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Sticky Situation, Part 1

So I know a man my age should not be looking at barely legal teenagers, but I just can not help that I like young women. They drive me crazy with their fresh bodies and open attitude to all kinds of sex and being photographed. The saga I am about to tell to you is a bit long so I shall tell it in four parts. Think what you will of me by the end, but ask yourself would you do anything different? The first part of the story takes place in mid September. I have a daughter named Ally and she had just started back to school. I divorced from Ally’s Mom a few years ago but we live close to each other for our daughter’s sake. Ally is with me alternating Wednesdays and Thursdays and every weekend.

It was a Wednesday evening and I was just getting home from work as Ally’s friend Gabby came sauntering up the driveway. How do I describe Gabby? Well, she has smooth, caramel skin and long legs. She is of European decent and loves to play soccer and rugby; also, her and my daughter are in dance class together so she has a very toned athletic body. Add in her thick, long, black hair which she keeps up in either a bun or in matching braids; emeralds for eyes; and a long sexy neck made for kissing, and you have one sexy, just legal eighteen year old. She wore only eyeliner and a little eye shadow for make up; she did not need it with her skin. I always like that she had a good influence on my daughter, because Ally wore little make up either. (Most woman do not need make up they are sexy with out it. When I was married, I asked Margo my wife not to wear make up either, she was–and still is–a beautiful woman, too.) Ally says the guys at school just fall at Gabby’s feet, no shock there.

She was in her usual casual attire. Yoga pants, striped socks that went to her knees, t-shirt and sneakers and a messenger bag. Her hair was in the bun and she wore a pair of aviator sun glasses. She helped me carry in a bag of groceries and put them in the kitchen. She asked when Ally would be getting home and I had to tell her she had the days mixed up, next week she would be here.

“Ah. That’s too bad. I was going to see if she wanted to go hang out at the mall.” I told her that she was at band practice tonight anyway and not available.
A look of disappointment in those pretty eyes made me smile and I said to her, “I know what you really mean when you say you two are going to the mall.” She looked all shy and sheepish and shrugged like she did not know what I meant.
“When you two say you are going to the mall, you really go down to behind the school and smoke a joint.” I smiled as she looked really uncomfortable. “Relax, Gabby, I ain’t gonna bust ya. Just do me a favor, OK?”
“What’s that Mr. C?”
“If you two are going to do that, do it here at the house.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes. Smoke dope and drink here, where it’s safe and you won’t get hurt or raped or something.” If they are going to do it anyway I want them to do it in a safe environment, not in a dirty park somewhere.

She beamed and said how cool I was to let us do that; I just shrugged and told her to tell Ally. As I finished putting away the groceries I asked her if she wanted a drink or if she had eaten. She had eaten, but asked if I had anything adult to drink. I offered her a beer and she accepted. We went out on the deck and sat down to enjoy our beers. She looked at me and smiled and pulled a joint out of her bra and asked if I wanted to join her. I declined but told her to go ahead. She lit and toked on the joint until it burned down. After she drank the can of beer and I asked if she had ever tried scotch.

“You tryin’ to get me drunk Mr. C?” she smiled a glassy eyed grin.
“Would that be bad?” I asked playfully. “You are an incredibly sexy woman.” I could not believe I had said it to a friend of my daughter’s, but now it was out there and I liked where it might take me.
“Technically, I think eighteen is still a girl,” she said as she followed me into the house and I poured us each a glass.
“Believe me, Gabby, when you look like that, you are a woman.” She took a sip of the scotch. “You like?” She nodded her head and I put more in the glass.
“You don’t have to get me drunk, you know? I would totally fuck you.” She put her glass down and put her arms around my waist and kissed me open mouthed and hard.
“You’re very good looking Mr. C. You want to take me to bed, too, don’t you?” I just smiled at her, no use lying now. She began to massage my dick through my pants. I could not fight the growing erection.
“No one has to know. I know you could get a lot of heat for it, but I want it sooooo fuckin’ bad.”
She stepped back and pulled her shirt off exposing her black bra, then unbuttoned my shorts and put a hand down and grabbed my dick, “You may be older but I bet you are a great lover, and pot makes me so fucking horny.” She then ran her fingers through my chest hair and cooed at the feel of it between her fingers. She said she was into older men because boys her age had no control and no technique.
I had her undo her bun and her thick, full, shiny hair fell down around her naked shoulders and took on its natural wave.
I drank the rest of my scotch and pulled her back to me grabbing her hair at the back of her neck and put my tongue down her throat, “That’s because you should never send a boy to do a man’s job. Lets go to the bedroom.”

She smiled, undid my pants and I stepped out of them, now naked as I never wear underwear, picking her up and carrying her down the hallway. We kissed, hot and wet, as I threw her onto the bed. I grabbed her tight pants and yanked them off, taking the panties with them and exposing her trim landing strip and sweet, young pussy. Kneeling between her legs and running my hands up those striped socks I bent over and ran my tongue over her moistening snatch, sticking it right deep into her pussy as I used a thumb to rub her hard clit. She wrapped a leg over my neck and pulled her bra down, exposing her perfectly round 38 CC breasts–heaving as she enjoyed my extensive oral exploration of her pussy, on the verge of orgasm.

“Oh God, Mr. C, you are so nasty to love my sweaty pussy like this.” I licked my way up her sculpted stomach and sucked those amazing tits as I ground my cock on her wet and ready cunt.
“Fuck me, just fucking fuck pound me. I need you in me,” she begged as I continued to suck her hard dark nipples with the quarter size aureola.
“Wow, where were horny sluts like you when I was your age?” I asked between licks as she smiled and writhed as I licked her sexy tits. She reached down and slid me inside her. I immediately grabbed her wrists and pushed them up above her head as I went deep, slow and hard, her moaning and yelping quietly as continued to suck her nipples. Quickly I drove her to an orgasm I felt squeeze my dick.
“Yes, Gabby, you like getting deep-dicked, huh?” biting her breast gingerly.
“More,” she gutturally demanded. Grabbing her at the hips I spun her over and pulled her to all fours. That’s when I saw the birth control patch on her shoulder. I smiled and knew chances are good I could come inside her and be okay!

I slid back into her and grabbed her hair, pulling her back until her head was up and her back arched. Starting slowly, I increased speed until our bodies slapped together every time I pushed in. She used her hands and pushed back against me so I got deeper into her. I knew she was on the verge of coming again but I could not hold out any longer and I came hard, long, and deep in her hungry cunt. It was hard enough it sent her to another orgasm as well. I slowly let go of her hair and she sank down to the bed and rolled over on her back as I laid down beside her. Both of us glistening with sweat.

“Holy shit,” I said breathlessly as I stroked her stocking.
“That was hot,” she said rolling over pushing hair that was matted to her face away, behind her ear, and kissing my cheek. “I may have to visit more often.”
“Anytime gorgeous,” I said kissing her softly. “But it has to stay our sexy secret.”
“Obviously.” She got up and picked up her pants.
She pulled out the black bikini panties rubbed them on her wet sloppy snatch and tossed them to me. “Keep those and sniff them while you jerk off,” she said with a wink as she pulled the pants back on and pulled the bra back up into position.

She washed her face and tied her hair back up. I just put on a robe and walked her to the door as she put her shirt back on and grabbed her bag. We stood at the door kissing for a while before she put the bag over her shoulder and took off home. I remember going back to my bed and sitting down and picking up the panties and as I sniffed them wondered what I had started……. then I jerked off.

I would find out soon enough.

More to come.

(Image Source: Rocco Siffredi Productions)

A bisexual man who has no taboos. No hang ups and an open mind.

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