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My Mom Was Hypnotized To Steal and Kidnapped.

Hello, My Name Is Lori Thomas, I’m 18-years-old, I’m 5’5, Brunette Hair, Hazel Eyes, I attend High School, and I’m the captain of the girl’s high school Basketball, Volleyball, and Rugby Teams, I’m also Student Body President, I’m going to talk about how my mom was hypnotized into breaking the law and is kidnapped at the same time.

My Mom Sylvia Thomas was the best mom ever, She’s 39-years-old, She’s 5’9, shoulder length long Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, She and My Dad Divorced when I was about 1-year-old, and We haven’t seen or heard from him ever since, Mom has been working at the local bank as a Bank teller, trying to make ends meat for herself and for me.

But that all changed when Mom and I were at a county fair that was in town, we was having a great time, we played some games, won some of them, Mom even won a beautiful patchwork quilt that She had put her name in a raffle, and had won the patchwork quilt, it had all sorts of different colors, like, red, green navy blue, violet, yellow, and other colors too.

Until someone was passing out flyers, they were flyers that a world famous hypnotist was going to perform, Mom and I went to the tent where the hypnosis show was going to be taken place, until the doors on the tent started to close, the lights that were hanging above inside the tent dimmed down, a flash of light, a puff of white smoke, a man in his late 20s, dressed in a black and white suit, under-wear, socks, black shoes, He had black hair and teal green eyes, he turned around to face the audience.

“Hello Ladies and Gentleman, My Name Is Pro. Marvel, I’m The World Famous Hypnotist, Now For My First Hypnosis Trick, I shall Need Some Volunteers”, The Man said.

Pro. Marvel started pointing his black magic wand, He first pointed at a man, then at a woman, then at another man, then at another woman, He pointed his black magic wand at Mom.

“How About You My Dear, would you like to join us?”, Pro. Marvel asked as a Bright Spotlight was shining down on Mom.

“Oh I don’t know”, Sylvia answered.

Go For It Mom, Go For It“, Lori said in a low whisper.

“All Right I’ll do it”, Sylvia said.

Mom got up from the bench where She and I were sitting at, She was holding on to her purse that she was carrying, as she walked down the aisle, up on the stage and sat in the last box that had been placed on the stage, Pro. Marvel walked to the side of the stage, and started closing the box doors with a tap of his black magic wand, I watched as Mom disappeared in the box, Pro. Marvel walked to the middle of the stage.

“Now Ladies and Gentleman, I need complete silence as I begin the hypnosis trick”, Pro. Marvel said.

He turned around and started saying some magic words, about an hour later Pro. Marvel walked to the other side of the stage and taped the closed box doors, until they were open, I and the rest of the audience were amazed, Mom and the other four volunteers were in a hypnotic trance, He told them to get up and walk out of the box’s, they stood up and walk out of the box’s, Pro. Marvel told them that they were a flock of chickens in a chicken coop, he told them that they were a flock of geese flying south for the winter, he told them that they were Ballerinas Dancing on a stage.

It was a sight, seeing mom acting like a chicken, flying like a goose, and dancing like a Ballerina, He told them to sit back down in their seats, they stopped and sat down in their seats, Pro. Marvel closed the doors again, He walked to the center of the stage.

“Now Ladies and Gentleman, I have to leave you, but I’m taking these volunteers with me so I can give them a reward for their time, so good-bye”, Pro. Marvel said.

Another Flash of Light, Another Puff Of White Smoke, Pro. Marvel and the Hypnotized Volunteers were gone, I and the rest of the audience started walking out of the tent, I was wondering what to do next, when I saw a shadow coming from behind the tent where the hypnosis show was at, I started following the shadow, I was following far behind it, never letting it out of my sight, and being very careful not to step on any twigs or sticks, I was wondering where was the shadow going, I continued following the shadow, as it continued walking away from the county fair, past a make shift trailer park where all the county fair workers lived, I continued my pursuit on the shadow, I hide behind the large blue barrels, I looked over them and I was surprised to see Pro. Marvel, he was wearing normal clothes and was standing in front of a small travel trailer, He was talking to the five volunteers, they were still sitting in their seats, He started talking to another person that was wearing a dark hoodie, I wanted to get closer to find out what they were talking about, until I realized that I might get caught, and who knows what will happen to mom and the others, I stayed where I was, The person in the dark Hoodie left, I was relieved that he didn’t walk where I was.

I decided to go back to the county fair,

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