One Of Lara’s Favors

This was one of the diary logs of my sister Lara, who although still in her early-20s has recorded for me most of her sexual experiences. She has logs of the men and women she has slept with and gives full account of the first time and any memorable repeats.  She consented to every cock she has had and sometimes it’s out of desire but sometimes she has fucked out of sympathy, which is weird to understand. There are over 40 log entries of her first fucks. This story was one of her accounts of sympathy fucking.

Our uncle George who is over 50, had been widowed 5 weeks earlier so Lara visited him for condolence. George is a muscular man and had always been lean and when Lara hugged him she felt his need for sex in his touch. After lunch, she thought she will test her impression of their embrace so she sat on the arm of the chair next to George and pulled his head to rest on her big tits. George did not resist so Lara held him close, she could feel his warm breath which aroused her so she unbuttoned her shirt and took out her breast. Uncle George started to lick around the nipple and when he could not resist it he sucked on Lara’s nipples each in turn.

Lara wrote that she saw that George’s cock was erect in his jogging pants and she began to play with it. She said she almost stopped because she realized her hands could not completely encircle his cock and knew she was going to have a tough time sucking it, let alone riding it fully.

Uncle George stopped to ask her if she wants to go all the way and she felt pity for him as his eyes begged her to let him fuck her. She wrote her response to this question was to go down on George’s fat hard cock and suck it hard hoping to make him cum this way instead of struggling with his fat cock in her pussy.  Uncle resisted and asked to taste her pussy juice which the sucking of her nipples had made her panties wet already. She slipped off her wet panties and laid her legs open and uncle rubbed his cock at the entrance letting his pre-cum smear her pussy. She wrote that he kissed her passionately all the way down to the meeting of her thighs and rubbed his nose on her clit, taking in the aroma like a wine expert before beginning to kiss each lip of her vagina opening.

She was surprised that uncle George was this experience at eating a pussy. He asked her to get on the soft rug and knelt over her so that his cock was over her mouth and he face the opposite way so that she can continue to suck his cock while he enjoyed her pussy. He pushed his fingers into her pussy and stretched it open and between his fingers he pushed his tongue deep into his niece’s pussy.

Lara wrote that the circular movement of his tongue in her pussy was strong and his tongue went deep into her pussy and she felt the tip of his tongue moving inside her pussy and this made her suck his cock deeper into her throat. She felt out of control and orgasmed hard. Uncle then stopped and asked Lara to let him enter her. She knew it would be tight but there was no stopping the cock and pussy meeting.

George gently placed his cock inside his niece’s pussy and although she was wet and slippery he had to push a bit harder to fully enter her. She told him not to bother about her slight discomfort and that its good practice for next time. Uncle George apparently did not need convincing and he thrust his cock deeper inside his niece. Lara wrote that her pussy could have enjoyed the fuck better had it not been her first time of taking a thick cock like Uncle’s.

Uncle fucked Lara for a long time and she said her pussy had eased enough for her to let it slide in and out and when uncle was about to explode his cum his language was explicit beyond words and she told him he could cum inside her as she was on the pill since mid-teen. Lara wrote that uncle’s release was amazing as his juice flooded her pussy hole and the second he pulled his cock out the cum flowed between her legs.

Our uncle was so relieved he cleaned up Lara and asked if she had enjoyed it as much as he had. She did not tell him she liked slimmer cocks and not fat ones as she thought it would not help.

She agreed to fuck him again after a couple of hours before she left and her log has several entries of visiting uncle George.

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