Masturbation Office Theater Part Four

Since I have set up my viewing area, I have enjoyed the legs and feet of the lovely women at the dress shop, and then the women at the day spa as well. I have my favorites, most notably Ann, the gorgeous redhead whose splendid nude body is burned into my memory (see part 3) and Jessie, the fit, tan, and flirty owner of the day spa.

The fall and winter is fairly dull for viewing. I am a leg and feet guy, so cold days do not provide me with much to turn me on. This past fall, I was chatting with Jessie and she asked for an extension on her rent due to a slowdown in business due to the weather. I am usually firm on the rent, but I had an exciting idea. Jessie is a licensed massage therapist, and very sexy, so I offered her a deal. I offered her reduced rent in exchange for a massage from her every week. Jessie was fine with the deal, as long as it happened after closing. Her clientele was all female, so I was fine with that. We set Friday at 10 pm as our time.

The first Friday came and I eagerly knocked on the door of the spa. Jessie welcomed me into the spa and locked the door. She was dressed in the outfit she normally worked in, a purple polo shirt with the spa logo on the chest, a matching skirt to mid thigh, and cute, comfy, purple, open-toed sandals. She walked me back to a changing room. While she did, I drank in the view of her tanned, fit legs, and perfectly pedicured feet. She told me to get undressed and come to the spa room to soak in the tub. I undressed, put on a robe, and headed to the tub where she was waiting. She started up the jets and gestured for my robe, so I handed it to her and stood there naked, she guided me into the tub. I think she glanced at my flaccid cock for a second, but wasn’t sure. Jessie told me to relax and she would be back in a few minutes to take me to the massage table. I tried to remain calm because I did not want to get a massive erection and offend her. After about ten minutes, Jessie came back with a towel and asked me to dry off. I climbed out naked and dried off in front of her, then put on my robe and followed her to the massage room.

The massage room was nice, dimly lit, with scented candles and nature sounds playing softly. I disrobed and Jessie handed me a towel to wrap around my waist and told me to lie on my back. Jessie began rubbing massage lotion on my body, starting at my feet. Her hands were firm, but felt soft on my bare skin. We chatted as she worked up my legs, and I tried to distract myself as she worked up my thighs because I could feel some mild tingling in my cock. As she massaged my chest I chatted away to keep in control, even as her firm tits brushed against me. Jessie told me to turn over and she began to massage my legs, her hands felt exquisite, but my control of my cock was easier until she moved up my body. As she moved up, her beautiful, sandaled feet came into view. I couldn’t stop staring at them while my face was in the headrest. By the time she was working my shoulders and arms, I realized that my cock was rock hard from staring at Jessie’s perfect, pedicured feet. I closed my eyes to regain control, which was difficult.

When she was done, I was still half erect. She got a glimpse of it when I put on the robe, and smiled slightly. I got dressed, thanked her for the massage, and rushed to my office, where I furiously pounded a load out from the memory. This was how things went for several weeks. I tried to control my cock and closed my eyes when I started getting too excited. Jessie would take little glances at my semi hard cock from time to time, then one week I got very turned on, and brave. I showed up and Jessie let me in, I noticed this time she was wearing two silver toe rings and an anklet. Leg and feet jewelry is a big turn on for me. I decided to enjoy the views and get hard, just to see her reaction. Once I was on the table, we chatted as normal while she massaged me. When I turned over, I waited eagerly to see her sexy feet. Once she started rubbing my lower back, I drank in the view of Jessie’s sexy legs and feet. I examined her lovely, tanned, pedicured toes, and felt my cock grow. I could feel my cock pulsing as she finished the massage.

As I stood up, my stiff cock pushed out the towel into a full tent. Jessie stared straight at it and smiled. “I guess you liked the massage.”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized.

“It’s ok, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before, but… “

“But?” I said excitedly.

“You might want to make that go down before you get dressed.”

I was horny and feeling brave, “How?”

“You could jack off.”

My cock twitched, I felt bold and decided to go for it. My properties bring in good money, so cutting a deal would not break me. “Would you watch me?”

“Maybe.” She smiled.

I offered a further discount and she agreed. I pulled off the towel and leaned back on the table. She offered me lotion and sat on a stool with her sexy, tanned legs crossed, looking at my throbbing seven inches.

“You got a really nice dick.”

This sent a jolt through my cock as I slowly stroked it.

“What got you so hard?” She asked.

I was so excited, I went for it and told her. “Your feet.”

She smiled. “Ohh, so you like feet?” She said, as she watched my cock.

“And legs,” I said.

Jessie smiled, slipped off her sandals, lifted up her feet, and wiggled her pretty toes. I could feel my pre-cum mixing with the massage lotion. “Like the view?”

“Love it.” I replied.

She then took her right foot and rubbed it gently against the inside of my left thigh. “I bet this would feel better than your hand.” She smiled at me.

I knew what she wanted, but I wanted a bit too for rent free, so I negotiated. “Your feet, every Friday, massage not required, but I want you to be naked and I can touch you.”

She smiled and thought for a minute. “Every Friday, I’ll get you off with my feet. I’ll be naked, you can touch me, but no penetration with fingers, no fucking or sucking. My rent will be considered paid in full?”

“Absolutely.” I eagerly replied.

Jessie smiled, stood up, grabbed my arm, and sat me on the stool. She smiled and peeled off her top and slipped off her skirt, she then turned around and removed her white sports bra. She then hooked her thumbs around the straps of her white thing, and bent deeply to the floor as she unveiled her tight, tan, perfect peach of an ass. I couldn’t resist and squeezed her ass with both hands, Jessie turned around and I got a full view of her naked body, it was magnificent. Great skin,very tan, nicely defined abs, a neatly trimmed,light brown bush. Her tits are implants, I don’t mind and they look fantastic with nice, perky nipples. I ran my hands all over her body. When I cupped my hand over her pussy, I felt her hand wrap around my cock. We caressed for a few minutes, and Jessie said we could make out, she is a great kisser.

I wanted to slow my pace a bit, because I was going to explode in her hands if we kept going. I asked her, “Can I have a closer look at your sexy legs and feet?”

She hopped up on the table and lifted her fit, tanned legs up for me to examine. I ran my hands up her legs. Her skin was warm and silky smooth. Jessie’s feet were amazing up close, tanned, perfect toes, soft soles. While I was exploring, she took a handful of lotion and rubbed it all over her pussy. She started rubbing it furiously. She then took the lotion, lubed up those lovely arches, and wrapped them around my pulsing cock. Her feet felt magnificent stroking me. Jessie then slid her middle and ring finger deep into her sweet little pussy while still eagerly milking me with her feet. She was really seeming to enjoy this, I could hear how wet she was as she finger fucked herself. She then looked me straight in the eye and said ” Let me know when you’re close to cumming, I want to cum with you.”

I was shocked I hadn’t exploded yet. I told her it wouldn’t take much to set me off. She then slid her index finger into her pussy. The sight of her pounding her cunt with three fingers while stroking me with those sexy feet had me at my limit. “I’m gonna cum,” I groaned.

She looked me in the eyes and said, ” Fucking cum on me!” I started spurting streams of ┬ácum all up her fantastic, fit body. The first shot of cum made it up to her pretty face. Jessie started squealing as she came and she gushed a bit as well.

I drank in the view of Jessie, tan, sweaty and naked, doused in my cum. My cock was going down, but I felt a jolt when she wiped the drops of cum from her tits and face with her fingers and licked them clean. “You taste good,” She purred at me. “Ok, we’re both pretty messy, let’s take a shower.” She grabbed my hand and led me to the shower.

We spent some time making out, soaping each other up, and talking. Rubbing against Jessie’s fit, nude, soapy body had me hard again. While we were kissing, Jessie placed my hard dick up against her pussy and rubbed me. I was tempted to lift her up and impale her on my cock, but our agreement was no fucking, so I simply enjoyed the teasing. She looked me in the eyes and said ” I agreed to get you off with my feet and let you touch me. Anything else that I do is on my terms , ok?”

I nodded and was turned on by her dominant streak. She walked out and grabbed a large bath towel. She then spread it out on the floor and told me to lie down on my back. Jessie stood, facing my feet with one of her feet in either side of my head. She then squatted down and ground her wet pussy in my face. She began humping my face and moaning. My cock was throbbing so I started to stroke it. She slapped my hand away and said, “You’ll get something after I’m satisfied.”

I lapped at her swollen clit while her sweet juices ran down my face. “Fucking finger me!” She demanded.

I slipped my index finger into her soaking wet twat and she squirmed. “More fingers!”

She moaned when I started finger fucking her with two fingers. I felt her g-spot and teased it relentlessly as I sucked on her clit and fluttered my tongue. Juices were pouring out of her as I kept working her pussy. She started gasping and her pussy tightened. Her cunt shoved out my fingers and erupted a geyser of sweet pussy juices all over my face as she screamed. Jessie was shaking and collapsed on top of me. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she was a squirter. Once she could stand up, she grabbed a small towel, wiped me off, and used the towel to prop up my head.

Jessie pushed my legs apart and dropped to her knees. “You made me cum so good I’m going to return the favor. Besides, I want to taste some more of that tasty cum.”

She looked me in the eyes, smiled brightly, and plunged my dripping cock into her warm mouth. She was bobbing ferociously on my dick, then she sucked on my balls while she stroked me with her lovely manicured hands. She began sucking my cock again slowly and deeply until she had me completely down her throat. I bucked my hips to help her swallow my dick. She began stroking the base as she eagerly bobbed her head. This had me ready to erupt. ” I’m gonna cum!” I shouted. She let out a happy moan and started sucking faster. I exploded in her sweet mouth and she kept milking my cock with her magic tongue. My ass was off the floor and she never let up until I stopped shooting cum in her mouth.

Jessie popped my drained dick out of her mouth, smiled, licked her lips and said, “Delicious! Every fucking drop!”

We finally got done about 2 AM. This became our new routine, a nice footjob, some oral and a couple of hot orgasms for both of us. I try to keep her satisfied in hopes that she will get rid of the “no fucking” rule; here’s hoping.

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