Who’s Your Daddy, Part 8


Dr. John Tallin’s very life–no, his very existence–depended on Project Tookie’s success. That is, he had to rely upon his filling up the womb of his future mother, young Twila Mae, before the future rogue scientists, including his son Mark, could unravel everything. Sexual lust and human frailty mixed with time travel proved to be a dangerous cosmic combination.

It was in mid-1992 that the strange series of events culminated and eventually overtook Twila Mae, Eric Jay, VeNietta, and others. These souls and bodies were caught up in a profound cosmic loop, in which Fate itself had deemed that Eric Jay (the future Dr. Tallin) had to go back in time in order to father himself with his mother Twila Mae, setting off a significant chain reaction that reverberated across space and time.

It was 1992 when the young Twila Mae awoke to find herself in a groggy state of mind, but still quite aroused. Her dress was half on her, exposing her tits, just as she had been in the bed with future Eric Jay and Twila Mae. Almost gasping for air as she sat up on her picnic blanket, she was back in the open, green field in the wonderful summertime.

She turned around to see two Eric Jay doppelgangers starting to walk away toward the coulee and then turn into strange multi-colored orbs and disappear into the vortex. She had just fucked them moments earlier!

She pulled up the top of her dress and gathered her few belongings. It was then that she noticed the blue blanket from the future was also with her. She had it wrapped around her while sleeping in bed with her future lovers. She packed it up with her as well.

Shards of memory rushed into her mind. Young Twila Mae brushed back her hair and wiped her mouth. Rushing to the university in desperate search of Dr. John Tallin, she could still taste Eric Jay’s fresh sperm in her mouth from nearly twenty years hence.

As she approached the campus science building, she was horrified to discover a crowd of students and other spectators already standing behind the police line as investigators scanned the apparent crime scene inside the building. Several officers were standing behind the yellow police ribbon, talking among themselves. An anxious murmuring of people could be heard as Twila Mae worked her way toward the police barricade.

Twila Mae spotted one of her female classmates, Judy Trautsteen, standing nearby, and she approached her.

“What happened, Judy?”

“Not entirely sure, but a faculty member or maybe a graduate student was supposedly found murdered inside the science building this morning,” Judy whispered to her. “Maybe more than one person. That’s what some students told me who were in the building when the body was found and the police escorted people outside the building. The police aren’t talking.”

“What?! Who was it?” Twila Mae’s stomach turned and a sinking feeling nearly overcame her. She self-consciously swallowed to drown out the semen-breath in her mouth, thanks to her future son Eric Jay. Dr. Tallin had never showed up for their rendezvous in the pasture this morning.

“I haven’t seen him. I don’t know, but someone thought it might have been Dr. Tallin. But we don’t know for sure.”

“Dr. Tallin!?” she cried. “Who would do such a thing?!”

“I don’t know if it was him for sure, Tookie,” Judy tried to reassure her distraught friend. “The police are looking into this.”

“Why would this happen?”

“Tookie… it will be all right… For all we know, Dr. Tallin is all right. I shouldn’t have mentioned his name. So sorry.”

“Have they found out who might have done this?”

“Don’t know yet,” Judy shushed her. “We don’t know. I wonder if it was a student or some psycho roaming the campus.”

“Oh, please God.”

“There’s Dr. Hopkins…” Judy’s voice trailed off as they both noticed that the authorities at the front of the building were now talking with what appeared to be a shell-shocked and tearful Dr. Wanda Hopkins from the university’s prestigious medical school. Dr. Hopkins was an internationally recognized researcher and neuroscientist. “I hope she’s okay.”

Twila Mae now recalled that Dr. Tallin and Dr. Hopkins had been collaborating on the Project Mastermind in different capacities.


A week before the campus murder incident, Dr. Tallin and Dr. Hopkins were concluding phase four of still quite-secretive Project Mastermind. Phase five would concern Twila Mae in the following week.

“Ah, Judy!” Dr. Tallin cried out as he ejaculated deep into the young lady’s vagina in the lab room.

Judy Trautsteen gave out a whimper. She was a pert twenty-year-old brunette and Chemistry major, his last “sex lab experiment” before engaging with his star student and future mother, Twila Mae. Twila Mae’s hapless naked friend Judy was strapped down in a chair, her ankles in stirrups, hands tied down on either side. Electrodes were attached to her forehead, and she was wearing a strange looking pair of goggles. Pools of Tallin’s lusty sweat were splashed across her still heaving breasts and chest.

“Yessss…” he howled with pleasure. His cock head had pushed up beyond her tight little cervix. His purple mushroom lay at heaven’s threshold, Judy’s womb. Thank goodness Wanda handled birth control matters, he thought.

“You are God, and your beautiful wings are your angelic body,” Judy muttered vacantly staring into her virtual world. “Your wings flutter…” She imagined the angel on top of her, his wings stirring a gentle, persistent breeze that hummed in her soul. She was clearly orgasmic and in an altered state. In fact, she had experienced what she thought was a sexual encounter with the divine, personified as an angel of light with a huge crystal phallus.

Exhaling, Tallin pulled out of Judy exhausted, but joyful. He turned toward his lover in crime who was watching the whole incident in her white lab coat and jotting down notes on her clip board as she fiddled with the computer panel and studied the computer readings next to her. She smirked at him. She worshiped his blue eyes.

“What do you think, Wanda?” Tallin asked, catching his breath and composure.

The woman scientist smiled at him, her perfect ivory-white teeth shining back at him. She recalled how the month before she had arranged for him to fuck under similar conditions a Caucasian redhead, brunette, and blonde, as well as an Hispanic, Asian, and African-American girl—six young delightful nubiles in all. The biggest coup for the researchers yet. She had gotten the opportunity to imbibe them as well. The girls had been programmed to believe that they either had intercourse with the mythological Minotaur or lesbian sex with the Virgin Mary or both at the same time. An exquisite, wicked fantasy, Wanda mused.

As he pulled out his cock now glazed with Judy’s vaginal secretions, Wanda knelt down to suck and lick his throbbing purple cock quite clean. Closing her eyes with a smile, she savored the moment.

“Deliciously successful,” her pink tongue and black lips slowly slid off his shaft and still extremely sensitive mushroom head. In her slight Southern Black accent, she continued, “Dear Judy here thinks that God just entered her sacred temple. And she won’t have any memory of it after we disconnect her from the grid shortly. Space and time will mean nothing to her.”

“Well, next week is the big one, Twila Mae. You know what it all means, don’t you?” he asked.

“Indeed. Your Incarnation and Second Coming all rolled up into one, whatever theological reservations the world might have.” She laughed and then proceeded to kiss the zombie-like Judy on the lips.

Tallin kissed Judy’s primed nipples in response.

Two of the greatest scientists in their respective fields had teamed up to develop one of history’s greatest, top secret programs, Project Mastermind. But with a dark twist, under the university’s and the government’s very noses, they were becoming involved in something much more profound than time travel and altered states of reality. They were becoming masters of human wills and bodies, touching the walls of divinity and infinity through a combination of mind control and space-time dislocation. But all of it was underscored by the cosmic time loop discovered or, perhaps better described as, experienced by Tallin.

Only a short time after his arrival at the university several years earlier, Dr. Wanda Hopkins had met the remarkable Tallin for the first time. He had practically appeared out of nowhere, she later laughed to herself knowingly. Not long after that, she had become Tallin’s scientific collaborator and then lover. After an intense lovemaking session at her home in March 1992, in which Wanda had secretly given Tallin a truth serum, he spilled out the truth (while he was literally spilling his seed deep inside her, making possible her pregnancy) about his mission traveling here from the future world of 2033 to sire himself through his mother, who would happen to be a student at the university in the early 1990s, Twila Mae Smith, known by her friends as Tookie. For some reason, Tallin confessed, his research into time travel had accelerated because, as he had learned, he was the product of some bizarre, paradoxical cosmic time loop, in which he was destined to impregnate his mother not only with child, but the child was also himself. He had to be here in order exist. This mission was personal as well as professional. He could not account for it in any other way.

Wanda, for some reason, understood at that time that Tallin’s experiences in the distant future gave him a degree of hindsight about the course of events. Perhaps it was Fate, and she would also be part of it; in fact, she now desired to be a vital part of it, but could not yet fully anticipate what the future held in store for her. All she could later get out of him with the serum and hardcore sex was that she would bear him a son at the end of 1992, Mark, who would supposedly become a great young scientist in his own right in the future, assisting his renowned father in Project Mastermind.

And what of her future role? Tallin would not tell her, or could not, at least not yet. Perhaps they would all be able to fathom the mind of the Universe, of God? Was Tallin’s participation in his own incarnation a stepping stone to greater realities? Frustrated, she continued to press him carefully, probing his mind in subtle ways so as not to alarm him. Or perhaps he wanted to protect her by letting her know only bits and pieces? Just as he masked his true intentions with their star student and his soon-to-be mother, Twila Mae?

Wanda, too, was admired in the scientific community as an up-and-coming neuroscientist, only age 42. Not only that, but she stood (at least on the public side of things) as a true role model for aspiring minority women marching through the long halls of academia. She was part African-American and Native American whose family had come from the deep rural South of eastern Louisiana. Born in 1950 in New Orleans, but moving at age 9 to Atlanta, Georgia, with her medical doctor father and school teacher mother, she later admitted to Tallin that she had grown up with her “pretty black and white-soled feet” in two worlds, Black and White America, and the traditional and the modern. Her great-grandfather and grandmother were faith healers. “Shaman-like personalities,” she joked, “and in a sense, I turned into an updated and professionally certified ‘witch doctor!’”

Tallin eventually comprehended what Wanda had really meant by that statement, as it soon became apparent that her sexual hunger for and seduction of young women through her scientific work was as great as his, if not more so. They were in many respects a perfect match. In the future, Tallin would recognize her brilliance in their son, Mark. She ended up feeding and indulging John Tallin’s voracious sexual appetite by enlisting mostly gullible young female students to volunteer unwittingly in neural network and psychological experiments in which they were placed in altered states that opened them up to sexual and metaphysical manipulation. Wanda’s background in neuroscience and psychology added to her brazen willingness to employ other substances to increase sexual potency for them all, especially prescribed amounts of ephedrine, a powerful stimulant that sharpened both sexual pleasure and stamina.

Wanda’s expertise in mind control complemented Tallin’s work in time travel, guiding persons across wormholes and under certain normal situations. LSD was plain water compared with what they were now achieving. Thus their apparent need to team up in the field of “biophysics,” as he called it, to ensure that Twila Mae would conceive him, but without terrorizing her, and also now to indulge in the flesh across time and space. It appeared to be a win-win situation for both ambitious scientists. He was obliged to exploit the chance he was given, he often proclaimed.

In university circles, Wanda was sometimes called “the Ebony Einstein.” A driven and brilliant genius, this beautiful African-American and Native-American hybrid could turn everyone’s eye, male or female of any persuasion. Tallin was smitten by her almost instantaneously.

Wanda was a tall, lean, buxom goddess, truly blessed with almost eerie light brown eyes and shining long, straight and silky black hair that dangled down to her lower back. Her sharp mind matched her incredible physical and sensual magnetism, especially since she had been an accomplished track and field star and swimmer in high school and college. Those long legs, firm thighs, and curved calves. The tight, hard ass. Along with the perfect smile of her ivory-white teeth, which matched well her Native American high cheekbones, the creamy white palms of her hands and soles of her feet contrasted perfectly with her smooth, soft dark skin. Her curvaceous beauty was only enhanced with her high heels, careful make-up and blue-painted nails, modest but striking jewelry, and always smart, professional dress. He craved the scent of her feminine musk blended with perfume. Wanda was a far cry from Twila Mae, Tallin’s tanned, blue-eyed, redhead mother, indeed sometimes making it difficult for Tallin to choose which womb he desired most, that of himself or his son Mark!

Assisted by a growing stream of federal and private endowments and grants, Wanda and Tallin soon came to wield great power vis-à-vis their technological and scientific prowess. Playing a double game of conducting both legitimate and “black budget” projects for the federal government in particular, they were now able on the side to feed on and indulge in their “passion” or “taste” for young women—and even the occasional attractively handsome young male—under the veil of scientific research in tightly secure laboratory conditions. Tallin noted later that he was glad to enjoy the myriad fruits of traveling into the past. Their innocent research subjects would have no recollections of, no excuse to decry what was happening in the basement laboratory. If anything, Wanda’s and Tallin’s prey would achieve orgasms and ecstasy that would drown out any cogent thoughts and worries, their pieces of blissful recollections dissolved happily once the electrodes and medications were withdrawn.

It was true that Wanda had long desired to have a child, and Tallin could fill that void in her thus far exciting life. She still wanted to learn more from her lover about her and her son Mark’s futures. Was he hiding anything from her, however? To be sure, she wanted to help her lover impregnate his mother (how else would he exist!), though she could not but help sense that he knew more than he was letting on.


Twila Mae and Judy lingered a while with the curious, but dwindling, campus crowd for some time. The authorities and university public relations office had already promised students, faculty and the community to reveal more information as the murder investigation progressed.

That afternoon, however, it was verified that Dr. John Tallin, age 40, of the Physics Department was found stabbed to death, apparently due to foul play. The body of an alleged person of interest was also found stabbed to death at the scene in connection with Tallin’s tragic murder. Authorities also now believed that it likely was a murder-suicide, motives still unknown. No further comments until the next day, the public relations official closed the interview rather grimly.

After the press conference, Judy comforted a devastated Twila Mae, but her friend was able to compose herself and convince Judy that she would be all right and wanted to be left alone.

Walking around the campus aimlessly, Twila Mae later felt a hand touch her shoulder. On the edge of campus, near some bushes, she turned around abruptly.

“Twila Mae?” he whispered. “Tookie.”

“Dr. Tallin!” she cried in shock, breaking a grin. “Thank God you’re alive!!!” Her moistening vagina twitched with sudden longing for him, and sweet, honey-filled memories soon flooded her mind.



(Image Source: Forbidden Fruits Films)

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