘only one way to find out’- so I guess I’ll let ya know in the morning.”

“You know how long I’ve wanted you?” He asked, getting up and unwrapping me from the blanket, then spreading it out on the floor, motioning me to get on it beside him.

Eighteen, drunk and here naked on the floor with a man over twice my age. Even drunk I loved the feel when he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close as our lips met. ‘Not bad,” I thought, his tongue exploring my lips unlike the boys my age had ever done.

His lips moved from mine to my forehead than to my left ear. His lips encased my ear lobe, pulling on it playfully before his lips came into contact with the side of my neck. “Oh. Yes,” I moaned out as goose bumps sprung up all over my body.

I stared at the ceiling, hearing both my labored breathing and the rain falling hard outside. I could not believe I was naked with Dave as his lips moved down towards my chest with each new, hot kissing. Slowly he kissed downwards towards my heaving breasts, each kiss taunting my mind with hot thoughts. I could feel my wetness as his lips encased first one nipple than the other. His tongue lashed out till my nipples were hard enough to hang clothes from then, as my fingers clutched at the quilt, he seemed to try to inhaled my right breast as deeply into his mouth as he could.

My mind was awash in passionate feelings, now made wilder as his fingers played up and down both side of my slit. My hand moved to his head, pushing him down off my breasts. Downwards he kissed and licked, taking a few moments to lick deeply into my belly button then, with my help, his head moved downwards towards the spot I wanted him to pay a lot more attention to.

As if the fingertips running up and down my wet slit wasn’t bad enough, his lips kissing softly on each side as he positioned himself between my legs, was literally driving me crazy. Up and down, back and forth he kissed as if a hot whispering. I felt my hips rising to the needs of my mind. His hands slipped under my butt, pulling me higher off the floor, opening me to his kisses.

Suddenly his tongue was in me. I gasped out, my hands grabbing his head and pushing him even deeper into my steaming wet needs. His tongue ran slowly from the bottom of me to the very top, return and was forced into my deepest and wettest hole. Stabbing hotly into my love canal I felt my first climax building in the pressure cooker of my mind. Faster and faster he tongue-fucked me.

I felt my tits heave as my breathing seemed to stop, a deep groan escaping from my lips as my mind exploded, forcing my hips his to beat against Dave’s face as I felt a deep shuddering as my juices seemed to explode with my mind.

Several times he took my over the edge of my own feelings, creating a tempest of howling emotions that swirled unabated in my brain. I could here my moans become torrid screams, but they now seemed cast from someone so very far away. My mind was in control now, and it only demanded more and more of the pleasures Dave was giving me. No longer was there any thoughts of my being here only to please him as his tongue washed over my clit with an unrelenting pace that seemed more a demonic dance than anything else.

I watched with deep gasping as Dave stood up and stripped. I felt him pushing my legs up till my feet were flat on the floor, then heard my own demonic scream as he slowly enter into my seething wetness.

Dave made it a slow show as he made sure he set the pace of entering me so slowly that it was driving me up the wall. With a loud grunt, I thrust me hips up, forcing him deep into me. I wanted him to fuck me, and fuck me so hard but, as his lips taunted at my hard nipples, he just kept himself deep inside of me.

“Come in me,” I hissed, moving my hips in a tiny circle. “God damn it, please fuck me hard.”

Slowly he withdrew his swollen cock till it was on the verge of leaving me then, with a sudden yelp from my lips, he slammed his body back against mine. Harder and harder he bore into me, his lips and tongue now ripping into my mind from nipples that only wanted more and more of his lovemaking.

I came once, my body slamming against him and the floor as he kept the pace the best he could. The next thing I knew, he was really going at it, moaning and groaning loudly as the pace became piston-like. With a loud grunting sound, his body slammed against mine and froze as his juices exploded deep inside me. I could not take my eyes off his as he stared down me lustily.

No, we didn’t turn right around and start making love a few minutes later but, as the sun started to add its light to the surrounding world, Dave rolled me over and made simple, slow love to me before we feel asleep.

Yes, I graduated that day in many ways. That afternoon I went home, packed my belongings and moved in with Dave. And, no, we didn’t rush out and get married- but that is something we do talk about- like some had thought we would. We set up house, made a lot of love, had our share of arguments and built our relationship one brick at a time.

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